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Volume 7, issue number 44 ~ March 2007



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Veer Quotation of the Month:


The recognitions out of your Self
will reveal the truth,
the omni potential light in your Self
all knowing is within you,
be silent and I speak.

Teleta Edel

a wealth of wisdoms


Quotation of the month Teleta Edel
Introduction Hans Brockhuis

Hans Brockhuis; the Nada Chronicles, part 22

Anok Nora ~ Anok Imhetep Nora Pelgrims
A letter from home Isaac George
Reincarnation Judith Leigh Bailey
Regression Amiel Kamphuis
Reincarnation reading Christine Peters


This newsletter is the sequence to the former one, in which a number of stories about life in ancient Egypt was given. This letter contains articles that, within the context of the subject, have a more general character. In that sense that it is not limited to Egypt. Today many other lands are taken into consideration: China, Rome, Russia, Australia, Mongolia, Greece, France and Limburg. But also more abstract places like the transition phase, the holy country, convent life and yet again Egypt, that apparently has an important place in our cycles, are reviewed.

Running Fox again wishes you many very special re-membrances.

Hans Brockhuis

Wang-Li ~ Hans Brockhuis

It is Monday evening April 7th 2003 in the Dutch Reformed Church at Zwaag where my daughter Irene and I attend a Lightworkers gathering led by Ellen Sombroek. Nienke Riemersma guides us into a very profound meditation, through which the energy of the Creator can be heard loud and clear.

Irene and I sit side by side, both of us having experienced this evening intensively. Afterwards Irene tells me that during the gathering she felt a protective hand placed upon her shoulder for a long time. She experienced this as being very rewarding. I did not have this experience, although in general I had the feeling that apart from the physical attendees, many from the other side of the veils were present. Such is, as I have found, customary at these gatherings, as well as at ‘regular’ church services.

After the gathering a lady who had been sitting on the other side of the circle during the evening came to us. She had attracted my attention because she was often staring intensely at us. She explained she possesses clairvoyant gifts, and that during the evening she had perceived a male figure standing behind Irene and me.

He had put his protective hands upon our shoulders to give us the feeling: “all is well.” And indeed, all is very well this night.

Anok Nora ~Anok Imhetep door Mora Pelgrims

Before I start writing down my story I truly want to thank Hans Brockhuis. Once and again he knows how to stimulate my mind with food that touches my soul to write down my experiences and to form the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle within my BE’ing to One Whole. With my gratitude to Hans who I in the meantime see as one of my Inspirational Sources.

About two weeks ago I got an email in which Hans, from a certain experience and recognition, asked his readers about their experiences about Egypt.

Egypt I thought at once, such an inspiration to do something with. For years I have come across images and experiences that come to me from who I Am in symbols and feelings. In the past years many of these symbols crossed my path which reminded me of lessons and people I encountered before; of old connections with Teachers and the Power of the Goddess. In several moments in my life my symbol for Isis appeared and that lead me to Meet one of my Spiritual Guides – Mey-Rah.
Dolphins appear on my path, geometric figures that draw my attention and remind me of Atlantis. All of them a different Energy and nevertheless I know they are Connected.


"A letter from Home" by The Christ
August 19th, 2002, by Isaac George

Hello. I Am here. It may seem as if You are There. Interesting phenomena, this thing called Us. This is a letter from Home, from Me to You. You could think of this as a loving reminder, or a even a love note. Whatever you choose to call it is fine with Me, but before you read much further I would ask you to do something for Yourself that may assist you. It may assist you in drinking in the essence of My Words, so that you may fully understand their meaning and purpose.

To start, just breathe. You are holding so much tension in your body. Can you feel it? Breathe again, and allow yourself to sigh on the out breath, going ahhhhhhh. Feel the air filling you, and then escaping from you. Release your burdens. Still your mind and just breathe. Feel around inside until you find your center, then breathe even deeper into that point.

Reincarnation ~ A Bird Told Us Truth

by Judith leigh Bailey

‘Truth is that which is so
That which is not Truth is not so
Therefore Truth is all that is.’

It was one of our early ‘classes’ with D-- whereby we would see, hear, feel and absorb New Information.

But I am not making myself clear, so I must begin at the beginning.This night, D-- was using the I AM syllogism to explain what Jesus actually did when he turned water into wine and how that simple Truth was twisted into being remembered as a magic trick.

D--’s point, of course, to us was: DON’T you miss the point either. Which of course, we did. I must interject here, for clarity, that this part of the story is from MY point of view, with or without actual Truth being involved. I will leave that to my reader to determine what is truth.

”Hoe zit het dan met Lazarus? Wat was waar – dat hij dood was of dat hij levend was?”

Regression ~ by Amiel Kamphuis

During a regression therapy, a few years ago, I was taken back to a time when public recreation was taking place in the arena’s time and again. I was a boy of about 22 years of age. In and behind the stadium I was preparing myself for the stoning of a few people who were sentenced to undergo that fate. I had done this already several times before and knew that after a while death for the victims was certain.

This particular day however, I repented and wanted very much to withdraw. This was not met with much approval. It was passed on to the high priest, who decided I was committing treason and had to undergo the stoning myself.

I was prepared and carried my fate with resignation. I was beaten and pushed through the corridors to the courtyard. Arrived there, I was welcomed by the sneering of the people. Looking around me I saw my parents in the stands, wearing long white garments.

It was clear I was part of a well to do family. I recognized a good-looking tall woman as my mother. My parents were staring right in front of them, without showing any emotions whatsoever. Surely this was because they were seconding the decision. Didn’t I commit treason considering the want of the people? In the immediate vicinity of my parents the high priest was waiting for the spectacle to begin


Reincarnation Reading ~ by Christine Peters

Not long ago I underwent a reincarnation reading. I’ve always had the feeling that I used to be part of monastery life during a former life. That though came to me because of certain daily habits, like folding my hands after each meal. I did these things completely without thinking.

During the reincarnation session this was confirmed. During the middle ages I used to be a nun. My name was Thea, or Dorothea. Furthermore I always have had the feeling that I am a very old soul, which was confirmed as well. I already lived long before Jesus came to this earth. That was in Greece and I was called Alicia in those days. It is said I would have been an indigo child back then.

The spiritual as such always played an important role in all of my lives. At all times I was, one way or another, active with spirituality. It was always the intention to bring more love to the people. Love for each other, love for this earth, love for life. Love, love and again love. Because of love this earth and all that is living here, all that grows and blossoms, would look all the more beautiful. Depressions and suicides would not exist any more. Also hunger and poverty would subside if we would do no matter what out of love…