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Volume 6, issue number 37 ~ April 2006 ~ Aspects of Love

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Quotation of the Month:

Let's open our Hearts in Love

Let's open our Hearts in Love, in order to learn to love differences and open our world to Others and thus have the possibility to transform all nations to Unity in diversity.

Lady Nada

Wealth of Wisdoms



Quotation of the month Lets open our hearts in Love
Aspects of Love Hans Brockhuis

Selflove and the Ascention process John Cali en Chief Joseph
What do you think love is? Berry Vincenta
Source of life Klaas Dijkstra
Unconditional Love of the Wooddove Maja Kluvers
What love is Tonny de Ronde
Love An earlier newsletter about the same subject
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Aspects of Love

By Hans Brockhuis

During my search about the question what would be the essence of Love, I stumble upon a lot of pronouncements that always embody another aspect of Love. Love is a perception that tells you that you are here on earth and that your belief in the other has scored a peak appreciation.

Mario Mercier, in his wonderful serene book: ‘The book of angels”, [Le livre d’ange; Paris, Editions Seghers, 1994] relates love to inner joy. He asks his angel: “And by whom can this joy be preserved?” ”Through love!” is the answer. And: ”Love is a source of this inner joy, which is the sparkle of love…”

But Love is more. Call it the essence of the wind, the beams of the sun, the being of the stars, of pure clearness, the core of the trees, of flowers, the heart of water, of fore, of earth, the centre of space, of life itself, but above all is Love Light!

Our red tomcat, Jippie, walks over my keyboard now and writes his own story. By stroking his head against my hand he lets me know that his love for me is unconditional. He certainly does not need all those words. He loves, just like that, unconditionally.

Running Fox wishes you to have much love.

To be complete I herewith refer you to an earlier newsletter about this subject. You’ll find it by clicking here.

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AscensionSelflove and the ascencion process

By John Cali and Chief Joseph


One morning recently, I went to a park near my house to ‘chat’ with Chief Joseph. The park is a quiet peaceful place and has a lake on its north side. Joseph and I come here often.

After I finished with Joseph, I decided to walk along the lake shore. From the pathway, I could see the entire lake. I'd never seen it from this vantage point before. As I walked along, enjoying the unusually cool clear summer air, I remembered I'd seen a long dam on one side of the lake several weeks earlier. I remembered it because, of the half dozen or so lakes in this town, this one has the longest dam, about 800 feet.

As I walked, I kept looking for the dam. But it was nowhere to be seen! I was baffled - I could see the whole lake there before me. But there was no dam! Finally, I reached the other end of the lake - I'd been at that end many times before. I turned to look back - and there was the dam!

The pathway I'd been walking on was right on top of the dam - for its whole length. But, because I was literally so close to it, I couldn't see it!

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Written with Love

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What do you think love is?

By Berry Vincenta

Love as it is experienced by man is a love that is coloured by his experiences and foremost by human needs. That what one often calls love to the other, is often something he asks from the other to fulfil himself with, because he is not able to fulfil himself with it.

So there is always something that is missing in that human being which he lets the other fulfil. This though, is a love under restrictions. Those are the conditions to which the other has to live up to in order to fulfil him who asks from what he in himself, for himself and of himself is not able to fulfil from his thinking, from his experiences and from his consciousness that is still partly sleeping.

It is important to know that the Love of which We are talking, is the Love with a capital L. It is the Love that bears unconditionality. Love is power, Love is an energy that shaped this creation. It is Love as a binding agent, but it is also Love that makes free.

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Written with Love

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Source of Life

By Klaas Dijkstra

Life is a loving touch
a vision of feelings
sprouting longings
an everlasting grace

large wells of miracles
the world a great love garden
sources, accessible for everyone
just come, the gate is open.

Poems that touch me

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Unconditional love of the wooddove

By Maja Kluvers

May 2002

For years wood doves are nestling in a tree in our yard. Whether it is the same pair every time is not entirely clear to me, but they return every year and also build their nest in practically the same spot. This branch should have been trimmed, but up to now we could not bring ourselves to do it and take away the brooding place of these birds, also because many trees in our environment have been taken away. It is a large branch with many horizontal pieces, on which they apparently can build their nest easily. So beautiful! All of the twigs are being piled criss-cross over each other and when I watch it, I feel like the eggs will fall right through.

But nothing of it. They are very calmly present and every morning when I peek up in the yard, I see the nest has become bigger again. After some time the female is brooding. Then it is time for my vacation and I will have to miss out on a part of the progress. For the birds this is nice and quiet because nobody will walk through the yard during my vacation and they will not be disturbed. When we get back after our vacation I notice that the nest is empty already. A melancholic feeling is coming upon me and I am hoping that all went well with so many cats passing in our yard.

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Maja's Mystic Manifestations

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What Love is

By Tonny de Ronde

Love is to let go all that you love and surrender it to the cosmos.
Then you will feel love, as love is meant to be.
Love is independent, love is present…without seeking, without having to prove anything,
Love is a power for which we do not have to take any pains.
Love is the unconditionality, for yourself, love is nature, forgiveness…the divine in yourself.
Love is looking behind the facades of lovelessness, aggression, jealousy, criticism.
Love is so present, nobody can find it, because one tends to overlook it, one believes it needs effort, so one passes it by.
You are love.
Just be you and you are love.
Love is whom you are when you empty yourself, when you are sad, when you are joyful.
Just let love be, you are created out of love, spread it, be that love and find the love you are.
It is so simple, you do not have to take pains, you are love, but you have forgotten.
Love, Tonny.