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  April 2014 - Extraterrestrial stories  
  Volume 14 issue # 66  
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-- Life is a starry sky of possibilities...


Nada Chronicles # 32

Hans Brockhuis

Today I want to take you on a journey through the universe that I took not long ago. In the middle of that particular night I was awoken by an unfamiliar sound in the bedroom. It seemed as if something was scratching on the floor and although I usually sleep through all kinds of noises that are waking up my wife usually, it was me who woke up this time. I heard my wife peacefully breathe on the other side of our bed while she slept through this noise.


Hans Brockhuis

Some time ago, someone asked me to think about traces - signs and symbols existing on this earth that can teach us a deeper sense of life. Signs that are left behind by beings, souls, and maybe ghosts, to be interpreted and understood by those who are open to it. Do not expect a scientific account here. Analysts might think this argument to be a fairy tale. That's fine with me; everyone has a right to their own truth, because what is truth?


Mike Quincey

For a long time you have been given the proof of our existence, and you have undisputed evidence of our craft. Additionally there are thousands of sightings of our members and other visitors to your Earth. It would take an unreasonable person or one who was totally biased against us, to refuse to accept the evidence and admit to our presence. Also at this time there has never been so many contacts made for the purpose of passing on our messages to you.

Small greys


Woodrow Haus

When I was two or three years old something happened to me that I will never forget. It was late in the evening. The stars had already come out and I was standing in my parent’s bedroom with their window open looking at all the stars and breathing in the cool fresh air. As I was looking up I saw what I thought were two little boys. They were clothed differently though. One was wearing all white, whereas the other was wearing all black. Their height was about the same as mine, except that their heads were larger and their eyes were larger and shaped like almonds or somewhat catlike in appearance.

Hans Brockhuis

Today was a ‘Day of the Sun’. On this planet, this happened only once in three local months, depending on the time of the year. The inhabitants did not like it and were not visible on a day like this. Erlinde, from the Earth, who was keeping an eye on the local flora en fauna loved it. She was carrying out an assignment of the Bureau for Planetary Research.

Star beings

Martin Pleiades

A vast, ever expanding miracle. A firmament encompassing breathtaking beauty. Each and every soul is clearly represented by its own nova. A grand night sky. It is not unlike an enormous mirror showing the unbreakable bond any soul has with the Universe. An outward reflection of a star living within each individual life form. The Universe lives within each individual as each individual lives within the Universe.
New souls are being born every day; therefore the Universe will never stop expanding. New stars and other heavenly bodies will be born each day.