Running Fox
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  Running Fox  
  April 2012 - Soul and Salvation  
  Volume 12 issue # 63  

Quotation of the month

Hildegard von Bingen

-- The eyes are the mirrors of the soul...


Nada Chronicles # 77

Hans Brockhuis

An old Dutch saying wants us to believe that if you would sell your soul and salvation, you absolutely would want to sacrifice all of who and what you are. Perhaps to live quietly as a hermit, meditating about what once was, what is and what will be. But that's not what I want to say with these words.


Hans Brockhuis

It is gorgeous weather. Not too hot, not too cold and practically no wind. I am sitting on a bench in the park. This is not just a bench. It is located on my favourite spot, under a beautiful aged oak tree. A lark shrills his joy about the summer. The trees around me radiate and tell me they are healthy and are being taken care of very well by the rain, which is falling regularly, and by the plentiful sunshine. Sun and rain are indispensable for all of us, and indeed especially for these apparently motionless beings.

The smile of your soul

Myriah Krista Walker

You are going to call upon the energy of your Soul for this journey. You may receive visuals, or sensory impressions. You may feel higher, lighter, more joyful and loving. This is the energy of Soul, your Soul, your spirit that is grander than what can be contained in this physical embodiment. The awareness of All That You Are.

Innerlijk kind

It is time

Ian Henderson &

Marjo van Weenen

Our message today is about ‘balance.’ Have you also noticed how perhaps you yourself have had things come up in your life that triggered anger? We have not only experienced it, we are seeing it all around us for the most part from other light workers. Clearly in the month of March and April we are being forced to go very deep into our essence/being. Our inner child is screaming for attention, things we had perhaps not noticed ever before and has been hidden very deeply in our subconscious minds are surfacing for attention.

John Cali

Today’s news media often highlight the cruelty of people toward each other. However, the other day I came across an article talking the kindness people often show one another, even strangers.
In our world today there are far more people doing acts of kindness than acts of cruelty. We just don’t see them much in the mainstream news media.


Marja Tames

Before I came
I was already there
When I was there
I new already
But somewhere underway
In my life
Forgetfulness came

Jean Noble

I can still see his clear beautiful and thankful blue eyes looking up at me, beyond the sadness and desolation that he must have been feeling. For whatever reason, I can only say that I was thankful that I was able to take advantage of an opportunity to "be of service to others.”

Center of the Soul

Tineke van der Giessen


Dance the bridge though your feet don't touch the ground. Become light hearted and full of love, don't even see it as a bridge. You did arrive to the other side of the bridge just by your longing to BE there.
Without realizing that both of our divine parents are waiting for us in a world of warm golden pink hearted endless love and embrace us in the center of our Being to work on this project together.