0 Running Fox Papers April 2007
Running Fox Papers

Volume 7, issue number 45 ~ April 2007

Women and Spirituality


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Veer Quotation of the Month:

"As we plunge ahead to build empires and race for supremacy we should stop and listen to [the female] song of life. For without the female there is no life."

Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders

A wealth of wisdoms


Quotation of the month Without the female there is no life
Introduction Caroline Groeneveld
Mara in Neveralwaysland

Mara Oldenburg

Elements of ONE - spring Myriah Krista Walker
From dawn till dusk Jill Kramer Bryant
Beauty Joke Hoenderdos
Insight Marian van Lier
Inner Crystals Izabel de Ronde

Introduction by Caroline Groeneveld

How would have been your life if there’d be a place for you in a circle of women, of mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, nieces, friends and daughters? A circle of women in which you would feel respected and appreciated. Wherein you learned to listen to your inner voice and in which, with so much patience and awareness, one would listen to your voice. How would have been your life if you had learned, from the beginning of times, how the energy of women works in real life? How her fields of power grow and blossom, weaken and rise again. What would have been different?

This newsletter is prepared by women and is meant for women ànd for men who want to experience how women sense their spirituality, handle it and want to share. Running Fox and all women who worked together with this issue, wish you to have a few good hours.

Mara in Neveralwaysland

Mara Oldenburg en Hans Brockhuis

Not so long ago I received a message from Mara, one of my readers from the beginning. During the years we have exchanged some emails in which she asked me somewhat personal questions which I answered as good as possible. But that was all.

This email announced she had a story that would probably fit the site of Running Fox. Unfortunately she didn’t have the time to write it down, but we agreed to meet each other in the restaurant of Leiden Station. She expected to need an hour to disclose her story.

I was fascinated by this slightly mysterious message and after some email exchange, day and hour was set...

Elements of ONE - spring

by Myriah Krista Walker

Air is the essence of spring. Mostly we see the air as a stuff that embraces us and is essential for life.

Join the Mother Earth on a different understanding of the elements.


You are sitting upon the soft Earth. Nearby a river flows, chattering playfully. The wind is blowing softly, making the Cloud People dance.

A melody begins to make its way to your ears. It sparks an aliveness within, and you look around for the source of this wondrous music.

You are surprised to see an old woman sitting not too far away from you. Busily making something with her hands, she looks up from her lap and motions for you to sit beside her.

As you get closer, a spark within your heart grows. Her Gentle Presence seems to melt your senses.

“It is the fire of your Heart that called me here,” she says. Her voice is much younger than her outward appearance would indicate possible. Or is she young? It is hard to tell. She pats the ground for you to sit beside her.

From dawn till dusk

by Jill Kramer Bryant

One evening at the end of a quiet, strange summer in August, Victoria took her dogs for a long walk on the beach. Several months has passed since she had been there with Peter and Rose. As she parked her car, she felt a sense of unease. However, it was a perfect summer evening, warm and wind still. The dogs played in the gentle waves and she walked all the way to the beach café.

She sat down in one of the comfortable chairs on the deck, ordered some tea for herself and water for the dogs. She waited and watched the orange sun setting on the motionless sea. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder, one she knew and turned in her seat to find Peter there unannounced. How he had known she was there, she did not know. Instinct. She felt his sense of sadness and the look of urgency in his eyes. Apart from the usual formalities and polite enquiries how they both were, their speech was stilted and after a while they left the café together and walked back along the sand. It was dusk nearly dark.

Beauty by Joke Hoenderdos

Beauty within
Hope is what one thinks
a thought comprising many strings
and stands of who I am
of what I feel
of soul

but hope is nothing
frail and feather light
the smallest breeze
will blow it easily away

not even in hope I must invest
and trust and grow
it starts to dawn, just very slow
that it is I

my heart, my hand, my eye
that precepts and feels
that loves and longs
and sometimes doth appeals

it is my strength and energy
that changes things and facts
into the beauty that I bring
the song of life I sing

hope is frail
yet impossible to goal
or grab or take away
only I can lead myself astray

hope is frail
strong, persistent, forceful male
longing, soft and graciously female
it covers all

holding steadfast to the call
of man or woman
not to let go
and not to show

a crack, a flaw, a doubt
to be courageous, brave and stout
to reach a higher plane of life
to live any poet's strive

to see the beauty in ordinary things
when nothing brings
the poet any good
interpret is what he should

and what he is obliged to do
to strikingly point out
of what is also true
and thus portray himself no doubt

Insight ~ by Marian van Lier

It was a hot day in June when I had the opportunity to attend a Flower séance, an experience I had desired for a long time. At the gathering, unexpectedly a woman handed me a small bunch of flowers and spoke the following message: "Close to you there is an old lady, who passed away some time ago. She experienced a long sickbed, but whenever she could, she went outside. I can see her smelling the flowers all the time. She is helping you. Whenever you are in trouble in the future and you smell the scent of flowers, you will know that she is there and you can ask her questions."

I was flabbergasted. To think that I had just completed a two-year course in flower remedies, as well as a three-year course in flower painting, and now was attending a class on floral arrangement. When I came home and told my husband about the message, he answered: "Maybe this old lady is your grandma."
A month later I found myself in the midst of a major emotional crisis. One morning I was outside cleaning beans, and the tears came pouring down my cheeks. My distress was intense and the tears kept coming. Suddenly out of the void there was this voice that said: "Keep on going!" I also received a reassuring stroke on my head. Well-behaved I nodded.

Inner Crystals ~ by Izabel de Ronde

Running and flying to make everything happen within the family? Who doesn’t recognize this. You run faster than your shadow and your own self gets lost.

I know, because it happens to me all the time. I let it happen and do not indicate my boundaries soon enough. Thus habit gets stuck for a while and you walk, as they say, ‘with your soul under your arm’. Searching for answers and forgetting because of the chaos in your whole Being, forgetting that the answers lie within yourself.

My pile of paperwork got higher and higher, just as the turbulence in my head expanded. It was my dear friend and soul mate, Marga, who told me that when my paperwork was in order, it would give room for my spirit as well. Because of all the things that came on my path the last couple of days, I knew it was high time for reflection and creating repose and room within my Being.