Running Fox Papers

November 2001



Welcome to the new subscribers

It is with the utmost pleasure that I bid welcome to those that have subscribed to the 'Running Fox Papers' recently. Most of the English language readers did that because of the appearance of my 'Nada Chronicles' on the website. Next time I will write something about those names 'Running Fox' and 'Nada Chronicles', but this time I only wish you to have much pleasure in reading this newsletter.


Myriah Krista Walker in the Netherlands 

Dear Friends,

The month of October 2001 was for me the month of the visit of Myriah Krista Walker, well known from her 'Meditations from the Grasses Roots', to my country, the Netherlands. She appeared to the public on five occasions and has come into contact with many lightworkers from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Her coming to Holland all the way down from Colorado-USA, has been a success, and I can tell you that I am happy to have been able to be of service in this matter. It is with fondness that I remember her impressive performance for almost 400 people on stage in the town of Veldhoven. This grand little woman standing there in the floodlights looked like a magnificent angel, and her words seemed to emanate from her like delicate flowers that were broadcast into the utterly silent room. 

Almost exact to the day, three years ago, it was for the first time that I met Myriah, or rather her work, on the Internet. Not long before, in September, I got from my dear wife Annie as a present for my birthday a subscription to the Internet. As it turned out, it was an immense gift. Not long after it was installed on my computer I typed the word 'LIGHT' on one of the search engines, and it didn't take very long before I struck on the website, and hence on the 'Meditations from the Grasses Roots' of a certain Myriah. In my opinion her work was astonishing and I subscribed to her E-mailed newsletters.

As it turned out, that was not a bad decision at all, because regularly I got her messages and always the light overwhelmed me, as well as the compassion and the warmth and the wonders of this woman with her wonder-filled weaved words. And I wondered how her words would look translated into Dutch. 

So it was in the spring of 1999 that I did my first conversion of the 'Stillness of no-thoughts' meditation. This first one took me a long time, because I never did such a thing before. But in the end it turned out I was quite happy with what I had accomplished. A bit inhibited I E-mailed to Myriah that I had done this, thinking that I would be already number 52 or so, and I wondered if I would ever get any reply from her at all. 

And then to think that with a slight shift of reality this exercise would not have been required in the first place. This in view of the fact that way back in the year 1664, the British took over the New Netherland area in America and with it the town of New Amsterdam, and renamed it into New York. In the then ruling council there was a discussion about what tongue was to become the standard language for the new colony. After a few preliminary rounds the options were Dutch and English. The vote turned out to be 6 to 5 in favour of English. A slight shift of reality - only one delegate deciding to vote for the other language - would have been enough to change the character of the later United States dramatically. Because of the fact that New York has always been the dominant state and was elected to be the first capital of the new union in 1788, it would have been quite possible that the entire United States would have spoken Dutch, or some form of Dutch until today. And in that case all these translations would not have been necessary at al.

During a large part of my life I have been an introvert and almost shy person, and therefore I was flabbergasted that I indeed got any response at all from Myriah. And what was more, it was favourable! And thus this relationship across the Atlantic started, and gradually the idea of getting these powerful meditations published came into being. Thus Myriah's first book: 'Talks with the four seasons - meditations from the 'Grasses Roots' appeared and it was because of this that I persuaded Myriah to fly to our country and to present herself and her book to the Dutch speaking audience. 

This book has become an awesome book, and after the stunning performance of Myriah in Veldhoven, as well as all the other meetings that have taken place in different parts of the country, I am convinced that Myriah Krista Walker has established a stronghold on the continent for her wonder-filled words, as she is used to express herself.

Sunday, October 28th, the apotheosis of Myriah's visit took place. Together with 40 lightworkers from the Netherlands and Belgium, we formed a large circle under a ring of trees, in the middle of the premises of the former internment camp of Westerbork. The very place where amongst many others, Anne Frank awaited her departure by train to the gas chambers. Together we have been able to create a huge golden sphere of Forgiveness, that revolved and enhanced itself to cover the entire area of the former camp, thus alleviating the sorrow and the pain and the heaviness that are so tangible there. 

This energy created by many lightworkers is forever anchored there now, and shall serve to continue healing and transforming wherever Forgiveness is needed upon the planet. Many beings from the other side were present as well to be of help, and it was more than clear that the atmosphere in the area was much lighter after this magnificent gathering.

It is therefore with much respect that I thank Myriah also on this occasion for her meditations, for her stories, and for her coming to this tiny part of the world and to have been ONE with all of us.



The Fifth Element is Forgiveness
With mother Earth and father Sky as presented by Myriah

Take your time with this experience. This is your time, so move at the speed of light according to your need. Take several deep and even breaths, centering yourself.

As you sit in your chair, neither left nor right, but simply PRESENT, you are experiencing the Oneness of Mother Earth and Father Sky, or Mother/Father God. Get comfy in your chair as WE go for a little wee journey. Keep breathing.

There is left, that side over there where things simply are known at this now moment as left because they are on the left side according to the reference of your present location. Look around at all that is presently left of you. What is the energy sensation of left?

There is right, and the right side of the room labelled that simply because of the direction and location in reference to where you are in this now moment. Look at all that is presently right of you. What is the energy sensation of right?

Now move your eyes to the direction of in front of you, somewhere in the center. Feel where left and right meet in the room according to the reference of your present now location. It's not either or, its and. What is the energy sensation of both sides of the room coming together whole?

Notice there is simply the absence of all judgment, because where left and right meet is a helpless connection. There is no room for argument. Left is not better than right, for the boundaries are constantly changing and not fixed. There simply is the space and place where this side connects with that side. Oneness. 

Hold Your Hands together. Everywhere they touch is golden light. Ask one Hand to forgive the other Hand for all acts, known or unknown, that caused harm to the other. 

Forgive each Hand its trespasses, as you forgive the trespasses of the other. Then switch Hands and forgive the other. Take a few moments for this. Let Love build within.

Feel where left and right meet within Your Heart, within Your BE-ing. What is a symbol of that connection? A symbol of where left meets right. Breathe Love into this space.

Where you are, in the middle of the left and the right, is the space where Mother Earth/Father Sky connects. Like the curve of the globe kissing the sky.

Imagine within You a beautiful landscape. This space is located in the space between the Earth and Sky. What does it look like?

Imagine stepping into this in-between space within Your Heart. There is a rainbow bridge here, and You find Yourself standing on it in this sacred space that connects Earth and Sky. 

Mother Earth and Father Sky now come to each end of the bridge and walk to the center to greet You.

Simply because the three of You wish it so, a temple appears and You find yourselves sitting comfortably within. You are at ease here, and the air has the fragrance of gentle humour. Take a look at the surroundings in this Paradise vista.

Triangle images seem to be present in the décor. Everywhere there is the sign of three. The trinity. You are the child sitting between Mother Earth and Father Sky, and so You complete this holy union.

"Actually, We are five," Mother says. Before Her are four pots, each containing water, earth, air and fire. "Using these tools within the Self is what has brought You to the fifth element, and this space now in-between," She smiles.

The four pots each represent an aspect of You, so examine them carefully. 

Mother Earth and Father Sky each place a Hand upon Your shoulder. Their gentle laughter and grace makes one linger...

and then the focus of Your attention returns to the bridge as the temple disappears and You find Yourselves standing together.

Clasp Your Hands together. Father Sky holds them and says, "We are always with You." He winks. Be still and know I Am God.

Forgiveness is in Your Hands. Welcome home, and thank You for sharing.



Beyond the Stars
By: Grey Eagle

We were just sitting on the grass, you and I, looking up into the endless night sky, watching the stars: perhaps, waiting to see just one, twinkling back a message of some kind. Surely, we thought, there has to be life 'out there', other than those on our planet. Perhaps even some of them walking amongst us? 

As we sat together, watching and wondering, something very strange happened. All of a sudden I felt whisked away, up, up and up into those stars. I could see you slowly disappearing from my sight, as a huge translucent bubble encased and protected me on what was to become the journey of a lifetime. Was this real? Had I fallen asleep while we watched the night sky? Was I, in reality, still sitting beside you? Or was I truly on a journey that I had only dreamed of?

Time had no meaning as I floated timelessly and effortlessly upward. I felt surrounded by Beings that I could not see, yet knowing they were there, propelling me from one place to another, showing me other worlds, other life forms, other universes. In what seemed like a matter of seconds I was travelling from planet to planet, universe to universe. The vehicle surrounding me had the essence, the warmth and love, of a baby held in her mother's loving arms. I was so excited, and yet awed by all that I was being shown. "Why me?" I wondered in a dream-like state. Where were they taking me, and why were they showing me these things? Such beautiful colors! I had never seen such brilliant colors and would have no way of describing them. They were everywhere, surrounding me in their beauty, brilliance, and abundance.

I heard a gentle, yet unfamiliar voice, trying to dispel any discomfort or bewilderment that I might be feeling. This Being was explaining many things as I travelled through time and space. I felt a deep sense of love and tenderness emanating from this Being, teaching me how we are all part of a great plan. Not a mystery, but the fact that we are all ONE, all a part of each other. We are all related. This sounded so puzzling to me. Why was I being told these things and what was I to do with this wonderful knowledge? Who would even believe that I had taken this journey into the night skies? Surely, I must be dreaming.

As I continued travelling the voice kept sharing knowledge, not by a voice, but telepathically. I could not actually see this Being, but the words were coming from gentleness and a love that I had never experienced before. The word LOVE kept repeating itself in my ear over and over as I travelled. The immenseness of this Being, the beauty and unfathomable love that it exuded, was far beyond anything I had ever experienced.

Again I heard the voice: "You ask how the people of your planet came into being. It was due to what you would call interbreeding. Our blood mixing with the blood of human life on earth, creating the DNA as you know it today. You ask how we communicate with your people. We use a type of radar/sonar, which your people have not yet realized. When you return to your planet, tell ALL that we are not of your world, yet we are always near, watching in sadness how your people kill, maim and destroy each other, how you are destroying your beautiful planet. We see the fear, the prejudices, the mounting anger among your people, and the lack of faith and love. We are saddened by this and are trying to help, through those that will listen and tell others.

"You only need to trust in the knowledge, that those coming from afar will show all humanity on your planet the true light. Remember, you are connected to everything and to nothing. This will be hard for you to understand but the meaning of all my words will soon be known to all on your planet. We are the Star People and we watch you, as well as watch over you. Our love is unconditional and when the time is right all will know the truth.

"You have been chosen to see and hear these things, the reasons becoming clearer in due time. Do not question or fear, for there is no reason to fear. We come in love. We are here to help, and when the time is right all knowledge will be given to all of humanity on your planet. You are being shown the beauty of the many Universes, as well as experiencing what the love of the Creator truly is. There are no words in the languages of your planet that can describe the enormity of this love, for it is beyond anything your people have experienced. This is the love that I share with you now so that you will recognize it when all shall see, feel, and know the truth."

All of a sudden I opened my eyes, finding myself sitting beside you as you slept. Had I been dreaming? Had I really been taken onto a transport of some kind, blending thoughts and receiving true knowledge regarding our universe? Had I truly been given these messages from this LOVING Being? And, finally, how was I to share the information given to me, by a Being from beyond the stars?