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The Sign of the Sun


By Mara Oldenburg
Translation: Myriah Krista Walker

“Before I go on with my story, Hans, I want you to cast a glance upon my left palm,” Mara said, showing me the inside of her hand. Right in the middle, in the angle between life and mainlines, I clearly saw the figure of a circle with a dot in the middle. “Do you know what that is, Hans?” she asked. “Well eh”, I replied, “astrologically speaking, that would be the sun sign. But how did it end up over there?”

“It has been there since birth,” she said. “As a child I didn’t think much of it; what did I know. But since growing older I’ve begun to think about it. What does it really mean and what can I do with it!”

Some time later at another meeting, Mara and I sat in the Leiden station café overlooking the activities of the train station. Conversing over coffee, tea and apple pie, Mara told me about her ‘further adventures’ in Neveralwaysland.


“So grandma and I stood there hugging in close embrace. It was a wonderful, precious and cheerful reunion. How glad I was to see her once more, although I knew that, once back in normal life, I would miss her tremendously.

“At last Grandma said: ‘Mara, dearest, it is time to say goodbye.’ Again the tears streamed down my cheeks. How difficult it was to have to leave. But once again I felt a loving ‘gentle presence’ softly enclosing my shoulder. And I felt and saw us floating away out of the silent valley. Bye and bye the speed increased and we flew low over a blissful landscape.

“I saw hills, mountain ranges and rivers. Big green sloping pastures, woody patches with trees and shrubs in a variety of shades of green - more green than we are used to. I did not know so many varieties existed. But the most remarkable of all were the flowers. Occasionally we flew at a particularly low altitude, and I got to see these incredible beautiful flowers with the most unbelievable colours. And the smells! Every single flower emanated its own scent. It was Yves Rocher, L’óreal en Lacoste altogether, but then multiplied. When I compare it with the stuff in my bathroom, I really come off badly.

“During our flight I saw all kinds of buildings. All were different in form and architecture, and each had its own particular identity. There were also the most fantastic little structures. While underway I was thinking about what they could be, and immediately the answers seemed to flow into my brain. ‘The small buildings are housing, Mara. Each soul who feels like it and has reached the level needed, build his or her own dwelling after their personal taste and criteria. The degree of transparency that you noticed has to do with the openness which each individual establishes in relation to others. But as you have seen, most of them have no effort whatsoever to allow the passer-by a view inside.

The larger buildings have different functions. There are praying and meditation buildings, community buildings where souls get together for common interest activities, hospitals where souls who pass over with a disease or handicap are being helped, large workshops, museums, sleeping houses, etcetera. I want you now, if you are willing, to meet one of those who is aiding you from this side of the veils. You could call him your guide. Before you incarnated, he and you made this agreement and Corazón has always – for sure in difficult moments – assisted you when and where necessary, comforting you and helping you in making the choices that were useful for the success of your mission on earth.’

“I very much wanted to meet him. At special occasions I have always felt this presence, however without taking much notice. My mother used to tell me about things like that, so it wasn’t altogether a big surprise. But then, my guide was called Corazón, Spanish for heart. That seemed to be the perfect name for someone who has to watch the fuss below from above. With such a name he would inevitably follow his heart in all his actions. Moreover, when the name was mentioned the first time, it felt so incredibly familiar that inside I became warm and happy and I couldn’t wait to meet him, my second heart. However, it made me a little bit nervous, but immediately the comforting hand was there on my shoulder telling me I didn’t need to worry.

“Corazón awaited me at his ‘country house’, a structure built up with crystalline glass. With outstretched arms he stood before his door. ‘Welcome, my dear Mara, welcome. I bid you welcome in my crystal-clear residence. Please do me the honour to come inside; you may be in need of a refreshment.’ I followed him to his living room that was completely round, in the middle of which a high transparent dome was situated.
“The round walls of the dome were a magnificently transparent white. The circular floor was reflecting and all around, against the curved wall were cushions in all measures and shades of pastel colours. Corazón offered me a large goblet with a cool beverage. ‘I call this nectar, Mara, it is very refreshing. Please sit yourself down. There are cushions aplenty. I want to show you something, and I am certain you will be surprised about what I am fond to call my kaleidoscopic scale of cosmic light.

“I cannot define what follows, anything than an eruption of subtle light effects. It was a water organ without water, just sparkling impressions of light in which each colour of the spectrum, and more, appeared. Gradually they converged to a certain point in the middle of the room, below the incline of the dome. I noticed that a soft meditative music was playing that seemed to be perfectly in tune with the many sparkling colours.

“Then suddenly these pulsating colours were interrupted and broke into hundreds of light beams fanning out in all directions. All these colours, forms and expressions of energy mixed with several crystals that seemed to move freely about the room. Each blending of colour relinquished its own unique light signature and projected it outward in an amazing multicoloured pattern of etheric light. In other words, it was a unique, flashing and yet loving spectacle. Then it was over and we were silent for a long time.

“After a while Corazón again offered me a goblet of cool nectar. We talked at length about a great number of subjects. There within the golden light of the indirect illumination, I learned a lot about myself and his life in the country he also called Neveralwaysland.

“The whole time I had this burning issue on my lips and at last there was a moment I could pose my big question. I showed him the palm of my hand, just as I did to you, Hans, and asked Corazón about its meaning. His answer was not brief and concise, as I had expected, but comprehensive and showed deep compassion.
“’Dearest Mara,’ Corazón spoke with infinite warmth in his voice, ‘I wish you’ll pose in your further life many such questions, and that you will be able to answer these, in correlation with your Self, myself or others. It is always good to share. This is also true for your doubts. The answers to these provide you with the possibility to carry forth on your spiritual path. As for your personal life, you always have had difficulties with sharing. Be certain that we here in Neveralwaysland are always available to help you and that you may always ask us anything, far and wide, for ever and a day. At all times an answer will come in whatever form. You have but to ask.

“’Humanity is on its way to better times and although that happens by trial and error, it does not say that the stagnation that happens here and there, would not lead to the ultimate result, the completion of creation. And that is precisely what we have to bear in mind continuously.

“’The sign of the sun in your hand shows that you, with much approval, may participate in the works of Love. Doesn’t the sun symbolize light? Isn’t the sun the entity that allows life on the planet earth? Isn’t the sun the heartbeat of that part of the universe where you live this life? So be prepared, Mara, to live this valuable life in all its exuberance and by using the light that is made possible by Our Dear Lord. You may contribute to help spread that light to all who ask for it, consciously or subconsciously. Be a light worker, Mara, a sun helper, a love bringer. Live your life in all its pureness and work with your own wisdom to bring these works to a good end of light.

“’Light workers stand for intense love, showed by means of the values of the soul who once was the Christ, almost 2000 years ago. In these times of transition very much is done by many souls, where and when, to help shine light into the dark in order to transform the dark and help to create a new balance in this gorgeous universe.

“’All souls who are helpful, on earth as well as here, are incredibly worthwhile and to know that you, Mara, are one of these gives – I’m sure – a great feeling of appreciation in your heart that endured the accident very well, by the way!

“’Be joyful and show it, remember?

“’ At last I come back to the sign of the sun in your hand. Look at it often, Mara, in order to remember your mission, the passing on of light. To the benefit of all who happen to see these writings, know that you will be helped at all times. With that we all wish you lots of luck.’”


An hour had elapsed and Mara prepared to leave as her train was bound to depart. I shut down the tape recorder and looked at her. “Gosh”, I said, speaking out of turn. “It seems more of these sessions are required, did you think of that?” “I have thought about it, Hans, and if you feel like it and if there is room on Running Fox, we certainly could do this more often. I am ready, are you?”

I am ready, just as the readers of Running Fox and therefore you may, as from now, expect regular contributions of that which our reader, Mara Oldenburg, has written with Love for you, reader.