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The Nada Chronicles, part 3


Running Fox Home


Five Seagulls

Meditating for the earth

Š Hans Brockhuis – 2001 

I am sitting on a bench at the boulevard of a big city, having a real great time. I am looking over the broad funnel-shaped estuary and for quite a while I am enjoying the light, air and water at my leisure. It is an incredible spectacle. There is the changing of the many colours from green and blue, red and brown, grey and white, and all the variations in between.

Provokingly slowly the tide goes out. I am watching the slow passing of the large cargo vessels, and the diligent sailing to and fro of the pilot boats. I just cannot get enough of it!

In front of me on the balustrade, about two yards away, a large gull is landing. After a while it becomes clear that the animal is waiting for a nice snack I might have. Slightly nervous she patters back and forth, now and then pointing her beady eyes at me.

I get up and advance a few paces. Gently I stretch my hand towards her. When the seagull sees what she expected in my hand is not there she utters a screech, and slightly agitated she moves a yard just out of my reach. She makes it clear that she is not amused and looks angrily in my direction.

I shrug and sit down again and go on with what I was doing. Peering into the faraway distances and observing what I had been doing. It is pleasant because the weather is also pleasant, and slowly I lose myself in time. More and more I move into a state of inner reflection, causing the bubble of consciousness I am to expand gradually. As I expand, the seagull becomes part of this expansive ball of energy as it were.

"Good morning to you", says the seagull to me, still a bit angry. I startle. I hadn't expected anything like this!

"Good morning seagull", I reply. "I did not mean to hurt you. I just wanted to make contact with you, but it is clear to me now that I did not do it the right way."

"Rightly spoken, my friend. Rather untactful. You people have a lot to learn. I notice this time and again."

"I agree", I answer the seagull, which has approached closer in the meantime. "Do allow us some time and we will all learn."

"Hmm", grumbles the seagull changing the subject. "Nice view here, don't you think? If you watch the estuary from here, it is similar to the view we birds have as we watch the world from above. This extra perspective is rather extraordinary for you land rats, I dare say."

It is obvious that the animal's temper is improving, so hopefully I say: "I see, this is interesting. Yeah, we need large machines to watch all this from above and you can do it on your own." I am trying to humour the bird. "It shows that your kind is superior to ours in many ways."

"Wait a minute", says the seagull, still trotting to and fro but evidently pleased. "That is not entirely how it is. Nothing and nobody is superior to anything or anybody else. We all do it in our own way. We all have our singularities and we all have our good sides. You are better at walking than us, and every creature is doing its best to create paradise on earth in his own way."

"Paradise, hmm." I am speechless, for I don't know what to say at that thought. But the seagull goes on.

"By the way, you do know me; I am called Nada, and I invite you to join me on a journey. There is something I would very much like to show to you."

Instantly I am fully alert. "Nada, of course! A journey, where to, how, what, when." My brain has turned into a chaos and again I am lost for words.

"There is no need to panic. It is all very simple. You just fly along with me and I will show you something. We are leaving right now. You will be back before dinner, I promise. You didn't bring me anything, but you bet I have something for you."

The next moment I notice that I am on the balustrade, too. Eye to eye with Nada, who nudges friendly and encouragingly. To my surprise I notice that I have also taken the body of a seagull. I am just as large as her and my heart beats expectantly. What am I going to see?

"Don't linger friend, spread your wings and we'll be away." Thus a miraculous journey starts that will teach me many things, and that I will remember always.

First we cross the estuary to the other side and we fly over fields and meadows, over villages and cities. We see the rivers and the canals, the roads and the paths and gradually it gets more and more clear. Progressively I can see what is happening beneath me. I see the people work the land; I see how others get on their way to earn their daily bread and I understand that some people are trying to impress others. It is all rather confusing.

"Now then", Nada says to me. "At first sight it looks like all these people are pre-occupied with their very earthly matters. Still, beneath the surface there is with many of them a start, a beginning of Peace. It is a great gift when a creation is enabled, by one's own inner powers, to believe in that Oneness of all that has a soul. It is the greatest gift of all, and when we remember this it will be possible for every one to experience this Oneness and thus be love."

I nod. I had not reflected on this from this point of view. But Nada has more to tell. "Love is a word that keeps returning but often is so hard to reach; also and especially for people and other souls that are on the planet Earth. You live - by your own choice, for which we are endlessly thankful - in a veiled state, and this state makes it possible to give the choices you make such a quality that you also learn from it.

"There is no good or bad. Only the good or bad as you experience it has been given this value. And that will lead to many people turning against each other, while it would be better for each individual to reconcile with one another. Then you will be able to live what we have just lived, the Oneness in our Seagull image. For that Image really is no different than God/Goddess/Source, for each Be-ing is a part of God/Goddess/Source and therefore it is possible to experience the Love and the Oneness of things."

Yes, I muse, of course that is true. Being a temporary seagull, I have looked deep into Nada's eyes. What I saw there she has just put into words for me. I get more and more impressed. But we go on and on and at last the land has finished and we fly over a nearly endless ocean.

Now and again we pass a ship, but that happens less and less and then we fly - it seems like hours - only over gently waving water not interrupted by anything. Suddenly there is a black dot on the horizon that gradually is getting bigger as we fly in its direction.

As we approach we see that it is a small island rising like a cone above the tender waves. At the top of the island there is a white temple-like building in a walled garden. I get frightened as I see that the whole building is on fire. The wall, the garden and the larger part of the house, everything is in flames. Only the entrance and a half circle in front are free of the scorching fire. In the doorway a man and his son are standing in front of their burning house. They signal us.

"We have to rescue them!" I yell at Nada, who nods. In the meantime three other seagulls appear out of nowhere and join us. Carefully we descend until we are very close to the worried pair in the entrance. We keep flying around the pair to offer our help. They refuse, however, calmly and decisively, and so we go back up to get away from the heat. We stay around, though, so we are able to dive in when help will be required.

We ascend a little more so that the surroundings of the house and the garden become more visible. It now seems that the house is built on top of a terraced city. Nevertheless, everything is under water in this enormous but very still ocean of clear blue water. Only the contours of the city are visible, the ocean and the house on fire.

Little by little the water level rises and in a last effort the water gushes over the burning wall. Instantly all the flames are extinguished.

We descend again. The waters withdraw and it looks like the house has been untouched by the tall flames. The father and son are waving at us now. They have been saved. And they knew and had faith that this was going to happen. Even in fear of death they would yield to the fire. They had faith and were confident of the all-enfolding love of the blue ocean.

Enthusiastically we congratulate the father and his son with their rescue. All the while they calmly and peacefully watch their surroundings and us. Evidently their faith was limitless. Then the father gives us his blessing. We are touched, and we continue on our journey.

The three seagulls that were with us are Magda, Moira and Myriah. These are old acquaintances, for sure. I greet these beautiful old souls very affectionately, and while we continue our flight we evaluate the happenings on the island on fire.

Nada speaks first. "As you have seen, nothing is what is looks like at first sight when looked at from an unsurveyable perspective. Everything becomes clear when distant from it and seen from the right perspective. This applies to anything in life."

"That's right," replies Magda. "But I also want to emphasize that I loved seeing the father and son having such endless faith in the purification of the fire, and the love and faith in the ever-present water of the blue ocean and what it means to them: healing in all its facets."

I also contribute, "and then there is the meaningful presence of all the elements: water: the ocean, fire: the burning temple, earth: the half circle of untouched ground in front of the house: air, from where you can oversee and ether, through which we as a potential rescue team could sense what was going on in the minds of the father and the son."

"Yes of course", Moira adds, "and I have an easy one: 'the darkest hour is before the dawn.' "

"And yet", Myriah adds, "it is probably possible to watch from an even higher point of view. Without doubt there will be unfolded new perspectives again that will be views from the higher and almost limitless. And above all, I wish to point out that our Mother Earth is part of this too. The island and the sea and the air are part of Her Gentle Presence, after all."

"And it shows again", I assent, "that the number of conclusions to be drawn from this experience are nearly infinite!"

Slowly it becomes clear that this was the last word, because nobody speaks any more and our journey continues. Again there is land in sight and it gets dark slowly and from the east. We can see the sun is losing itself in beautiful colours behind the distant horizon. Now we see the lights of the people and large pieces of dark lands move beneath us. Again and again I understand what a beautiful planet I am privileged to live on.

From the heights, I am able to understand the dreams of humanity. More and more I become filled with awe, regard and respect for this magnificent creation that needs purification now and again, but in be-ing it is so clean and pure. Every so often the balance is lost and we all have to try and find it back. With united powers and sometimes a little help from the higher, I have faith that one day we will make it. This thought makes me very happy.

One by one our companions depart and bow off to their respective destinations. Gradually I return to earth and find myself in this Now-time on my bench near the estuary.

Nada again is very close to me on the balustrade. This time I have a bread crust in my hand, which I lay next to her. This is the meal she was waiting for. She picks it up, nods and with a grand swerve she spreads her wings. After circling once above my head, she flies off into the vermilion sunset.

I Am ever so Grateful.