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December 2003 ~ Experiences

Quotation of the month:


A mystery will only remain while it is unknown to us...

Stacey Allen McGee



Quotation of the Month Stacey Allen McGee
New statements by Karim Veronica Boers
The Auditorium. Woodrow Haus
The Wood Dove Ilse Verleyen
Appearances Marianne Spanjaardt
The Dove Hans Brockhuis  



I have nothing to add to this newsletter, except that it is filled with exceptional experiences of people who have had the courage to entrust this to paper. Therefore I thank all contributors from the bottom of my heart.

The theme of the next newsletter will be ‘Indigo kids’. Therefore I call on you to prepare yourself for this and if you have something to share regarding this subject, I would love to publish it for you.

Nothing more to say then, but to wish you a very good holiday season with contemplation, love and joy and to give away a message in regard to a very good changeover to the new year and the new era that awaits us.

Love and Light and Peace,

Hans Brockhuis


New statements by Karim
Veronica Boers

Since the last time I wrote, Karim has made some important statements again that I don’t want to keep from you.

The first thing he spoke about is the opening of a Stargate. This gate will be a kind of symbolic emergency outlet for the total darkness that initially was planned for December 21, 22 and 23.

The other way around it’s a fact that the darkness will not take place, the Stargate that is created to give the people a second chance will open. So it works both ways.

It has been foreseen that the Earth and all that are finding themselves on it, will go through that gate, so that a symbolic copy will be made from all and we can feel more free.

War from Karim’ s point of view
This is what Karim told me this morning. He wrote it down himself and chose a picture to go with it.

There is war coming: Eastern Egypt, Australia, China, South Korea and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong many important fight houses are situated.

What is important about Eastern Egypt is that they are living under the ground there and have manpower. A river is being stopped there. Furthermore ‘they’ have many fighters in China, next to Hong Kong. China had very nice buildings that other countries want to take away from them. South Korea then again, has good machines, especially from Japan, that they will not pay out of miserliness. Japan does not like that, so it wants war.

Australia had a lot of food and was happy. Egypt had to be glad with their diggers. From America Australia received a lot of make-up, but the make-up stuff officially is from Egypt, but Egypt is not going to give make-up to Australia, because they were in war with each other. Then it was sad again. Many people died in Australia, because America had scammed them with the make-up. There was poison in it.

In the atmosphere it will break down when the sun comes through it. We though, are on our way to another sun. The other people will still see this sun and we are going to the fourth dimension, they stay in the third dimension. But it is a kind of combination.

Just like Karim told me this morning he had a dream this week about Sirius, called Fish-Sirius by him. He said he was sleeping and then was woken up to come to the big park. When he arrived, more children were present and there was this disc that was blinking and shining out light. It was just like it was day instead of night. Then they all played football with the disc, that had resized itself as small as a ball and the beings from the disc were playing soccer as well.

When it was over, the disc became normal again and the beings got in and left.

(I think this part about the disc has just been a dream, but still it is odd what a child is thinking about.)

The next ‘dream’ Karim had, was a few weeks ago.

He was collected by the beings of Fish-Sirius that had a skin like dried mud. Not that they looked like mud, but their skin had this color. They had two big eyes and a third eye on their forehead. He went to their planet with them; they arrived within a few hours. The beings were nice and beautiful. Differently beautiful than the people on earth, but still beautiful.

(Of the planet itself he has no memory from this dream, but he knows lots about it because he has told me many things about it when he was younger. He keeps saying for a long time already that he is from that planet. Now I continue with his dream.)

Of course Karim is a child, so I guess there is much fantasy involved. But on the other hand he knows so incredibly much. Has always. So maybe because he is still so young it could be that they prepare him playfully. For example; two Dutch clowns from television are there as well sometimes. Then he says the beings show themselves in that form because we would be scared otherwise.

About the mud-colored beings he says that when they are on earth, they act like humans and look like them, but that it is not their real appearance.

The earth
When you would be able to cut the earth in half like an apple, you would see a core sitting in it. Just like dottle. In that core, BEings are living as well. Then I said: ‘but close to that is the magma, how is that?’.‘Yes’ he replied, for them that is something like the atmosphere is for us, because they live in that core and above it. Something like high in the sky, that for us is the atmosphere. That’s how you should see that. They are very small beings, but they can do all sorts of things, like travelling in the universe.

The sun
Beings are living on the sun as well. Heat beings. They can’t live on the earth, just like we can never live on the sun, nor fish can live on land. They are higher angels, higher souls, higher teachers who live there, because the sun is a high star.



The Auditorium

Woodrow Haus

First of all I need to say, I am one of those ‘born again’ Christians. Though I grew up as a Catholic and never knew anything much about the Bible, I had a dream when I was eight years old that I remember to this very day.

In my dream it seemed I was in a huge auditorium. I was a being of white light standing amongst other beings that were the same as I was, all white lights except there were different heights. I somehow recalled that I had been waiting for quite awhile. There was an entity that I assumed was God, who carried a silver platter with parchment scrolls on it. Each scroll had a life assignment on it. Some long and good, some short. Everyone was different in some aspect.

When I was recalling that I had been overlooked for so long, this entity was reading off what that particular life was going to be like and there were no other takers. The life consisted of some love, but more pain than the other lives he had read about.

At this point I was complaining that I wasn't chosen. He came to me and said that I would be given that life. The beings who were around me gathered to congratulate me. I remember the tall one behind me saying, "Just do the best you can do."

When I left that auditorium I came to a door that became a tent flap on the other side when I opened it. I marvelled because here was this huge auditorium, but when I exited, it was just a little taller than me and it was also enclosed in another tent. When I departed the second tent and walked outside I was no longer just a light being, but had flesh covering. I looked at the other end of the tent where the ‘Auditorium’ should be within the tent. Small billowing clouds were coming out from under the tent. From there I walked down a winding road. That was the end of my dream.

I tell you, dear reader, each time I got hurt I used to think: “hmm I wonder, is this the pain?” From the broken bones to the third degree burns when I was a kid to the bone problems I had when I was a teenager. Now I've been laid up with a chronic pain for two years, and even when this is over there will be something else in the future. As a chronicle, looking back through the years, that dream has become a fact.

The reason I went into my short history of being Christian is because that tent within a tent and the clouds coming out from under it, are like the Holiest of Holiness. It was the tent that contained the Ark of the Covenant. I received this dream long before I knew anything about these things. Maybe Mr. Jung was right; perhaps our cells hold picture images for future generations.


The Wood Dove

Ilse en Hannah Verleyen

It started about 4½ years back. After a hard period of divorce and aggression against me, my daughter Hannah and I moved to a recently built home in a completely new suburb on the outskirts of town.

Hannah turned six then. She is now ten years of age. In this neighborhood she could play outside peacefully in a child-friendly dead-end street with a number of contemporaries.

One day I had to go on an errand urgently, but I wasn’t able to find my daughter immediately! I scorned myself ‘Where is the kid this time?’. Immediately the door swerved open and she skipped in, asking: “What is going on mommy, the birds told me that you are looking for me!” I was flabbergasted.

But that was not the end of the story! A few days after that incident a young wood dove perched on the windowsill near the kitchen window. Hannah shoved the curtain aside to have a good look at the small animal. The dove stayed where it was and looked back at her! Hannah announced that she would go outside to pet it. I told her that the bird would fly away when she was coming too close, but she said she didn’t believe me. She walked outside and approached the dove, not at all careful or silently as I would have done. A few seconds later she was stroking the dove, took it in her little hands and brought it inside our house.

My first thought was that the bird was hurt, but after checking, it turned out not to be the case. I was even allowed to hold the dove and pet it. The animal stayed very calm, looking at us with its happy beady eyes. After a while Hannah carried the dove back outside, stretched out her arms and the dove flew to her swing where it landed and looked back. Until today this courageous wood dove – we also have two cats and a dog – regularly comes to sit on the same spot, has a good look at us, and when we both have spotted her, leaves again.

Meanwhile both Hannah and I talk to our pets. It surely improves the understanding. One day the eldest of the two cats started to relieve itself upon the carpet in the living room. We did not understand why he started to do that all at once. I tried to talk with him, but always struck against a solid wall! Then I asked Hannah to tell Pluche that we did not like to find its’ message on the floor each morning and if he would be kind enough to stop that. Hanna had a long conversation with Pluche. It really is her cat and they both look very much alike. Since then the cat stopped doing it in the house!! Coincidence???

I very much hope to experience many more of these wonderful moments, together with my daughter and all the animals that surround us here. I am very afraid of spiders, but since the time I asked them to keep their distance we are living together peacefully.

Ilse en Hannah.


Marianne Spanjaardt

While I was busy as a volunteer serving coffee and tea with several titbits to people over seventy, someone started speaking. What happened in the next moment; I could not believe what I saw with my own eyes.

Behind the speaker a completely white person without any eyes materialised. A white colour like that I had never seen before. Between that person and the spokesman there was also a small child ‘standing’ on the podium with big bright blue eyes. I opened and closed my eyes a few times to make sure I saw right. ‘This cannot be true’, I said to myself, but the visions remained present during the whole speech. I was surprised that the figure and the child were so white. No, I have to correct myself; they were alight!

When the speaker left the podium, the person disappeared in the left sidewall next to the podium. The speaker stepped off the podium on the right side. The strange thing was, that the child was still standing there, until I approached it. Then the child left as well.

I would also like to tell you about what I sometimes observe in the sky. Those pictures I see are not clouds that are packed together, but what I really see is as clear as a photograph. A figure that looks like an angel and in the next moment it changes into a figure that looks like what I think Jesus looked like. Because I find it odd myself, but since I am not scared of it, I always briefly look the other way, only to look again a little while later, and then it turns out that I am not imagining it.

All this I saw with open eyes and an open mouth of astonishment.

Also I saw crystals from which a lot of coloured energy radiated with such an amount of power, as I have never seen before. I therefore am trying to get one of those posters, since I cannot paint it myself. Still I would like to entrust you with the fact that I saw these crystals with my eyes closed. Up to twice in one day. I was not meditating while I saw them, because I cannot even meditate.

I encounter portals sometimes and that is also happening when my eyes are closed. At first they look like normal portals under which you can walk through, but in the next moment they turn out to be spiralling trunks, a whirlwind in the colours blue and beautiful green.

This is what I wanted to share with someone for once in my life; not because I want to pretend that I am an important person, but these things just happen to me.


The Dove

Hans Brockhuis

Directly behind our backdoor stands a large acacia tree that is very highly valued by us because it gives us a wonderful shade upon our back terrace, when the sun is making it hot. In the fall it rains little leaves that are especially valued by our rabbits, and last but not least it gives shelter for many little birds, like sparrows, jackdaws and sometimes small tits.

About half a year ago however, the tree was discovered by one of the doves that frequently visit our garden in order to steal rabbit fodder. It posted itself neatly in front of the cages where Sazu and Nibble are wont to hop in and out.

So far so good. However, one of the virtues of doves is that they are fond of leaving their marks behind, which resulted in a daily layer of excrements below the tree that had to be cleaned up, up to six times a day. Surely you can imagine that such was not very much to our liking.

But what to do about it. At first I tried to spout the bird away with the garden hose. To no avail. Then I tried to throw pinecones to him. Same result. The dove stayed where he was, he only bothered to choose another branch if necessary. Next I tried to chase him away with a long stick out of the window next to the tree. The bird only laughed at me and again chose another branch. Someone offered to lend his small bore rifle to me, but that certainly was not an option.

A few mornings ago I got the idea that I would try to communicate with the bird. After all my efforts, it certainly was worth a try. So when I cleaned the terrace I told him that I appreciated his gifts but unfortunately I had no use for them. Furthermore I explained that he had invaded our territory and I would like him to consider making use of another tree, for instance the fir tree a few meters away, or better still, one of the trees in the park behind the house. I emphasized that I would love him all the more if he would be kind enough to hit the road and make no more use of its high-rise loo.

That morning I repeated this request a few times, but did not receive any reply. However, the next time I was cleaning the terrace, it made one last dropping right next to my head as if to say good-bye and flew away, until today never to be seen again. Now we can sit there once again without fearing any markings and the hot weather is over, and therefore I now have ample time to write these words…