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Volume 5, issue number 33 ~ September 2005 ~ Lady Nada

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Quotation of the Month:

Every Be-ing

Every Be-ing is a part of God/Goddess/Source and here to experience the Love and ONE-ness of things.

The Nada.
(This means literally: ‘Around, through or from Nothing.’)

A Wealth of Wisdoms



Quotation of the month Every Be-ing
Ascended Master Lady Nada Preface
Creating Reality


Nada about flowers Hans Brockhuis
Nada Brahma Meditation Aum Society
A cup of tea with Creator Patrick Bellringer
Lady Nada Mark & Elisabeth Prophet
The many faces of Nada Pictures of Lady Nada
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Ascended Master Lady Nada

The word nada means ‘nothing’ or ‘little’ or it has other rejecting meanings in most languages. In Serbo-Croatian ‘nada’ means ‘hope’ though (thanks for writing us this, Sandra Sundic) and that is more like what Lady Nada really stands for. In that context, nada means ‘much’ or ‘everything’ and even ‘from deeper origin’ and ‘around’, ‘through’ or ‘from nothing’.

Several weeks ago, when I knew this newsletter was going to be about Ascended Master, Lady Nada, I had little I could use for it, except for the Nada Chronicles you find on the website.

Of course I wanted more and from that moment on the articles were coming in unstoppable. That Lady Nada had a small part in that is sure.

Thus the newsletter for September offers a selection of everything that was offered to me in the last few weeks; other articles are to be found on the Running Fox website through What is new.

As always Running Fox wishes you a good hunting, this time in the comforting company of Lady Nada.

Hans Brockhuis.

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Creating reality

Brian, for the SSN Group

This is Lady Nada that comes to you tonight to remind you of your place in the universe and the place you hold upon your planet in the body of authority that is known as the Intergalactic Solar Tribunal of which you are all members. Due to the veil that still surrounds many of you, you may not remember that you all cast the deciding vote in the direction and the destiny of your planet and as to how she would stand in oneness with you in that destiny.

I remind you tonight that in this hour you must stand in that fullness of authority in which you stood when you cast your vote before embarking upon your present journey. This authority cannot be lessened nor can it be taken from you. This authority only fails to remain in force when! you choose to surrender it.

I come to remind you of who you are and of the weight that your thoughts and your words carry. Those thoughts and those words are the power in which you stand as creators of the reality of your planet. That which you carry forth in thought and word in this hour is the consistency of that which will be. You have now entered the place where what you create will manifest before your very eyes. Take note of where you have journeyed in your thoughts and your words in recent days and take a check of what you see manifesting in your world. Is it to your liking? If not then allow yourself to be taken back to the very beginning in the time when you sat on the Intergalactic Solar Tribunal and determined the course and destiny that you now find yourselves on.

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The Nada Chronicles

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Nada about flowers

Flowers are the embodiment of the resurrection of life and see to it that this life keeps its place on the planet whom tries to keep her life and that of all her co-travellers going.

The energy that flowers radiate – their scent – is like the essence of that what flowers stand for. This scent, these vibrations, these cycles, however experienced, pleasant or not, are really a radio station that is telling you what is happening. Not only about the well being of the flower, the plant itself, but through the roots that are anchored in earth, and also about what is going on with Gaia, Mother Earth.

It is clear that the well-being of Mother Earth is at stake. The recent happenings after the tsunami and the cyclones have made that more than clear. That something like that was going to happen was predicted. Ask the seismographs or the meteorologists.

Mother Earth has tried to save as many souls as possible through the radio stations that are at her hand, the flowers. About what you call animal life, it worked.

Furthermore one needs to realise that those who have not survived the disasters have been welcomed warmly in the worlds from which I speak to you now. This is not the place to give you details; somewhere else one wrote about this extensively. However, it is important that the souls we speak about have not suffered in most cases and were guided to the place they are now in a great way.
I embrace You; God is with You.


The Nada Chronicles

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Nada Brahma Meditation

Aum Society

The Nada Brahma is a sound meditation of Tibetan origin. It was done early in the morning. The participants were called between two and three a.m., meditated and went to sleep again. You can do the meditation as well at night before you retire. The Nada Brahma can be done individually or in a group. It is better to do it with an empty stomach, because then the sound and its vibrations can go deeper inside.

The Nada Brahma is partly accompanied by us. At first you will sit for half an hour in a relaxed position and with closed eyes. You are humming. Your own pace, pitch and intensity. Humming seems to find its own gait and you start to resonate. You become the hummer as well as the one who is witnessing the humming. Humming activates your brain, enhances healing processes and brings you in a state of alert relaxation.

After half an hour you will stop humming. During 7½ minutes you will slowly move your hands in outward circles and in the meantime you experience how energy, wishes, blessings of that-which-is-not-yours extend outward. Then you will move your hands during 7½ minutes in inward circles and experience how energy, realizations, thankfulness, blessings of that-which-is-yours-but-elsewhere develops inside. At last you will cease all movement and sit still during a quarter of an your, your body completely motionless.

Written with Love

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A cup of tea with Creator

Patrick Bellringer

My Friends, a most unusual experience happened to me last night, and I wish to share it with you now. I was thinking about NESARA and all the possibilities that lay before all of us here on Earth Shan, when I heard this booming voice in my mind. “I am Creator Source, my son, and we need to talk. I shall send for you.”

Almost immediately I heard a knock on my house door. When I opened it there stood my old friend Rose, The Interpreter of The Lighted Realms. I like to call her ‘Rose’ because her aura is a beautiful dark rose color, though she usually is called ILR by our sisters and brothers of Light. Rose said, “Come with me, Patrick, and Anne, too. Creator wishes to speak with you.”

Rose led us to the park behind our house and to a starship that was strobing the rainbow colors from two separate sidelights. We boarded and were greeted by the crew. We were offered chairs, and though I was seated I felt no movement as the ship lifted from the ground. Instantly, we were docking at a landing port on another craft. Rose led us from the starship through hallways of various colors of soft light. We entered a large round meeting room that shown in crystal white light. The walls were lighted panels of alternating soft rainbow colors. In the center of the room stood a beautiful cherry wood table and chairs. Seated at the table was Creator Source, who greeted us with their most pleasant booming voice, the same voice I had heard earlier in my mind. I say “their” because the voice had the masculine quality of authority, yet the soft musical resonance of the feminine quality. I sensed a perfect balance in the voice and the crystal white aura of the feminine/masculine energy of Creator Source.

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