0 Running Fox Papers September 2007
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Volume 7, issue number 48 ~ October 2007

Light works everywhere


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Veer Quotation of the Month:

A good man is as a small light wandering through the night of our world, awakening dead stars on his path.

Phil Bosmans

A wealth of wisdoms


Quotation of the month

Phil Bosmans

Introduction Hans Brockhuis
Fire the Grid

Hans Brockhuis

The beach of your Heart Myriah Krista Walker
It is finally going to happen Judith van de Moesdijk
I Am Nora Pelgrims
Gratitude John Cali and Chief Joseph
Clarion Lightbeings and beyond Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
Hans Brockhuis

You and I are light workers. Having said that, and pertaining to the title of this newsletter, the question arises what is it that works? How does the light work, with yourself and others, and what would be lightened?
Light workers are at work everywhere, and consequently the light also spreads outward everywhere -- within your Self, with respect to your partner, your family, in your profession and in your community. But seen from a higher dimension, this light also influences Mother Earth, and even the entire universe.

That is quite something. While thinking about that, one realizes that the small wheel you seem to be in reference to the entirety of the whole, is in fact an indispensable link. Would you not be here, a link would be missing, and anything with a missing link is ineffective. That cannot be the ultimate objective. In this newsletter, a few aspects of light work are en-light-ened that perhaps will be able to give some light about this type of matter.

However it may be, Running Fox wishes you much light-work. Be a lighthouse, let your light shine, and know that the universe is de-light-ed, en-light-ened and re-light-ed.

Fire the Grid

Hans Brockhuis

I took part in the ‘Fire the Grid’ meditation on July 17, 2007, launched by Canadian Shelley Yates (you can review her telling plea on YouTube ). The purpose of the meditation was to reactivate the so called ‘grid’ - a network of energy tracks around the world –to be of help to Mother earth by healing her manmade wounds.

Seated next to a small murmuring stream in our neighbourhood, I made myself empty, and as soon as I reached ‘higher regions’ I noticed I was definitely not the only one there with the same intention. The unbelievable power of so many congenial souls on earth, as well as beyond the veils, made me dizzy for awhile, but not for long. After a somewhat chaotic first quarter of an hour, I noticed the energies gradually settling down. Imagine a railroad yard where a number of trains, (freight- as well as passenger trains), with different velocities are shunting back and forth fervently. Gradually they join on the same track, taking on the same colour and in the end they move as one enormous large train along the iron road heading for the Light.

The beach of your Heart

Myriah Krista Walker

Relax. Re-member. Breathe in Light. Fully. Deeply into Your Heart. Let Your Heart pulse this Light into every molecule "I Am." Down the trunk of Your Being, carried on breath and the Winds of Love within.

"I Am Light," pulses and fills Your BE-ing. Linger here with the breath and BE I Am. Filled with Love and Light.

You are sitting at the Pool of Oneness, yet the Pool is Grander somehow. Larger than the last time You were here.

It is finally going to happen

Judith van de Moesdijk

It is finally going to happen. A massive amount of people is beginning to awaken and starts to realise who they really are. The big realising that this life is not going the way it is supposed to be going. The realisation that we are not treating our earth well enough, even though it is a breathing and living being. A massive amount of people is beginning to notice that their life is being lifted and they are getting in touch with their guidance and leaders. Critical mass has been reached and there is more positive than negative now. Waking up, having contacts with guides is not only for the happy few anymore, but for every soul Now.

Some of us will start to guide others to follow, they comfort them and encourage them to hang in there. The beginning of the new earth is there and the very first seeds of the new Earth have been sown. They are being sown by the people who came and are coming to the earth to announce totally new ideas. Still they are being killed, but more and more are surviving the attacks. Alas, messengers of the Light are being killed for centuries already. That is why they are coming in waves now and groups of lightworkers are stronger and help and urge us to build a new earth and a world filled with love peace, in which all people together and all beings of mother earth and mother earth herself can live together in perfect harmony.

I Am ~ Nora Pelgrims

I Am part of the One, I reflect my Creators Light
I carry a Higher Purpose
I Am, I Am that I Am

You Are part of the One, You reflect your Creators Light
You carry a Higher Purpose
You Are, you Are that you Are

I am the One that Creates My world
And Co-Creates Yours
You are the One that Creates Your world
You Co-Creates Mine

Together, we Are many Creators
that through the One
Create Consciousness

and let vibrate Human and Earth
to their Higher Goals

I Am I Am That I Am



by John Cali and Chief Joseph

Over the years, Joseph has spoken often about gratitude, and the wonders it can create in our lives. In the USA we celebrate a day called Thanksgiving. A day of giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. A day for expressing gratitude.

Joseph and I wrote this newsletter many years ago. But it’s never lost its timeliness, especially at this time in our human and planetary evolution.

We all have much to be thankful for, even in the world’s current state of affairs. So let us focus on all the good in our lives.

Clarion Lightbeings and beyond

Christine Meleriessee Heliohah

Welcome Dear Comrades,

We are happy to be with you this evening. There has been so much going on since the activations within the past couple of weeks that we felt it was important for us to just relax this evening and enjoy each other in bliss and livelihood. Of course, I Am Fred, your spokesperson for this evening.

I have to say that the participation of Fire the Grid was absolutely wonderful along with the other activations that occurred previous to the 17th of July. But I have to mention Fire the Grid for one reason – so many new people came into awareness and now we are joined by so many souls this evening. Thank you all for participating in all of these events. I am excited to be part of these energies. It is a very powerful time. This evening we will be bringing forth to each of you a balance to occur within your full body system as much integration of higher light energies has ensued within each of you, as it has for each of us in all spheres of communication of Light. It is my pleasure to bring forth a great teacher, a great spokesperson, and a true humanitarian.

An evening with the 'Group'in Haarlem

Hans Brockhuis

It is Wednesday October 20th 1999 and I am going to Haarlem to a meeting of Steve Rother, the channeller of the nine life-forms who call themselves together: ‘The Group’. This group consists of eight ‘Beings’ from the other world beyond the veils, as it is expressed by them, together with Steve as the representative of the here and now. Steve is the one who makes it possible to translate the thoughts which come ‘through’ into a language which people like you and me, can understand.

I am rather early and walk - while talking companionably - with Barbara, Steve's wife, through the building to search for a certain location, after which Steve welcomes me with a big hug and I lend a hand with putting the chairs in a circle and other little chores. It seems a bit like coming home after a long time and that is exactly the energy which is transmitted by these people who created a website: www.lightworker.com in which each month - i.e. - a free channelled meditation, the ‘Beacons of Light’ is sent out to interested persons.