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Volume 5, issue number 32 ~ August 2005 ~ Connections.

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Quotation of the Month:

Love is the great connecting Power

Love is the great connecting power, the way to spiritual growth and also the produce of spiritual growth.

Jezus and Maria of Magdala.

A Wealth of Wisdoms



Quotation of the month Love is the great connecting power
Connections Preface by Judith

Hans Brockhuis

Winged Heart Joke Hoenderdos
Oneness Myriah Krista Walker
The Mystery of the dewdrops Maja Kluvers
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When we try and speak about connections, it encompasses such a large array of opinions that we would not be able to fill a newsletter, or even many books as well.

Let’s restrict ourselves then to one important aspect, the connection or the correlation between two people.

Connection is Interaction. It’s teamwork, just like traffic is a joint effort of motorized individuals who together – most of the time – encourage the circulation.

When two persons (try) to cooperate, for instance in a relationship or a working relation, it not only comes down to the different tracks running parallel, but also to the touching of each track by means of the existence of some exchange point.

If that is not the case, when the exchange does not come into being or is broken one way or the other, cooperation and/or correlation becomes impossible.

However, when two people seem to meet for the first time (maybe in a former life some type of relation already existed) and the exchange point is working splendidly – it clicks – and two tracks become one, then it will be possible to speak of a soul-mate connection and the two, as the fairy tale says, ‘live happily ever after.’

On these pages a number of connections are shown, always from the perspective of the author concerned.

I wish you to have much cor-relation.


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Hans Brockhuis
Translation: Idelette

The journey by train is long. Watching the outside terrain, I see the green landscape, the animals and water. I also see people moving, both walking and driving.

In the compartment diagonally across from me there is a young lady. I know for sure that I have never seen her before. But what is never? Is ‘never’ not also 'always,’ just like the word nada sometimes means 'nothing' but often also 'everything?’

The longer I think about this, it appears to me that indeed I have seen this lady before, experienced and spoken to. Somehow she 'feels' known. It's a kind of unity, a pervasiveness. But I can't get my grip on it. This familiarity seems to be of another order.

Then her cell phone rings. She answers it with a lively "With Nadine" and talks briefly with the other person on the other side of the line.

I close my eyes, and it feels as if it's me who is making this phone call. While the physical conversation is about other things, inside it's about expectations, hope, about what once was and once will be.

The sun shines brightly on my face and while I muse about what seems to have happened, the most beautiful colours begin to revolve in my inner view. Yellow gold, scarlet, amber and many more.

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The Nada Chronicles

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Winged Heart

Joke Hoenderdos

Your lettering is worn out
By the breath of the wind
Your stone house is deserted
Distressed as a child
Crumbled you stand firm
With beauty that still rhymes
The ravages of time
Are almost sorry
To find you here.

A bird on her wings
Entwined with your sighs
Look, she is searching…
And chooses your stone,
Impoverished by the peat
Your heart gets wings again
Forgotten is the fighting
The house is once again breeding ground
New life is a real now.

You smile and blush and look timid
She encountered you just like that
A bird, just now,
found your stone house
And builds her new nest
Upon age-old wounds.

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Myriah Krista Walker

The Earth is a living Jewel. Beneath the crusts and rocks and oceans there is a Heart. A central core. A Source within.

The True Earth, the Paradise Gem, was formed and created from the Thoughts of Many Angels, such as Your Self.

Then We played the Game. We allowed the thoughts of man to color and coat and change and disconnect the Truth in order to experience Oneness through human form.

Why? To play the game of ascending the human form. Ascending physical manifestations of consciousness.

Humans are sensitive creatures. Able to create from the power of their spoken words.

The Paradise Earth is within the present image of Earth. She is a Mirror of the Jewel within Your own Soul Heart.

All the elements of this Jewel are in living harmony to their natural surroundings. As We journey into the central core of the Beloved Mother Earth, it mirrors a journey within the Self.

Visualize the central core of the Beloved Mother Earth. Molten. Hot. Golden red. On the surface are many living creatures, and many thoughts buzzing around. Go beneath that. Beneath the thoughts and manifestations of man. Feel the core.

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The Mystery of the dewdrops

Maja Kluvers

Translation: Idelette

One summer morning as I looked into the garden, something I do first thing every morning, I observed the lawn spangled with dewdrops. It looked like a field of real pearls, reminding me of a little tableau with diamonds I’d seen at the jewellers.

It looked so heavenly and beautiful that I need a little while to become completely silent within myself and to study this beautiful scenery. While I incorporated everything with feelings of love, I suddenly become aware of tears running down my cheeks. Why did these pearls lift up such a feeling within me, bringing these tears? I remained contemplating this a little while, unsure of what to do.

Then suddenly the sunrise changed the view completely, making it even more beautiful and sparkling. As the first golden sunbeams draped a loving velvet softness over the field of diamonds, all the dewdrops were individually filled with colour. I wipe off my tears and beheld the beautiful colours, among which were an abundance of red, green and purple. All little gems.

For a moment I thought that the direction from which I was looking affect the reflected colours, but when I changed my view from another angle, the colours did not change at all.

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