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Running Fox Papers

Volume 8, issue number 52 ~ March 2006

Child and spirituality; a newsletter for and by children of all ages


Contents of this newsletter

Veer Quotation of the Month:

When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments;
tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.

Louis Pasteur

A wealth of wisdoms


When I apprach a child

Louis Pasteur

Introduction Hans Brockhuis

Rhuben Witbreuk

Crystal-clear communication Hans Brockhuis
Bo, a baby dolphin Kathryn Jensen
Environment Fae Den Boer
Dragon night Enza (Claudia Hinze)
The little angel Sjanie Fakkel

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When one prepares a newsletter about children and spirituality it is inevitable you meet some of them. And what’s more, you will encounter statements from children about older people that gives you a fresh look upon life, which makes it apparent that children are not only beings living exclusively in playmobile worlds, but indeed have a view of life that is sometimes surprising and confronting, yet often also clarifying. This makes you realize that the rusted patterns in which you have come into during the years urgently need entrusting.

Here is an anthology of accounts of kids that are really valuable.

Mark and Marieke write a.o.:
“The funeral of Granddad was nice, many people were thinking of us which helps to bear the burden. It is like Opa wrote: “Sorrow and joy are close together.”

Thea, Carlijn and Siobhàn ask for support to ‘War Child’ during a special week.
“On Monday we got information about War Child and afterward we started little groups to consider activities for the fancy fair, carry them out and search for sponsoring.”

Stefanie goes on another tack and makes us face the facts:
“Adults often want to boss everything as well as children. But there are also many dear people. […] Because there is much more pestering these days and that is not funny. What would be the cause but those sensible older people?”

Elise on the other hand especially thinks about others:
“I pray that all will go well and that sick people may be better again.”

In short, youth has the future as well as something to say, which is apparent from all the contributions that are presented in this newsletter.
Running fox wishes you, in using these stories, a worthwhile connection with your inner child.

Atlantis ~ by Rhuben Witbreuk (10 years)

During one of my former lives, I was living in Atlantis. One of the most spiritual places in ancient times. While journeying to my former life I have seen how Atlantis fell down.

Do you want to hear this! Yes/No (When you choose no, do not read this piece!)

Atlantis was an island that was build on a huge pillar, which was fastened to the seabed. If you would want to destroy that pillar, all of Atlantis would fall into the ocean. So there were people who tried to destroy the pillar (I do not know why) and the prisons were cut into the pillar, so they had to come into the prison if they wanted to destroy the pillar.

Crystal-clear communication ~ Hans Brockhuis

Hi. My name is Gemma and I want to tell you something about myself that is not so self-evident, because it has been a close call or I wasn’t here, at least not as a human being on Earth.

I want to share something about the preparations for this incarnation, my birth and about my first years as a human child, which did not occur as I had previously planned together with my guides. I also want to share something about what I call crystal-clear communication.

Thus the start of my life was not that happy, but in the end all went well and now I am sitting behind my computer writing these words. Often I am called stubborn, and led by this stubbornness it is that at last I am able to write these words.

Bo, a baby dolphin ~ Kathryn Jensen

Hello Children

I'm a dolphin. I'm only four months old. I live in the waters surrounding a beautiful island called Billini in the Bahamas. I have a couple of helpful hints for you that just may just give you enough courage to start living your lives like you would if you weren't so afraid.

Look, I know it's hard to be a child. I'm only four months old. A four month old dolphin is kind of like a six year old human child. I'm very smart and I'm also very stubborn. I have to swim by my mother's side and sometimes that rule that makes me really mad.

I have a twin sister named Fiona. She's a very good sister. She does everything my mother asks her to do and she never complains. She never even complains about staying by our mother's side!

Environment ~ Fae Den Boer (8 Years)

Swan, you have to go to school, mama calls. Hop in the car otherwise you will be late. No mama, not by car, because that is bad for the environment.

The dean of the school has said that we should come to school by bike more often! And this is a ordinary day to go to school by bike. Okay Swan, your way. Go quickly to the shed and fetch the bicycles. But we have to ride fast otherwise we won’t get in time.

Underway to school Swan says: mama I would like to know how our future will look like with the environment. Yes Swan, everybody would want to know that, even I. They arrived at school. Swan locked down her bike and went inside. There she ran directly to the schoolteacher to tell her that she didn’t want to go to school by car any more, but by bike.

When she had told her story, the schoolteacher said: very good Swan! And I like as well that you said to your mother that going by car is bad for the environment, she says. When class has begun, you may tell that you didn’t want to go to school by car but by bike.

And so the day unfolded and the bell rang. Swan went to her mother on the school grounds and told her everything. When Swan stopped telling her mother said: go fetch your bike and come home with me. When they were at home Swan said: I am happy we went by bike, mama.

Dragon night ~ By: Enza (Claudia Hinze)

I am 9999 years of age, but actually not long ago I became only two, but that is quite another story. Today I want to tell you about my friends, being the dragons and the elves of our magical forest .

Every year, on the 24th of December, when you human children are gathered around the Christmas tree opening your presents, also the large dragon family from our mysterious magical forest comes together to celebrate.

We all tell stories about the thrilling events that happened in our world. And we laugh and jump and are merry because it is all funny when listening to the exiting adventures of our kind of people.

The little angel ~ Sjanie Fakkel

Little Dora was 4 years old. She stood before the window and was staring outside. The sun was shining because it was a beautiful day. She looked at the rays of the sun that were shining through the window, creating many fantastic colours. She was fantasizing as to how it would be to sit on such a beam and be carried away toward the sun. But she knew that wasn’t going to happen because the sun is so very hot that no one can ever come near it.

The colours kept changing and all of a sudden it seemed that within that magnificent colour fusion the face of a sweet little girl was to be seen. The girl was just about her age and had little wings. Dora stared breathlessly at the being that was emanating so much love that she had to cry.

The girl came to her, put an arm around her shoulder and asked: “Why are you weeping, Dora?” She whispered through her tears: “You are so beautiful and tender, I just have to cry; where do you come from?” “I have come from a country where you actually cannot come. It is a country where all people and children love each other. There exists no war nor pain. Everybody is happy and joyous. The people love each other.