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Volume 7, issue number 46 ~ June 2007

A view into Infinity


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Veer Quotation of the Month:

Eternity does not start with death. We already live in eternity, we only carry out an exchange from this to the next world. And this procedure, I’m certain, is for our own good.

Norman Vincent Peale

A wealth of wisdoms


Eternity does not start with death Norman Vincent Peale
Introduction Hans Brockhuis
The sign of the sun

Mara Oldenburg

The other side of heaven Myriah Krista Walker
The golden gate Hans Brockhuis
Words from there which is here and now Judith Leigh Bailey
A quick glance into the other world Lars A. Fischinger
The road to death Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Introduction by Hans Brockhuis

This month's newsletter grants you a view into infinity. What happens when we pass over, when we exchange earth for heaven? The common perception is that nobody knows. We all will have to wait until it is time to leave behind our material life. However, the truth is somewhat more delicate. Through the ages many souls have had a view into infinity during so-called Near Death Experiences. Moreover, many souls – indigo’s and other sensitive individuals – have also ‘in the flesh’ a notion of what is going on in the ‘other world’.

What appears in this newsletter is a variety of fragments from views of the hereafter shared from different authors.Running Fox wishes that while you read these, an unlimited view into the lands beyond the veil open for you. If you wish to share this newsletter with others, be my guest.

The sign of the sun

by Mara Oldenburg

“Before I go on with my story, Hans, I want you to cast a glance upon my left palm,” Mara said, showing me the inside of her hand. Right in the middle, in the angle between life and mainlines, I clearly saw the figure of a circle with a dot in the middle. “Do you know what that is, Hans?” she asked. “Well eh”, I replied, “astrologically speaking, that would be the sun sign. But how did it end up over there?”

“It has been there since birth,” she said. “As a child I didn’t think much of it; what did I know. But since growing older I’ve begun to think about it. What does it really mean and what can I do with it!”

Some time later at another meeting, Mara and I sat in the Leiden station café overlooking the activities of the train station. Conversing over coffee, tea and apple pie, Mara told me about her ‘further adventures’ in Neveralwaysland.

The other side of heaven

by Myriah Krista Walker

My husband, Kurt, passed on Halloween 1996. I have never loved another as I did him. We secretly loved each other for thirteen years without telling the other. So when the time came upon us to expand our relationship from friendship into marriage, it truly felt like a gift from heaven.

However, the heights of our love came to match the depths of despair we danced within. He had been an alcoholic, and much discord had grown between us from it. He struggled with overcoming his addiction. There are volumes to be written about the torment we experienced because of this disease, though I’m sure his suffering was much greater. We loved each other so much that at times Light emanated from our auras, but we were unable to overcome this challenge, and subsequently he died from an overdose of alcohol at the age of 39. Kurt and I had often talked about a strong sense that there was something very important he and I were to do. Neither of us realized it would take his death to bring it about.

The Golden Gate

by Hans Brockhuis

Just moments ago it was raining. Not only here, but also faraway. There were heavy local showers in the Netherlands and continuing rainfall, floods and trouble elsewhere in Europe. Where I was, the heavens still looked a bit grey but full of ozone and smelled fresh, elated and full of expectation.

Askew above me an oval shining golden spot in the veil of clouds attracted my eye. To my surprise and with an elegant swing I unexpectedly rose up from the earth and travelled up in the direction of the golden gate in the air

An unseen force took me and I wondered what to expect. What was it that pulled at me? Who brought this about? I had no idea. All I knew was that it was serene. A warm tranquillity enveloped me and I forgot all my earthly worries, assured it was unconditional love that accompanied me.

A presence, a force spoke about compassion, about kindness and the power that unites all living souls in this and other universes. It was the power of God/Goddess/Source. The Power of Life, the Ki, or anything else you would name it. And all those sentient beings that had been confronted with the mischief of the waters were, without exception, aware or unaware, connected to this universal power of existence. Thus they were able to choose to literally keep their heads above the waters in order to survive, either here or there.

Words from there which is here and now

by Judith Leigh Bailey

We gather
if only our own separate selfs.
each one reaches for same resonance,
moving on with the flow
until like kind beckons.

Few linger, for
resonance exchanged creates
new wavelets, new harmony of selfs,
still One.

High energy, healing energy, creating a new dance energy. This is a time to be one with all that is, letting go of the desire to alter events as they occur. Being always in the One gives one the Way to be one and One at the same time.

Will we just disappear?

A quick glance into the other world

by Lars A. Fischinger

Probably everyone has once in his lifetime posed the question about life after death. Almost every person must have made thoughts of what is going to happen after this earth life. And when that is not so, then sometime the day will come when he does. Because one cannot evade death, it is part of life.

But many do not worry at all about this or even about rebirth. However, they are certain from their own experience; Yes, the hereafter exists. Yes, after death there is an afterlife in ‘another world’. We speak about people who experienced a so-called NDE (Near Death Experience), a very extensive theme encompassing many rare phenomenons, which is being investigated already for many centuries. But during the last decades, medicine and more particularly first aid services have been developed rapidly. Because of that many have been snatched away from death, causing a new interest in BDE by researchers and medical professionals.

The road to death

by Mellen-Thomas Benedict

In 1982 I died from terminal cancer. The condition I had was inoperable, and any kind of chemotherapy they could give me would just have made me more of a vegetable. I was given six to eight months to live. I had been an information freak in the 1970's, and I had become increasingly despondent over the nuclear crisis, the ecology crisis, and so forth. So, since I did not have a spiritual basis, I began to believe that nature had made a mistake, and that we were probably a cancerous organism on the planet. I saw no way that we could get out from all the problems we had created for ourselves and the planet. I perceived all humans as cancer, and that is what I got. That is what killed me. Be careful what your world view is. It can feed back on you, especially if it is a negative world view. I had a seriously negative one. That is what led me into my death. I tried all sorts of alternative healing methods, but nothing helped.

So I determined that this was really just between me and God. I had never really faced God before, or even dealt with God. I was not into any kind of spirituality at the time, but I began a journey into learning about spirituality and alternative healing. I set out to do all the reading I could and bone up on the subject, because I did not want to be surprised on the other side. So I started reading on various religions and philosophies. They were all very interesting, and gave hope that there was something on the other side.