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Volume 5, issue number 34 ~ November 2005 ~ Vulnerability

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When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability. To be alive is to be vulnerable.

Madeleine L'Engle

A Wealth of Wisdoms




It is nothing less than a small miracle when, on a good moment a human starts being susceptible, dares to be vulnerable and ignores his sensibilities for once, going around the brainwashes of daily life doing that.

Such moments are worth their weight in gold. For the individual as well as for mother earth and the universe. Every time such golden moments are giving a good feeling to the beings in all levels. A feeling that reminds us that life on earth, with all it's treacherous pits and traps is not always easy and is a wonderful school

It is clear that we can show our creative power more and more by getting out of the creative, social and mental prisons, by being ourselves and being vulnerable to beings on both sides of the veils.

This universal power helps us to go on, on our path and renders it possible to lift up the individual and with him the world and the universe further to the fulfilment of our goals.

I wish you much support with that.


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Hans Brockhuis

Not long ago I dreamt a lively dream about a gathering in a small church in The Netherlands where I attend the gathering sometimes. Imagine; fifty people in a large circle focused on what Ellen Sombroek shared with us.

During the gathering Ellen asked people questions and seemed to pick out people at random. And so she asked me to tell us a short story. She put the microphone in front of me and what I told would be broadcast on a radio program.

Now you should know I do not consider myself a good speaker; writing is my thing. So I had to swallow when she asked me that. ‘Come on’, I heard. ‘Dare to be vulnerable; it surely will be a nice story’.

I started telling about my travels by train. When you are over sixty and you own a subsription to the train, you can travel for free during seven days a year. On the day this story starts I decided to just take a train in the general direction I wanted to go on at every station I arrived at. That direction was South-East. And so it happened that I ended up in Heerlen via Breda, Eindhoven, and Sittard. There was also a train to Germany and I ended up in Aix-La-Chapelle on the bus terminal, wondering what I was doing here. There was no time left to visit this wonderful city, because I had to get back the same day.

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The Nada Chronicles

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Walk Tall and softly


Turbulent times these are, are you noticing that?

The world around us seems to endure many phases rapidly. I mean the World with all that belongs to it, our Mother Earth who is making clear that NOW it is time to treat not only Her differently, but also all those She Feeds, more sparingly, more pure.

And we know that the time of Purification is Now. Are we to board ‘the 2012 boat’ then we will have to work very rigidly upon ourselves in Love.
Knowing this, do it Now. The ‘do it right, and do it right now’ principle.

When we look around we can see that much Sur-Faces out of superficiality.
New information sources enter the World; we get chances not to ingest everything the media are dishing up and think in a critical way about what is Our Truth Channel, what it means and how to deliver our contribution from Inside to Outside.

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Written with Love

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Fall Marjo Dohmen

I am a leaf, an oak leaf. I am green and radiant.
I was on a tree, on a branch that I used to call mine.
The tree was my support, the branch my refuge.
I was safe. Nothing could harm me.

I am a leaf, an oak leaf. I am green and radiant.
I was on a tree, on a branch that I used to call mine.
Then came the wind and Touched me.
Disturbed my balance. Tossed me upside down.
And the branch that I used to call mine, let go of me.
The tree gave me away.

I am a leaf, an oak leaf. I become yellow and tan.
Everything hurts. Everything contracts within me.
I am crooked from end to end.
Something happens within me, and I have no hold over it.
My tree let go of me.
The branch that I used to call my own set me free.
Sorrow drains life out of me.

I am a leaf, an oak leaf. I become thin and delicate.
I become transparent.
Light from the heavens beams through me to the earth.
Rain falls upon me, through me, drenches me.
I come apart. I become One.
One with light, one with rain, one with earth.
I am no longer something, no longer no-thing.
I am within all and all is within me.
Desperation has become aspiration.

I am a leaf, an oak leaf. An you?
I called you tree. I called you branch.
I experienced you like the wind.
Now I know you are a leaf, an oak leaf.
Some-times we become slender and delicate.
Some-times we come apart in the earth together.
Light seeps through us. Rain soaks us.
We become One. One with light, one with rain
One with the earth. One with each other.
We are within all and all is within us
We have become eternity.

I am a leaf, you are a leaf.
Once we will become summer as one.

Poems that touch me

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The onion, the chrystal and the dolphin

Anita Boom www.bewustwording.org

Someone asked me if we were truly ‘ready’ with all kinds of issues now. We are peeling the onion layer after layer to get rid of things that seemingly are hindering us. Is it not about us anymore, yet we still feel a lot, and how does this work for transforming and learning. How about the idea that we are on earth in these times to learn and fulfil our karma?

This year in March I was in Spain and channelled Germain in a group. He used the example of the onion to illustrate the urge to transform. With this came the idea of peeling the onion layer after layer. Every layer after layer represents something that needs to be transformed. He told us we peel an onion layer after layer, while we could simply squash it with one blow.

It is not so simple though, to step away from the transforming and feeling of all the drama's in life over and over again to finally reach that feeling of openness and new chances in life. It seems to have become an addiction.

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Written with Love

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One piece of Advice Suzanne G. Degnats

Do not hold a flag so high
Unless you are properly prepared to defend it.

Remember that a collective memory
Makes you as vulnerable as those you condemn.

First search yourself for the warrior
You would choose to make your idol.

And remember that the ultimate defeat
Is ignorance of your enemy
And the ultimate victory
Is gratitude.

And to that end, stay low.

For the heart that touches the ground
Is the heart that flies with the angels.

Poems that touch me

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The garden

By Mother Earth and Myriah Krista Walker

It was a series of bad dreams that led us to create this meditation. In times of trouble as a child, I reached to my mother. It was her arms that comforted me, her words that soothed my inner fright, her heart beat that smoothed away my fears.

When my mother passed, her and I became One. We began re-membering what it is like to be an aspect of the Mother Earth, for We are ALL One. I have always spoken to the Mother Earth since I was a child. She would appear to me visually in dreams, and later I began channeling Her Wisdom. Now my own Mother is but another reflection of the whole.

The Presence of the Mother is always available. We walk and live upon a round image and reflection of the Mother. Our biologies were created from Mother/Father God/Goddess, and so the Mother energy is woven into the fibers of our Beings. We are never without Mother Love.

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Meditations and stories by Myriah Krista Walker

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The 10 commandments of the Native Americans

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