Running Fox
  R U N N I N G F O X P A P E R S
  October 2014 - From, for and by my readers  
  Jubilee issue - Volume 14 # 100  

It is with extraordinary pleasure that I hereby present my 100th newsletter. I have considered it necessary to dedicate it to my readers. Without you all this would not have happened. I therefore give the floor to all those who meant to contribute something to this special edition. Furthermore I thank you, reader, heart-idly for being a part of the world of Running Fox.


Quotation of the month


Given by Martin Pleiades and Martha Hart

-- I walked through a golden gate, stopped for awhile, smelled the roses... and then I knew... the time had come.

From, for and by my readers

Hans Brockhuis

Last month, in newsletter number 99, you and I have discussed no less than 99 aspects of spirituality. Now, for this newsletter, composed from, for and by my readers, it would have been extraordinarily easy to fill with 100 articles, all of them during the years written and shared by my readers. That would be too much of a good thing. What I present here is a collection of articles – all new – reflecting the fact that the path of Running Fox is pretty versatile and that in this interplay between you and I, something very special has been created. I thank you very much for all these fascinating interactions.


My Buddy Hans


Myriah Krista Walker


Hans is one of those rare friends that come into your life like a sweet song. At first the melody is new, yet soon hauntingly familiar, always bringing a smile and sense of harmony whenever you hear it. Ever encouraging, empowering, supporting, he has been my biggest fan, helper, confidant, brother, and partner in Lightwork. Always a helpmate and coworker in the Light.


100 times Running Fox


Ginie Abbring Hingst


The profound spiritual tales of Hans Brockhuis give people insight into a deeper meaning of life. Many of these inspiring stories fascinate me; it is as if I am carried away. Good examples are those of the journey through the Universe, the Peace of Westphalia, life after death, the unseen worlds and others.


A sense of family

John Cali

First, on this occasion of his 100th issue of Running Fox Newsletter, I would like to congratulate our dear friend Hans. May you have many more memorable mileposts in your wonderful work, Hans!

When Hans started his newsletter, years ago, I was one of his early readers. It's been an exciting journey, and I look forward to many more newsletters in the years ahead.

I consider Hans and his wife, Annie, close friends. Although we've never met face-to-face in this lifetime, the bond is strong between us. There's a sense of family.

Sign of the sun

My first Running Fox


Mara Oldenburg


When I, in the spring of 2002, read my first Running Fox Papers, I realized that I did not always have done it all too well during my life. In that letter was an article that helped to redefine my inner being. Not long before I arrived from England to Holland, had married hurriedly and could not quite keep up with all the new stuff I had to cope with.

Fortunately, there were English versions of the papers, so I could read them easily. When my husband died, I finally understood that there would be aspects of life that could be looked at otherwise than I had done before. One learns through experiences and often they are very hard lessons.


Spirituality is an openness


Rev. Karen Lee Samson


Spirituality is an openness, a process, a knowing, a connection and further growth to our ultimate creator- God = pure spirit and love as one.

  • We have our causal body: also called the "energy body", it holds our karma - the blue print for each incarnation we experience.
  • We have our higher mind: which connects to, receives and processes our knowing the wisdom from higher universal knowing.
  • We also have a celestial body: The part of us that reflects pure recognition of our soul and produces action and circumstances in life.
  • Finally we have what is called our spirit ethereal body: this is where we experience multi- dimensional situations. Life is fluid ethereal and of a non- physical
New world

What is Running Fox?


Loes Flendrie

Every one of us has had them and has them: the chinks with which you always catch a glimpse of the world, alongside and under and on top, that always IS.
The world of which it is better not to talk about, at least you learned so as a little one. So you usually don’t, warned by invisible hands.

Later in life, when you have become an obedient member of the forgetful society, you will effortlessly join the propagation of forgetfulness, what do I say? Forgetting to prescribe.


Shambala Oneness and Running Fox


Ian Henderson & Marjo van Weenen

Recently we wrote an article on the state of affairs for humanity by the end of 2014. We have added it to the Shambhala Oneness materials. All that is available via this link. It is about how humanity currently dwells in a phase of being 'in the womb', which in effect means a transition from transformation to transmutation.

Some are almost through and therefore find themselves already in the birth canal, which in reality is a time of stillness and preparation. Others see their lives change in many ways. Those are born again and have to adjust to their new lives.

By means of the many articles written by himself and others, Running Fox provides
people with ideas and tips to undergo this process. We would like to say: a very valuable addition to everyone's journey.


For those who are awakening


Marja Tames

Everything connected
Love, God, You
Sometimes palpable,
in gesture
Small or large.

If you lost your way
And life seems difficult
Then remember
That I am everywhere
And feel it
time and again.


Running Fox, a stroke of luck?


Roely Anema

Even before I could read a word I wrote. My handwriting had just such beautiful italic letters like that from my mother. I wrote many stories; I liked it so much!

As I grew older my first diary made ​​its appearance; many were to follow. Much later I started to write down my dreams. Faithfully I did not only keep a journal (day book), but also a night book.

It gave me a lot of insight about all kinds of events in and around me and I thought it was a nice, clear way of getting feedback.

Because of this two beliefs became a powerful guide in my life.

  • Anything is possible; everything is true ánd not true.
  • Coincidence does not exist, it will come to you.

Iintergalactic man

Micha Beuger
It is widely common to see the transformation processes of our Earth in relationship with the Galactic Federation, so more or less confined to our own Milky Way. Few lightworkers also work intergalactic, that is to say also with other galaxies. This is almost always down to connect to the Andromeda Nebula galaxy. This system is approximately twice as large as ours. Most civilizations there are, both in spirituality and technology, tens of millions of years ahead of us. There are quite a few people, of which I have met a handful, who know, usually already almost all their lives that they are originally from Andromeda. Oddly enough, I only discovered this about myself until summer 2013.



En daar was Running Fox. Een wegwijzer in het avontuur van het leven….? Maar misschien is dit wat te hoogdravend gezegd.

In elk geval is het altijd een wegwijzer op de snelweg van de haastige Westerse geest voor mij en helpt het om dingen te verwoorden die meestal zo slecht te verwoorden zijn
Loes Flendrie


Thank you Running Fox, for the blessings you’ve given to me, and the many blessings you share with the world. Raising my cup to the next 100.
Myriah Krista Walker

Hans, jij bent het Zonnetje voor velen met de mooie diepgaande spirituele verhalen op Running fox. Het was en is nog steeds genieten. Je bent een voorbeeld voor velen!
Ginie Abbring Hingst

It is the power of Hans’ Running Fox Papers to always know how to look at an interesting topic from different perspectives.
Mara Oldenburg

Al jaren ben ik op deze nieuwsbrieven geabonneerd. Ik lees ze aandachtig en sla ze altijd meteen op. Het is voor mij steeds een genoegen om Hans, zijn gezinsleden en spirituele medewerkers te ontmoeten.
Micha Beuger


Congratulations on your many years of writing such a wonderful newsletter! I love reading and sharing your amazing work with others! 
Rev. Karen Lee Samson

Hans and Annie are part of my spirit family. I am deeply grateful to them for the love they've shown me over many years, and for always being there. Thank you, Hans and Annie! You are my family. God bless you both!
John Cali

Running fox levert de mensen via de vele artikelen van hemzelf en anderen, ideeën en tips om naar de tijd van transmutatie te komen. Wij zouden willen zeggen: Een zeer waardevolle toevoeging aan eenieders reis.
Ian Henderson en Marjo van Weenen

Het eerste wat ik de ochtend na deze droom deed was de website van Running Fox, haast ademloos, doorlezen. Ik was totaal verrast over het aanbod. Natuurlijk heb ik na het lezen contact gezocht met Hans Brockhuis. Gelukkig is er een heel prettig en open contact op gevolgd.
Roely Anema