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June 2004 ~ Adventures in life

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Quotation of the month:

No one can, by himself, come to acknowledge
the depth of his being.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Adventures in life

Hans Brockhuis

One experiences adventures in different ways. For the most part adventures come unexpected, sometimes you are just seeking adventure, for instance by going on vacation to for you unknown lands. Those who contributed to this newsletter have lived their own adventures and want to share these with you in their own way.

It is also possible to live adventure inside of yourself, in different ways than this with which you are familiar in daily life. I just want to acquaint you with an unexpected adventure I experienced not long ago.

During a meditation evening I happened to sit beside a young woman with whom I started a conversation. It turned out that she was familiar with my work and Nanda told me that she was an ‘inspired painter’ in much the same way as I write my inspired stories.

After the evening – that was awesome in itself – had developed, this woman asked me if she was allowed to create a painting for me.

I was surprised and consented and thought I’d never hear of this any more. Just two days later however, Nanda had recorded a message on my answering machine if she could come over to deliver her painting.

She handed me the painting of which a print is to be seen on this page. Beside the painting there was a message from our deceased daughter Judith, directly from the after world:

Now I’m going my own path.
Further away than ever.
My journey leads me to faraway lands.
Sometimes I will be here to say hello.
See the light that shines just for you and smile.
Sorrow lasts as long as you allow it.
Here also a new era is beginning.
I am watching over you all.

Isn’t that wonderful? I need not tell you, reader, that both my wife and myself were very moved with this wonderful message.

Love and Light and Peace,

Hans Brockhuis.

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The Swing Chain
Judith Leigh Bailey ~ empirical pragmatics@yahoo.com

My friend at work has two young daughters and she loves to tell their stories to me. The one I liked best was what one of them had said about her first day of kindergarten. She had come home from school, shaken and teary-eyed, face swollen from crying. When her mother asked her what happened, the five-year old sobbed, "When the swing chain hits you in the head, it really changes your life!" She burst into tears all over again at the memory of her first truly painful experience.

She was right. Never again would she be so unaware of the possibly painful results of her innocent actions; or, more simply, of being in the wrong place at the right time. Thunk! Just thinking of it made my head hurt.

The little girl's comment stayed with me all day. I wrote it down on a yellow sticky note - it has been on my computer for months. Her statement struck me: I imagined her young head coming into painful contact with the swing chain, and the flash of knowledge she gained in that moment. The swing chain packed a great deal of information into her understanding of the world at the instant her body felt the pain - an early lesson certainly more intense than a college course.

For me, the yellow sticky brought thoughts of all the times I had to get hit in the head to learn a simple fact. I've often pondered on this, and now I have a name for it: The Swing Chain.

I'm talking about the kind of swing chain that brings you to your knees. You had no choice in the matter, no chance to duck. You were going along with your life one day, and, all of a sudden, out of nowhere: Thunk! you've been hit with some fact of life that you didn't see coming.

It might have been the first time you found yourself really embarrassed at school in front of all the laughing people you thought were your friends.

There are all kinds of swing chains: some can be seen, but others are almost unnoticeable, and you suddenly find yourself smashed flat by the Lesson. Maybe you promised yourself over and again that you would take the car to the shop for oil change or to get those needed new tires now. Thunk! Or how about the vague, sinking feeling in your stomach when you are giving trust where trust is not respected? Thunk! Now those things are not the swing chains themselves, but they could warn you the chain is on its way if only you would carefully heed the premonitions.

Sometimes you do get just a tiny bit of warning, a thread of the picture, a clue. My name for the state of mind required to be able to notice a thread or a clue is "Paying Attention" - I have a note to myself on my refrigerator: PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS: THEY MATTER.

Part of my need to pay attention to details rests in my ability to be in the moment. Well, that sounds good, and I agree with it; but in my case, I've already forgotten the last moment! For example, where I left my keys, watch, purse, gloves, et cetera.

Sometimes my family's survival depended upon my need to pay attention to details. Until I learned to put things where they belonged, such as the car keys, I had many frantic moments searching for them. I was usually already late for my second job: how would we buy groceries if THAT happened? My kids raced around the place, helping me play the key-finding game...

Such agonizing mental swing chains can be the worst of all swing chains. I learned to avoid them like the plague! To pay attention to details.

Details can be physical or conceptual. They can be both at the same time or neither. For me, details have always been tricky, with a hierarchy of presence. That means that some details are more important than others, especially when placed in the context of time. Some details give me a tiny glimpse into a pattern. A glint, glance, something strikes my mind, and I pay attention.

The little yellow sticky on my desk didn't seem to retain its initial impact. Weeks, months went by. Occasionally I would read it, think about tossing it, then just tape it back, feeling that sometime it would tell me its importance. There are too many swing-chain details required for that particular learning link for me to speak of here - about being relaxed as to the WHEN of things, let alone the WHAT of them. It is enough to know I learned that link well. I didn't have to repeat the lesson.

One day I glanced at the yellow sticky and thought: Why wait for the swing chain to hit me? Why not just get out of the way? My mind's eye immediately filled with a picture of a castle, flagged turrets bright against the blue sky. Two strong combatants strode out a central gate and stood, nose to nose, in front of the stonewalls on either side of the bridge, each carrying a spear of conviction. They appeared to be equally matched - they seemed to be in disagreement.

I heard the Blue Knight say to the Red Knight, "Why do you wait for my swing chain to hit you? Why do you not simply move out of the path?" The Red Knight mumbled something back, probably impolite, because the Blue Knight quickly responded with a lethal attack.
The Red ducked just as quickly, swinging mightily at the Blue Knight's knees. The Blue Knight grunted, looked surprised and fell over the stonewall. The Red Knight remained standing, idly swinging his spear, gazing over the wall.

Suddenly, the yellow sticky was in front of me again. What a terrible way to end an image, but there you are, that is the way images occur. "Why," I asked myself, "stand in front of a stone wall, waiting for a swing chain? Why not just simply move on down the path and away from danger?"

That was impossible for the Blue Knight, I thought. He didn't see the spear coming in low like that. It was a total surprise. How could he have known? And here an Inner Voice joined my swing-chain conversation. While I may sometimes cleverly argue my own point, the calm conviction in tone and word of the Inner Voice nearly always brings me to a clearer understanding of the entire picture - that is, if I can only hear the truth of what is being said.

The Inner Voice said: "There are many answers to that. However, the one most fitting to this discussion is so simple that most will not understand it. Stand anywhere you like. Be safe. You ARE safe. If you learn this one fact, and you live with it as one of the main supports in your world view, you will never again 'be in the way' of any swing chain, known or unknown. This is truth."

The Inner Voice had come and gone, having said enough for further thought. I liked that idea because I do not want to be in the way of head-knocking swing chains. I rarely see them coming, therefore I doubt my ability to stay clear of them. Besides, how can any of us know what will happen at any time and place?

"We cannot know the future, therefore we cannot predict. Therefore any swing chain could hit us in the head," I told myself. If I, filled with hard-won wisdom, will be able to avoid any swing chain simply because I am now too wise to stand in the way: I will simply move away from the strike zone. I will pay attention to details all the time, thus avoiding all swing chains. End of story.

However, there is a different way to examine this issue, one I am yet learning. It is one that allows me to agree to see beyond my old worldview. It can be done without agreement, but is more easily done in harmony. By that I mean all those warring aspects of my own thoughts about everything. There is little that the "All" of me agrees with. Constantly arguing with myself over the tiniest things, gradually the All came to know there was one thing they agreed upon: they were getting very tired of dodging swing chains. Agreed, we all came together, and it wasn't long before my energy levels rose. In fact, my stance improved. I was and I AM alert, awake, and AWARE.

It is easier to be creative in this state of mind and to imagine yourself in the place you want to be, even down to the smallest detail. Be relaxed about it, let it go, but still act as if it is a fact. Then proceed to do the small things you would do to prepare yourself WHEN you are in that previously 'imaged' place.


If the word 'energy' is used as criteria for what is 'good' or 'not good', understanding can follow the concept through into reality. Low energy is 'not good'; high energy is 'good'. But first there is another question. Do I really want to avoid all swing chains?

Isn't there something to be learned through adversity? as in all the time I've spent learning that my attitude was what really mattered, and not what might or might not happen to me? Through it all, I had to learn to have a right attitude, sometimes in a 'no matter what' decision.
Thinking about all this one day, I had an eureka! Moment. I saw myself standing in front of a brick wall, expertly dodging swing chains. After watching all my energy being used to leap from spot to spot, generally avoiding all but glancing blows from swing chains, I wondered why I didn't just move away from in front of the brick wall; that would be ever so much easier.

My pictured self obediently then moved away from the wall. Instant peace, and even though my muscles were still watchfully twitching, I could still feel relief and relaxation - energy! - coursing through my body and mind. I was safe. The only problem with this picture is that it involved stepping away from the wall, yet it seemed to be the only way. I could not imagine just standing there, letting the swing chains hit me.

"Change your energy level. Think how you feel when you are safe, with no swing chains. Remain where you are, know you are safe," said the Inner Voice again. Okay, say I am in front of a wall, and I know there are going to be swing chains all set to 'get me' if I don't watch out. Sure, I can say I will change my energy, but it just isn't going to happen: I'm stubborn. Of course being stubborn uses up my energy, but I have plenty of energy, I argued. My inner self is not going to easily let go of watching out for those swing chains.
"When you even 'imagine' yourself to be safe, your energy levels go up, almost instantly. Try it," the Inner Voice suggested.

Well, I did try it, and all my Warring Knights of Self came together with bright swords sheathed at the Round Table of Agreement. I haven't been hit with a swing chain since, but I did have to get hit in the head with a lot of swing chains before I recognized the truth about them. But that doesn't matter any more.

The simple fact of the matter is. I didn't have to dodge most of them to begin with.

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The Crystalline Children and their message for us

Marieke van den Berg www.pillarsoflight.org


How radiant Purity, unconditional love and sparkling Joy will return to Earth.
Finally it is happening. Finally we/they can be here! Nothing can’t stop the triumph of Purity of the Heart on this Earth. Since we have anchored so much Light and we’ve expanded our Consciousness that it is possible for the Crystalline Children to incarnate on Earth! They are coming with many and if you’ll fine-tune to them, you get goose bumps and shivers of the amount of Joy that they are canalising through your own Heart!

We have waited so long for this and many of us are wondering what we’re waiting for. We are waiting for our true Self, which consists of Pure BEING, having Radiant Presence, Multidimensional Power and Perfection and especially nothing else than Unconditional Love and Joy. This growing group of children, that started coming to Earth a few years ago, are all connected in a vast Network of consciousness, where Love is a ruling energy. Every subject based on fear doesn’t last long in this ‘field’. The Crystal network in and around Earth is increasing day by day, but these children are in need of our help. We are their shepherds, but in a strange way they are also guarding over us…without them we aren’t able to do our deeds, the same goes vice-versa. To put it in another way, we need each other!

We are helping them, they are helping us
But why is it so important to honour and carry all children in our Hearts? The answer is that for a long period, we saw children as inferior to adults. As if they came ‘empty’ to this world and we should educate them things that we found relevant.
Partly, this is true but you should be aware of the valuable things they can teach us, now we’ve started opening our Hearts for their True Beings. They are carrying Truth in their Consciousness, something we need in order to let our own True Self exist and live. Thus being our true Self again and totally. Being yourself... They understand this ‘being’ in their Heart and being, so they’ll express it. Though not every child has got this base feeling at the moment, still they are coming to Earth in masses and their field is becoming more and more powerful. Because to this, older children, teenagers and adolescents who are aware of their Crystal Consciousness will start to wake-up and discover their Crystalline qualities.

Especially those children who are familiar with their Crystalline characteristics, as well as in their auras and even physical body and eyes, are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. They NEED our support, attention, respect and Love in order to grow up in a safe environment and to be their selves. As we give this to them, at the same moment we are healing a big part in our own being and in the consciousness of every man and woman who were used to deny their inner child, as we all have.
Yet the biggest part of the population doesn’t have any idea how deep these roots are hidden in them, behind agony and the walls of protection they have build for themselves. That source, our own True Self, the Enlightened Inner Child in the core of our Beings, that is were we are supposed to return to. That is were we have to aim our Consciousness and focus on.

Be Yourself…!
The Children are helping us to see all these things as an example to really be free and be yourself, and to live in the Here and Now, letting Joy and sparkling Presence run through all your blood vessels. To completely BE and radiate this Presence. Because of that, there will be more Joy flowing through your cells; you will be more healthy, radiant and happier. Able to enjoy more and especially, to not be afraid of acting as yourself. In this Light, there is no separation, pain or act of war.
The best thing is, that the descent of this awareness seems to be irreversible. It has been started and is growing day-by-day and fortunately, it is highly contagious. When you can live this Truth and spread it out, than others will recognize it immediately and unmistakably in their Heart. They will remember and wake up.

As for myself, I did not quite know how to deal with children… not even did I know how to deal with my own inner child. Now that I’ve started to ground myself here on Earth, it surprises me how many Crystalline and Indigo-children are coming to me and reaching me energetically. They’re also appearing more and more in my own practice.
Each one of them has got it’s own ‘level’ of this Crystal Awareness. Sometimes I only need 15 minutes to bring the Higher Light of a child into its body, which is so loving full and pure. They also seem to immediately understand that they can be safe and protect themselves energetically in order to become stronger and more powerful.
Miracles can happen if they are getting the acknowledgement for their Light (without even knowing, their spirit immediately understands it). This Crystal Light which, in the end, we’re all integrating and which ultimately is being absorbed back in all matter, is radiant and powerful, Healing and complete. It will penetrate through all that doesn’t resonate with the 5th Dimension and higher, heal and bring it in balance and harmony. The Crystal light contains all colours of the rainbow and even more! It’s gentle, delicate, warm and loving. But also mighty powerful! It contains the frequency of Joy, happiness and sparkling Purity, healing and love. It resonates on all that we call the “Christ-consciousness”. (Unconditional Love for All that Is.)

What the Crystalline and Indigo Children are coming to tell us…
These Children are telling us with overwhelming enthusiasm, happiness and power how we have forgotten to really live our lives. That we’ve forgotten what really matters. They say, it is so easy! So simple! Just be you. To just be yourself, your TRUE Self. It sounds easy, but for many people, it’s a task too hard to handle, because of old pain, sadness and patterns.
To BE yourself, you need to surrender yourself to your True Self/Presence, give up all tensions, limitations and mental control.
Because they can incarnate on Earth in such great quantities (because we have already raised our consciousness to a higher frequency and opened our hearts so much), it becomes rather easy to begin to feel what they are feeling too, which feelings they mean.
They are not giving me any rest, in a funny, yet serious way, they are saying that it is urgent to pass on this information and bring it out for the world to learn. There still is so much pain and suffering on this planet, but by activating this Radiant, Glowing true presence in ourselves, where there is no fear (for where Love is, no fear can exist) we can change this reality together.

Many of them have a higher grade of Wisdom and have the ability to transcend to a higher level of knowledge and awareness. They are here to bring us New Light, New Consciousness and they will tear down old, familiar and known structures and patterns…this is what our Earth needs the most at this time. Some of them are having difficult assignments, but with our help it can be so much easier for them. Fortunately, there is a growing number of people who are hearing their cry for help and who are bringing out information about this phenomenon. Or they are starting, from their Heart, to organise activities for these children, like meetings where they can feel secure among others and to be themselves. Another group of people is meditating on healing and strength for children all over the world who are living in horrific circumstances, who cannot freely be themselves.

We’re often taking life too serious, limiting our views regarding the Truth. They find it a waste, but not in a way that they are letting this sadness get in the way of their own Joy and purpose to be here. They know the path we all had to follow, because the energies have been very dense the past eons.

Now, the time has come to open our Heart for this simple Truth. To return to the most pure Source in our Being… Our own Enlightened Inner Child, which radiates with Joy and Love!
This is the essence of what is present in ourselves, you just need to recognise it. For some that is easier than for others, because some people have more blockages than others.
Therefore you should help children (and others) to remember this again, help the Angel-Network grow. Help others, unconditionally, to give from your Heart, but this time without forgetting the most important thing; your own Inner Child! Your own core, this time you should do it in harmony with your Feelings/emotions, your Heart and your Light/Spirit. Hand in hand, as one Unity.


Only if we succeed in living in Unity with this Universal Energy, Presence/Love, then we shall be able to be in harmony with the mighty All Including Intelligence in which we are living. This Intelligence goes further than any human mind will ever be able to understand. The world will change fast then. That is the reason why our children are advising us and asking for our help to do so. Help them to become stronger and to live safely on this Earth, in Joy and Happiness. Help the Crystalline-Light Network get stronger and around the planet with your Love and intention. The children will return us the favour double. They can teach us to value our world and planet, and to live in perfect harmony with each other. In the end, we are one and the same person. I am you and you are me. The goal is to enjoy this given fact.
You’re helping the world and all of its people who are living in agony by discovering your own invincible self, to rise up and to BE YOURSELF!
Only then you can radiate an enormous Healing and inspiring Light, a Light which is being recognised by others. If recognised, they will be able to let their limits and restrictions go, so that they also can BE themselves.
Focus your intention on this awareness. Focus it on healing and courage for these children. Observe this sparkling, playful Light in everything around you. You could start with something as flowers, the Dolphins, and many other creatures, crystals, rainbows which are being reported more frequently than ever (even vertical ones) and…the Children themselves!!! (All children, for that matter!)

I’m very grateful that they are guiding us in opening our Hearts for who we really are and for their simple message. A lot of Love and tenderness for all Children who are helping us and for the Enlightened Inner Child!.
Experience the Love these Children have for our Planet and us, this is so delightful and touching and will really help you to remember who you ARE.

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David and Isma'il
Hans Brockhuis

The Nada Chronicles, part 21
© 2003 ‘Running Fox’
Translation: Mirjam Coumans BA

David Schmidt walked the rain soaked streets of Amsterdam all alone. He was in a bad mood because he felt he stood out in his old worn-out coat with the big yellow David star (which the Germans made Jews in The Netherlands wear from 1942 on during the war). He made himself as small as possible to make sure nobody saw him. Suddenly a dog started barking fiercely at him. It scared him to death, because David wás fear. Five years ago, in 1938, he and his parents and sister had fled Schwabach near Neurenberg to the then still hospitable Netherlands. Life for Jews had been almost unbearable in the little town in Bavaria, Germany. Yet in The Netherlands they had found shelter with their Dutch branch of the family.

Though he was afraid nearly all the time, he also felt compassion and wasn’t hateful toward all who had harmed him and his family during his eighteen years of life. That was exceptional, because there was always a friend trying to convince him and his companions, whom he walked with after visiting the synagogue on Sabbath, that they should take revenge.

At this moment he was on the way to his small house in the 1e Goudsbloemdwarsstraat in the “Jordaan” neighbourhood of Amsterdam. His attention was drawn by loud yelling and to his horror he could just see his parents and sister being loaded into a big German truck, heading for where? Screaming he ran toward them. “Don’t! Help, father, mother…” Immediately a grinning German SS officer grabbed him and threw him into the back of the truck without hardly seeming distracted.


Isma’il Al-Qa’im walked the sunny streets of Jerusalem. It was Jom Kippur and so it was quiet in the streets. He and his friends were expressing themselves
loudly over the Zionist pigs, the Christian dogs and the fat bubble gum-chewing American tourists in their shorts and multi coloured shirts who pretended the city was theirs.

Five years ago, in 1968, he had fled a village near Arikâ (Jericho the Westerns said) with his parents, brothers and sisters to live with their family in an already crowded house in the east. Because of all the misery he had experienced in his life, Ismaël had becóme hate. Yet although his hatred was always present, Ismaël also had an eye for the beauty of nature. When he was still living close to the Jordan river, he used to sit by himself next to a tiny waterfall, thinking on and watching the beautiful things nature offered. When he was living in Jerusalem his cousins and uncles had taken him to Mount Moriah. He had loved the view, and so returned there again. Now musing from his high position he saw a golden city lying at his feet. A land of milk and honey, like the Jews called it. A land of peace, where people of all religions could live peacefully together.

He had been startled by his own thoughts of a golden city, and suddenly he remembered the humiliations he and his family and friends had gone through, and all the feelings he had grown up with. Kill them, thát was the message! He hurried home filled with this feeling.


David and his family were taken to Westerbork, along with a great number of other people. They stayed there in pitiful circumstances for some months. He rarely saw his mother and sister because they were in another part of the camp. A few months later he and his father and many others were stuffed into a freight car. After numerous days without food or sanitation, they arrived in a big Lager and were quartered in a barrack with plank beds that were built stacked over each other.

Life was even worse here. The Germans were cruel and the food was skimpy and disgusting. On top of that it was putrefied from the many rats and cockroaches that also lived here. As with everything, all this ended one day. On October 28, 1944 he and a great number of other men were forced into a big room. To ‘disinfect,’ as was said. David said goodbye to life on that day. He was 29 years old. In many ways that was a liberation.


Isma’il was nearly home from his journey on the mountain when he heard a loud hubbub. He ran onto his street and bumped right into an Israelian soldier with an automatic gun. He quickly viewed the situation and realised a number of his Palestinian countrymen were being led into a big army truck by the Israeli with their hands behind their neck. The soldier said something to him, but Isma’il did not understand his language. Anyway, he did not intend to take whatever the odious Zionist had to say to heart. Quick as a rabbit he turned around and took to his heels. He did not get far. With one well-aimed shot Isma’il, 19 years old, was given death on the run on the 27th of October, 1973.


Because time has no meaning in the after life, Isma’il and David arrive in the shadow land – at least they will think about it that way – at the same time. Neither of them really knows where he is. It is not unpleasant there. They don’t know hunger or bodily inconveniences, the weather is always the same with a nice breeze, but it is odd neither of them ever sees anyone else besides each other. When they met for the first time, they recognized one another for their opposite angles of incidence. Jew with regard to Palestinian, and in the beginning that was hard to accept for both of them. Bit by bit they learn to get to know each other better, and then they start talking about war and peace. It turns out there aren’t that many differences between them, and that is a surprising thought to each one.

At that moment a tall figure comes walking around the corner of the thicket in which shadow they sit. For both men this is a familiar person. David immediately recognizes the man as patriarch Avraham. Isma’il knows for sure it has to be Ibrahim, a great prophet, (as he has learned in the mosque), who was the bearer of the pre-Islamic revelation, together with Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jeshua).

With a smile Avraham/Ibrahim says: “It is good that you spoke about things that made you each others’ opposite poles for such a long time. That initiates an understanding and makes it possible to have peace in the countries both your people share, in which there has been so much trouble getting along with each other. You spoke about milk and honey. The land that was promised to the Israelites by God, or by Allah as you want. That doesn’t mean that they who already lived there should be exterminated with root and branch.

“Come with me; I want to show you something. It takes place in Westerbork, where you, David, spent a long time in very poor circumstances. And I tell you Isma’il, that those circumstances did not differ much from those you experienced in Jerusalem. I take you with me to have a short look over there.”


When they arrive they see about fifty people, men and women, standing hand in hand under a circle of trees. It is Sunday the 28th of October, 2001, and these people stand in a big circle on the premises of the former internment camp.

In the middle of the circle a few big feathers are placed on the ground to symbolize the presence of the people that were the original Americans, the Native American Indians. Isma’il and David barely are aware of the extermination of the Native Americans, but they feel that these people holding the ceremony can be a catalyst for the melting together of their people in particular, and all people in general.

Together with Avraham/Ibrahim they see an enormous golden globe of Forgiveness take form, which revolves and expands over the entire premises in such a way that the sadness, pain and heaviness that are so predominant, are being enlightened, healed and transformed. The sharing of the land of milk and honey will flow naturally from this event. They both feel that there will be a moment in the future that Palestinians ánd Israelites really will share the land of milk and honey. Together with them and Avraham/Ibrahim a big crowd of BE-ings from the other world is present. They are there to help with the ceremony, and it’s CRYSTAL-clear that the atmosphere at those premises is much lighter after this wonder-filled gathering.

Gradually the circle fades from view and the boys discover that the shadow land of which they had been a part of for such a long time, has been replaced by a land of light. A large number of family members, friends and acquaintances who have long since died approaches them, waving many coloured cloths. They know when they fall into the arms of their parents that all will be well, and that there will be peace not only in their heart, but also in the hearts of all who seek to kill each other now.

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