Running Fox Newsflash - Christmas 2013 - New Year 2014

Running Fox painting


Running Fox wishes you a very good Christmas season and all the best for a healthy, prosperous and inspiring:



For me, December is a time of reflection. When you receive this email, we find ourselves on the verge of Christmas, when we will remember that more than 2000 years ago, somewhere in a stable in the countryside of what is nowadays called the 'Westbank', a certain Jeshua ben Joseph was born. I do not have to mention who this man was and what he, along with his disciples, including Mary Magdalene, did for the world and all its inhabitants. Still these beautiful souls know how to touch the hearts of many.

This year in the world of Running Fox there have been three highlights. In the first place that was the inspiring evening when no one else than the gifted and beautiful singer Simone Awhina came and sang like an angel. To the unveiling of the Running Fox painting by Piet Wolvers, see above, I think back with great pleasure and gratitude. Another highlight is that I have been invited by John Cali of Great western Publishing  to deliver once a month a column for his website. Thus far two of these articles have been published: The Oak tree and Thirteen mountaintops.  

Recently, on Running Fox itself, a number of interesting articles in the English language appeared. Here is a selection:

Peter van der Kruit: The ever radiant Sun
Hania Michnowska: Winter. A beautiful poem from Poland.
Hans Brockhuis: The New Light; An ultimate sentiment of spiritual art.
Hans Brockhuis: Aspects of Love. A search to uncover the essence of Love.
Jaap van Etten: The legend of the 13 Crystal skulls. A story or a symbol with deeper meaning?
Hans Brockhuis: Aspects of spiritual music.

Running Fox wishes you an inspiring Christmas season and NewYears Eve.