Running Fox
  R U N N I N G F O X P A P E R S
  Running Fox  
  March 2012 - Animals and spirituality  
  Volume 12, issue # 62  

Quotation of the month

Native American

-- As long as people think animals have no feelings,
animals should have the idea people cannot think...

Native American saying

Cavia en Konijn

Nada Chronicles,

# 76

Hans Brockhuis

11 February 1968 has been a cold winter day with lots of slipperiness and about 20 to 30 cm of snow. I know it so well because that day was our wedding day. During the reception after the wedding ceremony, we received from our brother-in-law and his wife a large cage with two guinea pigs. From day 1 of our marriage, we have been surrounded by animals and even now, 43 years later, that is still the case. Jippie, our  reddish tomcat is the master of the House. He tolerates us as long as we present to him periodically his food.

Hans Brockhuis

My name is Athor and I am what you people would call a dolphin. In my opinion, though, that name is not chosen very well because it does not cover my opinion about it. The vibrations that word radiates do not coincide with the name we ourselves give to our race. We call ourselves Altea. I do know, however, of a people with that very name who have the appearance of humanoids and once roamed the planet earth. Some also live or used to live elsewhere, but it is us that are at present the heirs of the Altea-race on the world, which you call Earth, while we call it Water.

Wolf speak

Myriah Krista Walker

Shelby was the only surviving puppy from Ayla’s litter. She had been saved only because I had given her away to friends at the wee age of six weeks old. I had been used to raising numerous dogs throughout my life, and this was the normal age to give a puppy away, once it was weaned.


Ian Henderson & Marjo van Weenen

Our world right now seems to be in great turmoil and upheaval? For us, it is a time of joy, because at last we are seeing the world and humanity reach out for change. For the loved ones that are leaving in these times, we can feel as they are raised back into the higher frequencies their joy and celebrations for what is taking place. Yes! Joy and celebrations for they have achieved and fulfilled the divine and beautiful task they came into this life cycle to achieve.


Jill Kramer-Bryant

On Sunday morning when I get up I let Jerry out in the garden as usual.  Suddenly I can see Tom in the garden, next to the gazebo, his favourite place in the garden, and Jerry can see him clearly too. We both look at him and a sudden gust of wind blows through the garden and he is gone. It is all right.  He can carry on with his cosmic journey, our dear Tom, we had such great times with him the past 12 years.

The power of the Eagle

Tonny de Ronde

The Eagle flies high and sees.
The Eagle sees what is useful and what not.

The Eagle knows no fear, lives in the now.
The Eagle knows what he has to do, and soars at ease.
And does not worry for the morrow.
He knows what lies in store for him, full of self-confidence he resumes his flight.

John Cali

You would be wise to take some time each day, just a few minutes, to observe an animal — your own pet if you have one, or a wild animal, even a bird or a bunny.

Maja Kluvers

...And so I discovered that Deshney helps me with unchaining fears and so-called certainties. Something I have to get used to, but it’s a beginning and a very beautiful and loving beginning into the next period of travelling together. For she helps me with lots more. Maybe I’ll tell you about it a next time. And suddenly a song pops up in my head: We’re travelling together….