Running Fox
  R U N N I N G F O X P A P E R S
  May 2014 - Passing over... and then?  
  Volume 14, issue # 67  

Quotation of the month

-- What one possesses, deep in his heart, cannot get lost by death.

Nada Chronicles # 95

Hans Brockhuis

One of the few certainties in life is that for all of us the day will come that we are going to leave earth. That very day we will have lived our life. Perhaps as a series of events that have gone by. But maybe you have tried to denote every major incident, to do something with it, and then went on with the feeling you have really learned something. In practice, it will be tantamount that each of us will give our own way of interpreting everything that passes by.



Hans Brockhuis

Eleven years ago I had a choice to make: “Are you coming home or do you stay where you are in order to finish what you started?” The temptation to release was great. The love spoken from these words was so intense that I was truly prepared to let go of this earthly body, with all its faults and illnesses, and to reunite with the three women who passed away earlier and of whom I knew they would be there to welcome me; my grandmother, my mother and my daughter.

Gouden poort


Hans Brockhuis

Just moments ago it was raining heavily. The heavens still looked a bit grey, were full of ozone though, and smelled fresh, elated and loaded with expectation.

Askew above me an oval shining golden spot in the veil of clouds attracted my eye. To my surprise and with an elegant swing I unexpectedly rose up from the earth and seemed to travel in the direction of the golden gate in the heavens.
An unseen force took me and I wondered what to expect. What was it that pulled at me? Who brought this about? I had no idea. All I knew was that it felt serene. A warm tranquility enveloped me and I forgot all my earthly worries, assured it was unconditional love that had called me.

Seperate self

Words from There...

Judith Leigh Bailey

We gather
if only our own separate selves.
each one reaches for the same resonance,
moving on with the flow
until like kind beckons.

Few linger, for
resonance exchanged creates
new wavelets,
new harmony of selves,
still One

Road to heaven

The other side of heaven

Myriah Krista Walker

…again we were back in the room of formless color, and this time it was my anger that had separated us, though quickly we were lying in each other’s arms again. He wiggled his toes, and I wiggled mine for we were getting good at imagining. Again we popped back together on the beach. It felt so good to connect purely from our Hearts again! To feel the depths of our Love! Oh, what a gift.
Mary Magdalene

The divine journey after death

Gabriela & Reint Gaastra-Levin

Mary Magdalene: "Dear people, the Divine cycle is the sequence that you take in the spiritual dimension after your passing away unto formulating your incarnation  question, prior to your conception into a next life. During the Divine cycle the essential aspects of the insights you've acquired during your life on Earth will be integrated with your higher subtle bodies of consciousness." 
M.C. Escher

A quick glance into the other world

Lars A. Fischinger

Probably everyone has once in his lifetime posed the question about life after death. Almost every person must have made thoughts of what is going to happen after this earth life. And when that is not so, then sometime the day will come when he does. Because one cannot evade death, it is part of life.