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November 2003 ~ E.T.

Quotation of the month


Let's open our Hearts in Love

Let's open our Hearts in Love, in order to learn to love differences and open our world to Others and thus have the possibility to transform all nations to Unity in diversity.



Quotation of the month Nada
Statements by Karim Veronica Boers
When I was very young Hans Brockhuis
Beyond the stars Grey Eagle
The Song of Creation Benjamin van Doorn
Pondering Yo Ossenberg
Encounter K. Schneider
Atlantis and her meaning in our time Ed Vos  


My call to send in copy for this issue did not fall on deaf ears and provided a lot of material. I asked the readers if they were willing to share their thoughts with each other and therefore I herewith present to you a bulky newsletter about Extra-terrestrials and other related subjects.

Needless to say that, because we all exist in the centre of our own universe, every contribution differs from another and also about this subject can be said that we all have our own beliefs about which taste of the truth we want to offer. Therefore I present to you here and now a variety of articles, opinions and experiences with its common theme: E.T.

Because of its large volume, ‘Running Fox’ this month exists in two versions; a complete one and a shortened one. This is the complete version.

“Beam me up Scotty!”



Karim’s statements
Veronica Boers

Dear people,

Because of the subject of these Running Fox Papers I want to share a few of the statements my son Karim, who is eleven years old now. At a very young age already he amazed me by the statements he uttered.


When Karim was about seven he told me that you have a big soul up there and that when you go back up there, you are being clicked together like K’NEX. And, he assured me, then you are one with your big soul again and that big soul has an even bigger soul and one day those will be K’NEXed together as well, etcetera. Until one day, but that will last a very long time, you’ll be K’NEXed to God. So now you know that!


When he was eight years old he told me the following: ‘Mum, when all the people have become good the earth will go to another place. Because the earth is far away from her own place and when all the people have become good the earth will go back to her own place.’

Karim says that he’ll build a tall building when he is an adult. On top of that building he will look through a telescope and then you’ll see ‘it’ with a kind of computer, which will be broadcasted on television. Karim himself will be on television as well, to show everyone that people are not allowed to destroy the universe as well.

Thereafter: ‘Mum, we are not from earth but from other planets. We’re from outside the earth, but we are not different from people and we are no aliens.’ ‘Oh’ I said, ‘what are we called then if we are extraterrestrials?’. ‘Well’ said Karim, “definitely not ‘aliens’, we are from behind Venus. So you could say we are Outer-Venussers.’

When I asked him how he knew that, he said ‘I just know.’ I asked him what Outer-Venussers look like and whether they have a body like we do. Karim answered: ‘Sure, something like a body, but I think without eyes, because over there they know and feel everything.’ I asked: ‘but why are we from over there and how do you know?’. Karim assured me: ’That’s logical, because on all those planets we have to learn, or at least we have to learn something. And on earth you can learn the most, but now I will go to the bathroom!’.


In the meantime Karim turned eleven and not long ago he uttered the following statements.

According to Karim the atmosphere is a protection. When you are being reborn and thus descend, you loose your memories about past lives. He said bits from the past (his former live and the lives of everyone) are still alive, just like those of the future. That atmosphere does not just stop meteorites, but also memories about your former lives. They evaporate in the atmosphere.


He also stated that everyone is born under the same sign all his or her lives on earth. So once a Taurus always a Taurus. Only when you have learned those things on earth with which your sign tells you what to learn, you won’t have to return to the earth anymore, and you may be born under another sign on another planet to learn that again. All your lives on earth you are born under the same sign.

Because all of this sometimes is hard to understand for me, I asked him once: ‘Where do you actually come from?’ ‘Very simple, where everyone is from.’ ‘Where is that from?’ I asked. ‘From God off course.’ He assured me. ‘Yes,’ I asked ‘but from which galaxy?’. He answered that we are either from Sirius, or from one of her spaceships, which are as big as planets.

Then he said: ‘Actually I have to ask everyone a question. If I would ask: what would you do if you went into space, what would you answer?’. I answered: ‘I think I would like to see how it is in space and maybe I would like to learn how other species live.’.

He said that was not what he wanted to hear. ‘I would like to hear that you would erect a statue of a lion on one of the planets and offer that.’ ‘Why,’ I asked. ‘When you offer a statue for a good person, really with a good intention and straight from your heart, you can save a human.’


This morning very early, I had just woken up, he told me that the humans are divorcing in December. Dumbfounded I answered: ‘who are going to divorce and what do you mean by that?’ ‘Well, people will be separated from each other because some of them are conscious and other humans are not and that will be very clear.’ I think what he means, is that the separation between the people comes into being because some of them can keep up and others can’t. This because Karim states that approximately on the 23rd of December we will move a bit further in the fourth dimension, that it will start by that time anyway.

He also said this morning that that may be going along with wars or so-called wars of rumours of wars. That depends on the humans. Because ‘they’ don’t want that. But still you can live in the third and fourth dimension at the same time.

At that moment, just when it started to get interesting, he had to leave for school.

Karim says that the outbursts of the sun flame that are taking place on the sun now, have to do with the alignment of the stars. They will be standing in one line with the sun. That way a (symbolic) copy of the earth is made. That copy will go on and will stay. When all the stars are in one line with the sun, a Stargate will be opened through which we can go. Then we’ll get to 4D.

On the 8th of November the galactic alignment of the stars and sun and moon will be a fact...

Love, Veronica..


When I was very young…
Hans Brockhuis

When I was very young, my mother sometimes took me out at night, where we would watch the stars. In those times the Milky Way was still visible, and sometimes a star fell. Later I learned it was not a star but a meteorite. In those times we were musing about the (green?) people who would inhabit all these stars and it was kind of mystic for me to understand the possibility of people existing upon such small sparks of light. Furthermore we would listen to the radio play: ‘Monus the man of the moon,’ which gave us creepy shivers.

Somewhat later the church people told me something quite different. Humanity lived on planet earth and that was it. Out there only God existed and the angels and concepts like heaven and hell. They warned me to be good, otherwise my afterlife would not be pleasant at all and I would be expelled from the outlook to one day reside at the foot of the throne of God almighty.

In my schooldays they taught me the scientific part and I learned a lot about astronomy and thus was informed about the mechanics of the universe. Planets, Star systems, Meteors, Comets and on a larger scale Galaxies, Nebulae, Red dwarfs and Yellow Giants. It seemed that I got all the answers including the concept that we on earth were on our own and competition for mankind simply did/could not exist.

Somehow this initiated an awkward feeling. If God was so almighty and the universe so vast and complex, how would it be possible that God could not do better and create humanity only on one lousy planet? Oh no, I did not think so. During those times I was addicted to Science Fiction literature, and there quite a different story was told.

And then came Erich von Däniken, who needed a lot of books to inform the audience that we were not alone in the universe. He collected a lot of ‘scientific’ evidence and tried to prove by means of the many outlandish artefacts he had found all over the world, that ‘they’ visited us sometime during the past. The U.F.O. ‘craze’ came and went. Crop circles came into existence, but official and scientific sources invariably had it that all this was a hoax.

Was it a hoax? I do not think so. My feeling tells me otherwise and one day, six or seven years ago, in a communication with one of my informants ‘on the other side of the veil,’ I was told about a lifetime I spent on the planet Moira, belonging to the star system Amadis, known by the astronomists as Barnard’s Star. If you are interested to learn more about this, please e-mail me at: Later, on the internet, I found more and more information about beings, who sometimes look a lot like us, but in other occasion have quite different looks and attitudes. For more info look at the following link:

One question out of my childhood was solved. For years I have had second thoughts about the almost exponential population increase on Mother Earth. Where did all those souls come from? The answer being that in view of the vastness of the universe, and the many souls who exist there, the population of Terra is but null and void…


Beyond The Stars
© Grey Eagle 2001

We were just sitting on the grass, you and I, looking up into the endless night sky, watching the stars: perhaps waiting to see just one, twinkling back a message of some kind. Surely, we thought, there has to be life 'out there', other than that on our planet. Perhaps, some of it even is walking amongst us?

As we sat together, watching and wondering, something very strange happened. All of a sudden I felt whisked away, up, up and up into those stars. I could see you slowly disappearing from my sight, as a huge translucent bubble encased and protected me on what was to become the journey of a lifetime. Was this real? Had I fallen asleep while we watched the night sky? Was I, in reality, still sitting beside you? Or was I truly on a journey that I had only dreamed of?

Time had no meaning as I floated timelessly and effortlessly upward. I felt surrounded by Beings that I could not see, yet knowing they were there, propelling me from one place to another, showing me other worlds, other life forms, other universes. In what seemed like a matter of seconds I was travelling from planet to planet, universe to universe. The vehicle surrounding me had the essence, the warmth and love of a mother's loving arms and I felt like a baby being held by them. I was so excited, and yet awed by all that I was being shown. "Why me?" I wondered in a dream-like state. Where were they taking me, and why were they showing me these things? Such beautiful colors! I had never seen such brilliant colors and would have no way of describing them. They were everywhere, surrounding me in their beauty, brilliance, and abundance.

I heard a gentle, yet unfamiliar voice, dispelling any discomfort or bewilderment that I might be feeling. This Being was explaining many things as I travelled through time and space. I felt a deep sense of love and tenderness emanating from this Being, teaching me how we are all part of a great plan. Not a mystery, but the fact that we are all ONE, all a part of each other. We are all related. This sounded so puzzling to me. Why was I being told these things and what was I to do with this wonderful knowledge? Who would even believe that I had taken this journey into the night skies? Surely, I must be dreaming.

As I continued travelling, the voice kept sharing knowledge, not by a voice, but telepathically. I could not actually see this Being, but the words were coming from a gentleness and a love that I had never experienced before. The word LOVE kept repeating itself in my ear over and over as I travelled. The immenseness of this Being, the beauty and unfathomable love that it exuded, were far beyond anything I had ever experienced.

Again I heard the voice: "You ask how the people of your planet came into being. It was due to what you would call interbreeding. Our blood mixing with the blood of human life on earth, creating the DNA as you know it today. You ask how we communicate with your people. We use a type of radar/sonar, which your people have not yet realized. When you return to your planet, tell ALL that we are not of your world, yet we are always near. We are watching in sadness how your people kill, maim and destroy each other, how you are destroying your beautiful planet. We see the fear, the prejudices, the mounting anger among your people, and the lack of faith and love. We are saddened by this and are trying to help, through those that will listen and tell others."

"You only need to trust in the knowledge, that those coming from afar will show the true light to all humanity on your planet. Remember, you are connected to everything and to nothing. This will be hard for you to understand, but all on your planet will soon know the meaning of my words. We are the Star People and we watch you, as well as watch over you. Our love is unconditional and when the time is right, all will know the truth."

"You have been chosen to see and hear these things, the reasons becoming clearer in due time. Do not question or fear, for there is no reason to fear. We come in love. We are here to help, and when the time is right, all knowledge will be given to all of humanity on your planet. You are being shown the beauty of the many Universes, as well as experiencing what the love of the Creator truly is. There are no words in the languages of your planet that can describe the enormity of this love, for it is beyond anything your people have experienced. This is the love that I share with you now so that you will recognize it when all shall see, feel, and know the truth."

All of a sudden I opened my eyes, finding myself sitting beside you as you slept. Had I been dreaming? Had I really been taken onto a transport of some kind, blending thoughts and receiving true knowledge regarding our universe? Had I truly been given these messages from this LOVING Being? And, finally, how was I to share the information given to me by a Being from beyond the stars?


The Song of Creation
Benjamin van Doorn.
Loki's Lair

Last night I was Dreaming of Reality, the Pure Truth, the Oneness and about Transparency, Clearness. The Akasha Winds took me to her, brought the All to me... Whispering like a murmuring creek, or a group of birch trees, with an immeasurable number of voices, All the voices of All that Is, they brought me (in) Wholeness, in Connection to It, the Source...

I was sitting on the couch next to my Friend. My hands folded together in a ‘I swear solemnly' mudra/position and in my ear, in my Es*sence, the BE-ing of things, the Cosmos started to speak to and trough me.

I saw the spirals of the Akasha swirling around me like Torah rolls, in full sound, color and vibration. The vibrations attuned themselves to my frequency and I connected to them and received the first sign.

The sign looked like a Chinese character, but had fixed straight forms on the left and streaming forms like a double snake, or the staff of Asclepiad, Hermes, Thot on the right, but was in this Moment, passed on by Ma'at. Ma'at is one of the Old, the builders of the Lemuria and Atlantis projects amongst other projects and will help build the New Earth (again) Now...

Additional I saw a second sign, in the form of an angular, sitting, praying human with the palms up, which seemed to complement the first sign. Not until many Nows later a third sign came to me consisting of round forms, balls and two half circles; a circle that is vertically divided, so with a kind of staff in the middle and it had a little sphere on top... It looked something like an antenna, which broadcasted signals up via the half circles in de form of three round balls (like steps next to each other) and to the left and right.

Later came a sort of repetition of that vertically broken circle, with on the upper side, 3 times above each other this symbol \ / and on the lower side 3 times the opposite symbol, so / \ , on top of that was yet another, sort of horizontal line, slightly bent, rounded, with on top of that, halve a circle, resembling a bowler! First I thought that that symbol represented a UFO, but later it was explained to me as the Symbol of Ma'at, or Thoth, the Masterbuilder, Creator... At least, the round version of our angular version of his sign. It's a very simple sign; the way a kid draws a house: /\ en below that | | ... Building is what Ma'at does ...

After that yet another series followed, a layer, line below, a layer below the previous, in ethereal frequency as well. Dots and half moons, circles, as you please, at random height. I have been getting these Symbols this way, since I was 16, so I recognised them easily.

Than it came to me that I could hold my Friends' belly and via that Way also, the Akasha 'spoke' to me, because she, her Web of Wyrd is in and around All that is, her wires, or better, communication lines, can be found in every sentient form of BEing on Earth (including, mineral-, plant- and animal Life!)...

Through my Friend, I experienced a pattern, which felt like the Flow of Crop circles, a spiral, that started in the centre of his belly, his ‘hara’ and looked like a human foetus and from thereon spiralled outward, growing, in other words de*veloping, because that was, what is was, or Is All about...

Ma'at 'told' me, that it meant that the next step in Human evolution was here, Now! No longer will our development be angular, as we were used to in 3D society/reality, but Now it will Flow through fluidic round shapes, not static, but Flowing, like a Divine River. Not limited by any borders, but infinite and present in All that Is!

My Friend, as an example of a Human BEing, (because in Es*sence we Are All One, connected Loving parts of One another!) brought to me the Insight, that Humankind can no longer BE angular, but that the Moment of changing in round, fluidic, female waves and forms has finally come Now... All things will from Now on connect to One another and that was what the first sign stood for! On the left side, the old human, angular from the outside view, changing into the Right, in One*ness Flowing Human, connected to above as below...

Time disappeared around us, or at least had no pull on us anymore. The clocks went wild, nuts and even the big church clock in front of his apartment went crazy...

We went to bed, when we felt the Moment was right for it and than came the next phase of this Dream/REality...

I dreamt away in the world of bedrooms... All of a sudden I was at my parents’ place, where lots of lamps always stand and hang around my bed in my dreams, none of which ever work... I was still in my Friends big King sized bed though, instead of in my small bed that is in my bedroom, at my parents' place.

But next to me was my mother, and not M... Next to our bed to each side of it were 'different dimensionals', galactic helpers, angels or whatever you may call them, who were working on us. It felt very real, because when I woke up this morning, I remembered where they had been adjusting, improving and clearing up my body and on those spots it felt clear and harmonic.
In that 'dream' my mother was so happy with the help, she grabbed my upper arm laying down and with tears in her eyes said to me; "Benjamin, please don’t let them stop!" I saw three or even more BEings work in and around her and radiate, with strangely colored ethereal machines and movements...

With a smile and a tear the next scene came along, in which I suddenly floated into a big church, where I had been before in an earlier dream...

The church was/is still unknown to me, but during every dream it seems to become bigger and Now it seems to be part of a monastery. First I walk through the corridors of a portal with Doric columns, a darker shade of white, standing on a brown glazed tile floor. This time, I am there with J. We talk about the fall of the Roman Empire and about the end of the church and all that bound those two. He was brought up in a Catholic way and he is also fanatically interested in all that is Roman, of Now & than, so to say...

Thus I float into that big church again, the Anglican preacher that I Now recognize as Carla, a befriended fellow member of the Council of the Philosophies of Life and Religions, a pleasant, sweet woman, gives way for me from the pulpit and again gives me room to speak.

But I say nothing and first start walking to a kind of back room, where I find J. again and furthermore about ten heads made of plaster, of great thinkers, philosophers, scientists, popes and people like that, 3D prominents and I crash all the heads to pieces with my fists, one by one. J. is standing in a corner quietly watching and knows he and his principles are defeated.

I return to the elevation on which the altar and pulpit are situated and to the left and right of me three big bronze crosses with statues on them are standing up straight. With a big bang those heavy bronze crosses fall one by one.

With a ‘big smile’ I float out of the church again and wake up in the Now. kNowing, to use the words of Ma'at, that the Moment to build something new has come, a new reality,
Here & Now.

Thank you for Sharing!


Yo Ossenberg

I am pondering the following questions and I would appreciate learning your point of view. Many messages speak about ET's, Archangels, "all you need to do is inviting them in", a thousand or even two thousand years of peace, without disease, with slower aging, new technologies, wealth for all...

Do we really need that? Or is a change of attitude needed? The accepting of disease as a lesson in the Universal Laws, death as a passing over, the letting go of ego and body, but also releasing the eternal Spirit, that is free to take some other form. The aging of the body as a natural process that has it’s benefits. Also the accepting of the difference between rich and poor as a polarity, which has many lessons to teach us and which has benefits and beauty as well as pain and struggle.

Didn't the Lemurian and Atlantean experiments mean a catastrophe to this planet and was it not so that the ones responsible hid themselves after the disaster? Weren’t it the Aboriginals and other so-called primitive people that healed the wounded Earth and made it possible for humanity to live on her again?

Do we have to change this planet? Or do we need to change our attitude?
With Love, Joy, Light and Peace,


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Hans Brockhuis


K. Schneider

When I was two or three years old something happened to me that I will never forget. It was late in the evening. The stars had come out and I was standing in my parent’s bedroom. The window was opened and I was looking at all the stars and breathing in the cool fresh air.

At the time we were living in San Francisco's Mission district that actually has one of the best all year long climates of the whole surrounding area.

As I was looking up I saw what I thought were two little boys. They were clothed differently though. One was wearing all white clothes, whereas the other was clad in black. Their height was about the same as mine, except that their heads were larger and their eyes were large and shaped like almonds and somewhat catlike in appearance.

They motioned for me to come up to where they were. I looked down to the yard and shook my head no, but just as I did I somehow floated out the window right up to them. Right on up to the roof. One of the beings was tying up the other being and somehow without a voice he asked me what I thought about what they were doing to each other. With my actions I tried to make them stop. They seemed rather relieved and sent me back down into the window. It seemed to me that they had said without words that I had made the right choice. Then they disappeared.

I ran to my Dad and tried to tell him what had happened, but he made clear to me that it could only have been a dream. It's sort of strange, but now - years later - whenever I see pictures or sketches of large headed aliens, the memories of those two beings keep coming back to me and I wonder whether I will ever see them again before I leave this planet.


Atlantis and her meaning in our time.
Ed Vos
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Was Atlantis myth or reality?

The scientific answer on that question still hasn’t been found yet. According to many esoteric, sensitive people, channels, psychics, regression therapists and many others, it’s clear that this drowned continent once existed. In this article the author, who is convinced there once was that great continent called Atlantis, describes the relationship that disappeared continent has with our modern time.

In his “Critias” Plato described the chronicles of Atlantis. The story was told by Solon, who travelled to the nowadays Greece (Hellas) in ca 560 BC, who heard from the priests of the Goddess Neith of Sais, the Goddess who protects science, that the old temple archives had been written thousands of years before. In these archives a continent behind the pillars of Hercules was described that drowned about 9700 BC.

Nowadays, the common thought is that the street of Gibraltar is meant by the pillars of Hercules. It’s certainly not without a reason that this ocean is called the Atlantic Ocean, and huge marine mountains were found in it. So it’s more than obvious Atlantis once was situated in the Atlantic Ocean.

In this article it’s not my goal to try to hand you scientific proof, or something like that. It is remarkable though that in a lot of old books, among which the Bible is the best known, a great overflowing is mentioned that drastically changed the surface of Mother Earth, and minimized the number of inhabitants of our planet to a small number of survivors.

What was the Atlantic human like?

In the beginning there was only peace and harmony in Atlantis, just like in the older continent Lemuria or Mu. People lived in peace and harmony, and communicated mostly by means of telepathic transmission. They sometimes used their voice, but they hardly ever used any words. The voice in fact, was only used for making healing sounds instead of speaking. The voice was a very important healing instrument in those days, just as other vibrational energies. For instance magnetic energy transmitted through the hands, sound and light therapy and the use of fumes from incense and so on. The general communication took place by reading each other’s thoughts and one reacted on the received information by transmitting telepathic thoughts back

Also the body, that we call our physical body was less heavy, very much less in weight, and more transparent. The early Atlantic body was built out of ectoplasm. Seen from our point of view nowadays, the Atlanteans were privileged, and they really were in a lot of things.

What went wrong in Atlantis?

The Atlanteans lived a harmonic life, but on a certain moment they researched their lives. Their bodies became heavier. In the beginning there was no difference between man and women, but now the bodies developed physically as men and women. Until this time, children were born just by the power of thoughts of several people, that concentrated themselves on the new live and by means of that created, manifested, a new individual. Later on, this became a sexual act as the bodies became heavier and heavier. In fact, the fist sign of duality was born.

Because the Atlanteans got to do with sexuality now, they also started to experiment with animals, and for that reason the strangest creatures appeared. You can even find notes about that in the Bible and other old books. The duality grew, and they had to start dealing with the good and the bad; respectively the “Sons of the One” and the “Sons of Belial”. The duality, or polarity had grown from her childhood to an adult fact. In the meantime, Atlantis also got technical equipment, and the technical development grew faster and faster, and after a while they had built up a technical knowledge and equipment, we would have been jealous of in our times.

Like the transporting devices the Atlanteans had with which they could travel through the air as well as under water. They were also able to travel intergalactically and filled their transporting devices with energy, “fuel”, from a distance, just like we send energy to our nowadays televisions using a wireless infrared remote control. Besides this knowledge, the Atlanteans also had the capability to heal others by using all kinds of frequencies, like sound, light, resonance, as well as by means of the voice and words. The spoken word had become a way of communication. Telepathic transmission, used in earlier times to communicate, became less important.

One also knew exactly their moment of death, and was “carried away” by a special configuration of bodies. Four people laid themselves on the ground and the dying person was put on them. In this way it was easier to travel into the other realms.

You can imagine that the technical as well as esoteric knowledge can be used for good and bad purposes. And that’s exactly what happened, and it ended the existence of the Atlantic continent. The sons of the One and the sons of Belial grew further and further from each other. The duality was complete, the end nearby.

The end of Atlantis

As we can see in our times, techniques and energies can be used in both ways: the good way or the bad way. Just think for instance of our nuclear energy. It was the same in Atlantis. The sons of the One only wanted to serve the good way, the sons of Belial wanted to posses everything, and thought they were much more as God. As you can imagine, there was a complete duality. The sons of the One wanted to serve the community, and did their job in the positive way, to reach their higher purposes. The sons of Belial, wanted to rule over everyone, manipulated others just to raise their very own material possessing.

Obviously the sons of the One had a crystal in a pyramid with which they could supply great parts of Atlantis with energy. The sons of Belial wanted to posses this energy, and experimented with it, not knowing the exact details. Details that are very important if you are dealing with those high amounts of energy. We can compare it with a chemical process. At a different temperature the process might work quite different. Also the addition of a small amount of a wrong chemical may cause a very dangerous reaction. Something like that took place in Atlantis.

Atlantis in our time

Not without a reason, I pointed to those things that happened in Atlantis. There are a lot of connections and recognitions with our nowadays time. A time we all know too well.

In the beginning there were only a few people on earth. The main activity was hunting, and other kind of things to get food. It took the whole day, and rules and laws didn’t exist, except of course the universal rules of nature. There was no money either. People built simple places to sleep, making use of the materials that could be found in nature. They didn’t have to ask if they might build such a simple resting place, nor did they need to ask if they might build it on that very spot. The earth’s surface wasn’t the property of anyone. Neither did they have to pay a rent for using that particular place. How different it was then as we look at our time! There are even some guys that sell pieces of the Moon! What arrogance, thinking The Earth, the moon or whatever planet should be one’s possession.

Seen from this early days, we can see a timeline that shows us the splitting between poor and rich, the powerful and the suppressed people. More and more duality slowly walked in, in our life. Slowly the items good and bad appeared, according to the definition as we use them nowadays. Of course we needed them badly. Light cannot exist if there is no darkness, you can only experience cold if you know what warmth is. So polarity does have functionality. As humans we try to keep those two sides in balance, and just as it counts for our personal live, it counts for Mother Earth as well. Mother Earth, of whom we are part, and who we feed with our energies. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to find the perfect balance between the positive and negative aspects of life, or trying to find it. If we look at the world around us, we can see some people who have totally lost all connections with the positive aspects, and fanatically are busy with destructive cases. War, as we know it, is very often fought in the name of a God, and is visible proof of that. Fanatically believing in positivism only is as fatal as well. Finding the right balance seems to be essential.

Just like in Atlantic times we now have reached a turning point of the balance. Remembering the sons of the One and the sons of Belial, we only can conclude we have to deal with this aspect as well. Because of the fact, we are feeding Mother Earth with our energies, this all has it’s effect on our planet, the planet that tells us we can’t go on the way we did, and expresses it by means of earthquakes, flooding and other nature disasters. Looking back to the past decennia, we can only conclude, those dramatic nature disasters raised their frequency and intensity. A sign on the wall! It’s the same with wars and acts of terrorism. The entire world shivered on 9-11-2001. However, we should try to see what the meaning of that event is, and coming to the insight we are living in a special time, and have to look at those events in another way than the media wants us to look at it.

It’s remarkable how many people incarnate(d) nowadays who lived in Atlantis or Lemuria, that was like Atlantis in a certain way. There are also many people who have memories of Egypt and Mexico, places a lot of Atlanteans went to, while the continent began to sink.
In that time, Negativism won over positivism. We now are getting our last chance!
It’s good to experience that after the attack on the twin towers on 9-11-2001, many people were working with the Light, and this on a worldwide level. It was good for Light workers to experience that a blanket of Compassion, Love and Light was spreading out, covering Mother Earth. It’s a promise we are all there for each other, and Mother Earth. Let’s all shine our Light around Mother Earth and all the people living on her, being part of her. Let Love and Light rule! Many Atlanteans and Lemurians are on Earth now, just for that purpose

Published earlier in the Dutch esoteric magazine “Spiegelbeeld” Dec 2001