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Volume 6, issue number 40 ~ August 2006 ~ Relative-time

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veerQuotation of the Month:

Gently take time to be happy

Gently take time to be happy.
Time is not a highway
Between cradle and grave,
But space, to park in the sun.

Phil Bosman

A Wealth of Wisdoms


Quotation of the month Gently take time to be happy
Introduction about relative time Hans Brockhuis
Time and numbers

John Cali and Chief Joseph

Back to Amadis The Nada Chronicles, part 35
Creating reality Brian for Lady Nada
Upon the golden waves of grain Myriah Krista Walker
A cup of tea with Creator Source Patrick Bellringer
A star a'twinklin' 'Reborn again'
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Introduction about relative Time

Hans Brockhuis

In the course of the time that I take part in this society I have had moments that made me frown from time to time. When I had to write an examination, time seemed to crawl ahead like a snail. When on the other hand something nice laid ahead, the time hopped and seemed to make little jumps of expectation. That will not be any different for you, reader.

Later I learned that time is an invention of humanity and it called the period the sun needed to turn around the earth, day. Then the day was divided in 24 parts, the hours. The name 'day' was brought back to the period that the sun - central fire - was visible. From that moment on the other half of the 24 hours, the period that the sun had been swallowed by dark forces, was called night.

Fortunately the sun was reborn each morning, which was the reason for people to honour that same sun excessively, exactly as excessive as the great rays of sun that warmed the people. That warmth and that light needed to be rewarded. Not only the sun was born, the time was born as well, which in the course of centuries was refined further and further. The astronomers watched the firmament with their telescopes to keep the time within their boundaries of perception, because it was important to them to keep time standardized.

Nowadays we know that the earth turns around the sun and the time is being observed with so-called atomic clocks so that we know for sure that each second is just as long as the previous and the next second one. For scientists something like that is very important.

Still, in spite of all science, discrepancies keep existing, because the different populations on earth use different chronologies. I give you an example. A year after Yitzhak Rabin, the then Israeli first minister had been assassinated in November 1995, it was both commemorated in Israel and elsewhere in the world. Because people use another chronology in Israel, that happened on another date then elsewhere. If that is not an exponent of relative time, what is, then!

Steve Rother explains in his Beacons of Light that time is no elongated ribbon of events that take place after each other, but much more events that occur simultaneously. That is why it is possible to travel back 'in the time' under certain circumstances, or even catch a glimpse of something that takes place in what we call the future.

Anyway, in spite of the atomic clocks, it is clear that time is relative. That time can be experienced differently at differing moments and that of this a lot of aspects can be lighted out. And that, dear reader, is exactly what takes place in this timeless newsletter. In their own article each author is showing you her or his perception of time.

Running Fox wishes you an exceptionally good time reading them!

To the contents

Time and numbers

By John Cali and Chief Joseph


A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a relative about an upcoming family wedding. We were discussing gifts for the bride and groom. After the conversation was over, I realized how much of our discussion revolved around the number of dollars we thought appropriate to spend on gifts.

I don’t see anything wrong with thinking about money or numbers -- after all, they’re a necessary part of our physical world. It’s pretty hard to avoid them. Nor would we want to.

But I got to thinking about how many of us, including me, are sometimes obsessed with numbers. The whole world seems obsessed with numbers.

On a personal level, we often spend a lot of energy counting the dollars in our bank accounts (probably not enough there), the pounds on our bathroom scales (probably too many there), the hours in our day (never enough, are there?), the years we’ve been alive (we probably don’t like the number we’ve accumulated), how many friends we have (too many, too few?), how many square feet in our houses, how many cars in our garages, and so on. The litany could go on forever.

I don’t know about you, but I decided I focus on numbers too much, and need to focus more on simply finding joy in my life, enjoying the journey.

Back to Amadis The Nada Chronicles, part 35

By Hans Brockhuis

A sound in my bedroom woke me up in the middle of the night. It seemed as if something grated on the floor and although I usually sleep through all kinds of noises that wake my wife up, it was me who woke this time. I noticed that my wife was sleeping peacefully on the other site of the bed. Our digital alarm clock told me it was 3:30 AM.

I turned on the lamp on the nightstand and my glance was immediately drawn towards a woman dressed in a coverall who looked at me very friendly and who asked me to come with her without words.

I knew it was Moira who had come by to take me with her for a glance at Amadis and I lent a willing ear to that. I dressed quickly and after a look at my wife who was still peacefully asleep I gestured to Moira I was ready to go.

It turned out I was not the only one. In a hat-shaped spaceship some people were already waiting for things to happen. I had never seen these people, but in a way they seemed familiar. It looked like a kind of reunion of people who had made this journey before.


Lady NadaCreating reality

Brian, for Lady Nada

This is Lady Nada that comes to you tonight to remind you of your place in the universe and the place you hold upon your planet in the body of authority that is known as the Intergalactic Solar Tribunal of which you are all members. Due to the veil that still surrounds many of you, you may not remember that you all cast the deciding vote in the direction and the destiny of your planet and as to how she would stand in oneness with you in that destiny.

I remind you tonight that in this hour you must stand in that fullness of authority in which you stood when you cast your vote before embarking upon your present journey. This authority cannot be lessened nor can it be taken from you. This authority only fails to remain in force when! you choose to surrender it.

I come to remind you of who you are and of the weight that your thoughts and your words carry. Those thoughts and those words are the power in which you stand as creators of the reality of your planet. That which you carry forth in thought and word in this hour is the consistency of that which will be. You have now entered the place where what you create will manifest before your very eyes. Take note of where you have journeyed in your thoughts and your words in recent days and take a check of what you see manifesting in your world. Is it to your liking? If not then allow yourself to be taken back to the very beginning in the time when you sat on the Intergalactic Solar Tribunal and determined the course and destiny that you now find yourselves on.

Upon the golden waves of grain

By Myriah Krista Walker

Can you imagine yourself…

Upon the golden waves of grain
paddling forth, in bold array
on the shores of ever more
decorating new games to play

the tides, they come
and flow
and some
become the dew in fingertips
while jeweled messengers give tips,

"Upon the shores of ever more,
be quick, and fair, and true!
Dash into here and yonder now
step into the Colors of Blue."

Before You now in pools of One
the ponderosa speak
as emerald towers of these trees
rise upward from the peaks.

The Pool of Oneness beckons Us.
She's indigo and blue.
The Colors are within you first
YOU are the jeweled hues.



A cup of tea with Creator Source

By Patrick Bellringer

My Friends, a most unusual experience happened to me last night, and I wish to share it with you now. I was thinking about NESARA and all the possibilities that lay before all of us here on Earth Shan, when I heard this booming voice in my mind. “I am Creator Source, my son, and we need to talk. I shall send for you.”

Almost immediately I heard a knock on my house door. When I opened it there stood my old friend Rose, The Interpreter of The Lighted Realms. I like to call her ‘Rose’ because her aura is a beautiful dark rose color, though she usually is called ILR by our sisters and brothers of Light. Rose said, “Come with me, Patrick, and Anne, too. Creator wishes to speak with you.”

Rose led us to the park behind our house and to a starship that was strobing the rainbow colors from two separate side lights. We boarded and were greeted by the crew. We were offered chairs, and though I was seated I felt no movement as the ship lifted from the ground. Instantly, we were docking at a landing port on another craft. Rose led us from the starship through hallways of various colors of soft light. We entered a large round meeting room that shown in crystal white light. The walls were lighted panels of alternating soft rainbow colors. In the center of the room stood a beautiful cherry wood table and chairs. Seated at the table was Creator Source, who greeted us with their most pleasant booming voice, the same voice I had heard earlier in my mind. I say “their” because the voice had the masculine quality of authority, yet the soft musical resonance of the feminine quality. I sensed a perfect balance in the voice and the crystal white aura of the feminine/masculine energy of Creator Source.

A star a'twinklin'

'Reborn again'

Long ago, when the earth was not there yet, the Cosmos held it’s breath from time to time. Just for a moment there was nothing, emptiness, absolute expectation. The expectation of something very special that was about to happen, something that shocked to amazement time and again.

That something was the birth of a star. A new proof of the creativity of that same Cosmos. For a moment it seemed like the elder wiser stars were also holding their breath. As if they were able to live through everything they had discovered themselves again. Because they were witness of the unbelievable wonder of a new Beginning.

A new star was such a beautiful thing.

At first it would be playful and mobile. It would like to know all kinds of things, just like all other young stars. Exploring everything, asking questions about everything. Sometimes not even listening to the answers, because there was so awfully much to ask. It would bump into other stars, into meteors, into other planets, because it did not know its power, its possibilities, its own Being. That would come much later, when the star would be almost an adult and that took longer for a star than we can imagine.