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Volume 6, issue number 42 ~ November 2006 ~


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veerQuotation of the Month:


Who approaches me in the silence of his Heart,

will meet Me.

Jakob Lorber

(These words have been received by Jakob Lorber (1800 - 1864) as divine revelation of the inner word.)

a wealth of wisdoms


Quotation of the month Approaching
Silence, the phenomenon Hans Brockhuis

The Nada Chronicles, part 36

The stillness No thoughts Myriah Krista Walker
In the light of the dark tunnel Klaas Dijkstra
Reveries about silence Yvette Leidelmeijer
Silence Ineke van der Linden
In the wide ocean of silence Hans Brockhuis
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Silence, the phenomenon ~ by Hans Brockhuis

The motive to choose silence as the topic for this month’s newsletter was the silence walk on October 22nd, organized by myself and Caroline Groeneveld of Modron Coaching.

This walk, which included silent instructions, was a unique experience, and this newsletter shares several testimonies from some of the participants. Due to the enthusiasm of the participants and the ambitions of Caroline and I, we will organise more silence walks in the future. Watch the Modron and Running Fox newsletters for more information.

What is silence? In reflecting about this phenomenon I run up against the philosophical question if silence is simply a lack of sound (passive), or is silence an action, an operation in itself (active)? These questions are not easily answered.

To try to reach a well-founded answer, it seems necessary to become quiet myself. To become absorbed in the silence, experience it and then try to perceive if that silence feels like an operation or as something neutral, something where each action would be absent.

I have not succeeded in getting a weighed answer. Is silence natural and restful, or is it also possible to experience it as oppressive, or even threatening? That of course depends in particular on the circumstances of yourself, as well as of your surroundings. Does silence exist? Is silence an illusion (experience), or is silence something you never hear (operation), because always, somewhere, sound is to be heard. Be it only your pulsation or the rustling of your own blood.

In any event, I find for myself that silence, be it absolute or not, is a necessary rest point in the seemingly more hectic and louder everyday life. Is it important then to explain scientifically what silence is and what it is not? The answer to this must be no, because all I want is to attain passiveness in the silence of my heart. To actively try to get my spirit passive as a result of which I come closer to that which is important for me: to be able to communicate with the other world, to meet God, to learn to know myself .

For this reason this newsletter has been dedicated to the silence of the heart, to become one with Mother Earth, and to the knowledge of Self.

Running Fox wishes you many exquisite quiet hours.

Note: Via the Internet I discovered the so-called Site of Silence. All kinds of information concerning silence are presented. It is really interesting what is given here.

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The Nada Chronicles, part 36 ~ by Hans Brockhuis

Slowly Abigail came to. She was lying on the ground and looking straight up into the laughing face of Rhiannon, the Mother Goddess. It was full moon! Yet, it was all so confusing. One moment she was in the big kitchen of Athlone Castle, the next moment she was lying here in the open air. Clearly something had been erased from her memory.

She was cold, for it was the end of October and rather chilly. She had a throbbing headache, her muscles ached, and her legs were full of scratches. In short, she felt miserable.

She was lying in the shrubbery of a holly bush with her head on a big flat stone that contained a variety of symbols she couldn’t understand. She touched her head; hmm, there was a swollen lump that wasn’t there before. Her dress was torn and she was covered with dirty smears.

What was she doing here for God’s sake? How did she get here? Hundreds of questions haunted her mind. She looked at the moon, but she didn’t know. A bat that fluttered by didn’t know either. Then she heard a loving voice in her head. A familiar voice that stood by her in difficult times. She’d heard it from the moment she lost her parents in a great fire about 5 years ago.

The stillness of No thoughts

By Myriah Krista Walker

How innocently we come to bless everything in our at-moss-spheres. Through Gratitude we begin to learn of the power we truly have within us.

Breathe into your Heart. Breathe slowly and deeply, and focus on that which you Love. Breathe deeply of Love, letting it fill you.

As you focus on Love, you feel the energy of Love within you. This energy of Love doesn't stop at the end of your skin. The energy of Love is an ocean that surrounds us permanently. Love has no time. No forward or backward. It simply ripples in ALL Time.

Focus on Love as your hands touch your keyboard. This Love goes to the store clerks that handled it, the freight personnel that shipped it, the manufacturer that made it. Consciously send Love to all these people that handled this keyboard NOW.

In the light of the dark tunnel

Klaas Dijkstra

When I die, I want to die
in rain and storm
holding the last part
in my own hands

letting me blow away
by the wind
softly restless
into silence

pricking clouds
in their dreams
searching for peace

in the light of
the dark tunnel
sighing and dazzling
I still exist… I am present.

Reveries about silene

By Yvette Leidelmeijer

More than ever, I sense my path of growth as a road to initiation consisting of a variety of delicious high diving and gliding flights. Sometimes I hear, “You are going too fast, slow down and stop to see and listen. If not you’ll miss the essence.” I know and feel this is true. Consciously created moments of silence give me the space for open reveries, spontaneous meditations and visualizations.

During silence, sometimes previous awareness dissolves, and a new insight germinates. Sometimes a new inspiration flashes forth, unhindered by the humming of my thoughts. The more I experience this direct game, the more something within me yearns for it.

Silence is essential for me to know myself alone in this space. When I type this I believe that sometimes a feeling of All-One comes into being in that space.


By Ineke van der Linden
Translation edited by Myriah Krista Walker

Silence is inside. Outside are the sounds: faraway traffic, wind rustling in the trees, a snapping branch.

Inside is my inner nature, outside is living nature giving me symbols: trees, shrubbery, countryside, the radiant heath and the shadowy woods, the mirroring of the waters, the distance. The symbols entering silence show me the way that I can go.

In silence many footsteps fall, one foot after the other, using sandy roads, tarmac, moss and grass. With a group of silent people, silence is experienced more intense than walking alone.

Silence is emptiness, and in that emptiness I can receive. Perspectives reveal themselves, opportunities that I failed to see otherwise. I am more open to the surrounding nature, to the people I walk along with. Images and non-spoken words get inside easily.

In that silence we draw from one and the same source: primal wisdom, the zero-point-field, the collective subconscious. In that way we give presents of wisdom to each other, I to you and you to me. Thus we share in silence.

Silence is holy to me. In silence I can experience the Be-Whole, in solidarity with the cosmos, the universe.

Silence is Love.

In the wide ocean of Silence

by Hans Brockhuis

In the wide Ocean of Silence

In the wide ocean of silence
A lonely dolphin is swimming
Toward the golden light of an overwhelming

She knows what she has been in the waters of life
And thinks ahead of a
Warm future in which she can satisfy her need
For the enlighted sunrays.

She re-members what she once was
The Golden and Silver moments
That happened in the transiency
Of Life as it was passing by.

She is intense thankful and
In the wide ocean of silence
She thanks her God, that all went
Like it did.

We who stay behind
Wish her nothing but good
There in the Golden Light
Of her own sunset.

Good-bye dear dolphin
Swim toward your warm future
Where you may nuzzle
In your own wide ocean of silence….