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Welcome to the spiritual world of
'Running Fox'

You are not here by chance as, just like me, you discovered that in the midst of what we call ‘normal’ another world exists, which I would like to call ‘spirituality’.

Therefore I would like to welcome you and invite you to acquaint yourself with things which are mostly ‘unseen’, recognizing and acknowledging that there is more between heaven and earth and familiarize yourself with the many aspects of this captivating phenomenon in a balanced way.

In the same way – step by step and gradually - this website, my spiritual stories under the common title ‘the Nada Chronicles’ and the newsletter, the Running Fox Papers, came into being.

Why don’t you take a look at this unique world with me and take note of everything that Running Fox has to offer. It is my hope that the spark which I have picked up some 20 years ago, may - in any way – reach you too.

Hans Brockhuis















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