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Hans and Annie Brockhuis

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Hans and Annie Brockhuis

My name is Hans Brockhuis. On 20 april 1996 I discovered that in the midst of all that we tend to call 'normal', another world exists. That of what I conveniently would call 'spirituality.' What I experienced then put me on quite a different track. I met with the usually 'unseen', recognized that there is more in between heaven and earth and gradually acquainted myself with the many aspects of this captivating phenomenon.

Gradually it became more profound, much of it became integrated within myself and at a certain moment the need emerged to share all that I had made my own, with others. Stepwise this website was created. My spiritual stories under the general title 'the Nada chronicles' emerged and I started my newsflashes, upon which free subscriptions are possible. This and much more can be found on the website.

My support in this whole process is my dear wife Annie, with whom I am together since 1968. She helps me out whereever possible and over the years she has also become familiar with everything spiritual in general and Running Fox in particular. I am very grateful for her editing everything I write, as well as providing commentary, so that I can really associate myself with that which is ultimately entrusted to the World Wide Web.

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Running Fox

'Running Fox' is the alter ego, the pseudonym, or maybe another aspect of myself: I am a Dutch writer called Hans Brockhuis. I have been writing prose since my younger years. These writings, which I today would like to label: 'inspired fiction', gradually altered from what one would call fiction, through science fiction or fantasy, towards these communications with a more divine character.

Something about 'Running Fox'. Once upon a time, somewhere in the woods near my hometown, I met this running fox, and it was then that I realized that this beautiful creature would be my totem animal and thus it became the name under which these writings befall.

‘The Running Fox Papers’ are a medium, created to be a stage for my own work, and for that of others that have touched my heart, thus being able to make this available for all those who are interested. If you do not yet appear on my mailing list, it will be possible to subscribe for free by sending an E-mail to the address: mentioning: “subscribe Running Fox.”  In the case that you are not more interested, please write to the same address saying: “cancel Running Fox”. You will be, with love and without any judgement, immediately removed from the list

Lady Nada

Nada is the name of one of the so-called 'ascended masters'. She may be ranked in the company of ever incarnated souls like Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, Mother Mary, Kwan-Yin, Confucius, Saint Germain, Kuthumi and others. Without exception, these souls have achieved a high degree of heightened awareness and chose to help humanity with their own personal growth from the perspective of the other world.

While writing the stories I categorize under the general heading: Nada Chronicles it occurs to me that I find myself in a special state of fusion with this miraculous and wonderful Be-ing called Lady Nada. A large part of my work is published under this general title. You can click here to go to the index of these Nada Chronicles.


But there is more. During much of my time here on earth, the life and works of those who sometimes are called "Native Americans" , fascinated me powerfully. And especially the Hopi people with whom I have always had a special and powerful bond. To my delight, my wife and I were able, during our journey through the United States, to really meet the Hopi in a loving way. A number of articles on this subject, including those that are written from the ideas of these original inhabitants of the American continents, can be found by clicking here.

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