0 Running Fox Papers November 2007
Running Fox Papers

Volume 7, issue number 49 ~ November 2007

Crystal energy


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Veer Quotation of the Month:

The return of the crystal energy will help mother earth to tune into those new vibrations that are anchoring themselves these days. Then it will be possible at last to live with each other in harmony and peace.


A wealth of wisdoms


Not long ago I dreamt I had to go to school again. After more than 40 years that is quite something. Yet I cheerfully rode my bike thru the polders with a case full of books on my carrier. Once more, I was on my way to school in the big city.

Upon arrival I discovered that I, being someone over the age of 60, seemed to stand out among the younger 18-20 year olds. However none of them seemed to care. Everybody acted as if nothing remarkable took place. At last, we found ourselves waiting – each in our own seat – for the things to come with an atmosphere of expectation prevailing in the classroom.
Our teacher arrived. She was a tall and friendly looking young woman of about 35 years of age with black curling hair. She wished us good morning, and a good semester, told us her name was Magda, and smoothly carried on.

I felt peculiar. I seemed to know this lady but couldn’t lay my hand upon it. I intended to speak to her about this after class.

Igniting 144 points of light ~ Steve Rother and the Group

Greetings from Home

You have come a very long way to be here at this moment. You have come through time and space for your soul to be sitting in this bubble of biology to be here at exactly this point. You have a job to do. You have known that since you were born, yet you have never quite known what that job is. We tell you that you have activated something that has started a new path on Planet Earth for the Game of Free Choice is now expanding at an astounding rate. It is becoming exponential for it does not add 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 , it goes 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 and the advancement of humanity is moving as never seen in any game before. So this day we will tell you about the 144 points of light and what that means not only on a global and cosmic level, but on an individual level.

Recently you have reactivated the Atlantean Power Crystals yet that energy is stagnant until it has a path to travel to be of use. Therefore, we have challenged the Keeper to ignite 144 separate points of light on this planet in different places on the globe to energize the new grid. There is an opportunity to connect points of light on this planet which will ignite the Web of Love and take it from a thought form into a reality. Currently, you use the Web of Love as a tool, to draw energy from it or to send energy to it. Yet we tell you there is so much more that the Web of Love will be used for. Originally it was a communication grid used to connect the hearts of planet Earth. In a game of pretending to be separate from each other, this grid could begin the process of living in unity with each other and reconnecting that which was separated in the early stages of the humanity. What would it be like for you if you took every step of your life in full connection with that unity as part of your being? That is what is ahead and that is what happens when you ignite the144 points of light and actualize the Web of Love.

Grenslicht Becoming Light(er) ~ Celia Fenn

This article is written to assist those who are in the Indigo to Crystal transition, and also those who have completed their transition. Archangel Michael has once again asked me to share this information with you in the understanding that many of you are struggling to find ways of coping with the new way of life. Understand that this new way of life is very different from the old, and you cannot just go on living as you did previously. There are certain changes that must happen as you become lighter in body, mind and spirit. You are becoming light, as you assume your conscious role as a Human Angel.

The Human Angel or Crystal body is lighter than the old human body. It carries and transmits more light at higher frequencies. It transmits the new multi-dimensional frequencies to assist others to begin their transition as well. But when we say "lighter" we don't necessarily mean in weight. Many Crystal children and adults are fairly solid and stocky. This keeps them grounded and "here" in their bodies. The lightness is the ability of the physical form to hold and transmit light at high frequencies.

In this article we will discuss how lightness may be expressed on the Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Levels.

Crystal star ~ Manjula

Heavens so very clear
Stars from the finest Crystal
Jewels dangling on unseen cords
Hanging in eternal spheres
A place for everyone
For her, now so faraway
One day we may stay there next to her
Like a proud, fine crystal star

The power of crystals ~ Daniela Noack

Large groups of rock crystals work deeply on all levels of our being, offering support and help to all questions of life. With this intent, we sit down before them and ask silently for their power and strength, formulating our question as specifically as possible.

The question may be issues such as a loss of concentration, fear challenges, relation problems, mourning processing, indecisions, as well as any other questions that trouble us in everyday life.

With crystal work, It is most constructive to have an open inner mind, and the willingness to release all. The crystals work on an intangible range, which is to say on an energetic level, and are able to purify stagnant energies in the aura-chakra system. Moreover they ‘scan’ the condition of our chakra’s, eliminate blocks, and replenish them with clear, pure energy. They heal injuries of the energetic body and strengthen our boundaries.

Crystalline children ~ Marieke van den Berg

How radiant Purity, unconditional love and sparkling Joy will return to Earth.

Finally it is happening. Finally we/they can be here! Nothing can’t stop the triumph of Purity of the Heart on this Earth. Because we have anchored so much Light and we’ve expanded our Consciousness that it is possible for the Crystalline Children to incarnate on Earth! They are coming with many and if you’ll fine-tune to them, you get goose bumps and shivers of the amount of Joy that they are canalising through your own Heart!

We have waited so long for this and many of us are wondering what we’re waiting for. We are waiting for our true Self, which consists of Pure BEING, having Radiant Presence, Multidimensional Power and Perfection and especially nothing else than Unconditional Love and Joy. This growing group of children, that started coming to Earth a few years ago, are all connected in a vast Network of consciousness, where Love is a ruling energy. Every subject based on fear doesn’t last long in this ‘field’. The Crystal network in and around Earth is increasing day by day, but these children are in need of our help. We are their shepherds, but in a strange way they are also watching over us…without them we aren’t able to do our deeds, the same goes vice-versa. To put it in another way, we need each other!

The onion, the crystal and the dolphin ~ Anita Boom

Someone asked me if we were truly ‘ready’ with all kinds of issues now. We are peeling the onion layer after layer to get rid of things that seemingly are hindering us. Is it not about us anymore, yet we still feel a lot, and how does this work for transforming and learning. How about the idea that we are on earth in these times to learn and fulfil our karma?

This year in March I was in Spain and channelled Germain in a group. He used the example of the onion to illustrate the urge to transform. With this came the idea of peeling the onion layer after layer. Every layer after layer represents something that needs to be transformed. He told us we peel an onion layer after layer, while we could simply squash it with one blow.

It is not so simple though, to step away from the transforming and feeling of all the drama's in life over and over again to finally reach that feeling of openness and new chances in life. It seems to have become an addiction. Stepping away from it also means that suddenly many people in the spiritual world suddenly don't agree with you anymore and that can make one feel pretty unsafe.

Inner Crystals ~ Isabel de Ronde

Running and flying to make everything happen within the family? Who doesn’t recognize this. You run faster than your shadow and your own self gets lost.

I know, because it happens to me all the time. I let it happen and do not indicate my boundaries soon enough. Thus habit gets stuck for a while and you walk, as they say, ‘with your soul under your arm’. Searching for answers and forgetting because of the chaos in your whole Being, forgetting that the answers lie within yourself.

My pile of paperwork got higher and higher, just as the turbulence in my head expanded. It was my dear friend and soul mate, Marga, who told me that when my paperwork was in order, it would give room for my spirit as well. Because of all the things that came on my path the last couple of days, I knew it was high time for reflection and creating repose and room within my Being.