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Volume 6, issue number 36 ~ March 2006 ~ Synchronicities.

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Quotation of the Month:

There are no mistakes, there is no coincidence.

“There are no mistakes, there is no coincidence. All experiences are blessings, given to us to be taught.”


A Wealth of Wisdoms



Synchronicities, connections and coincidences

This is one of many universal laws or truths that can never be proven for sure. And yet, there are far too many stories about people who have had mysterious forces miraculously enter or guide their lives when they least expected it. If we really look at it closely, coincidences in our lives are far too common.

What is a synchronous event? It's an experience or circumstance that comes into our life, just like that. What sets these mysterious happenings apart is that they are always unplanned and unexpected. A blind date that leads to life partnership, an unexpected phone call that pulls us away from tragedy, a job opportunity that suddenly opens, a gift of money when we need it most, a dream that turns out to be true.

Whenever these unexpected gifts happen, our free will is never violated in the process. While in body, we always have the choice to react to these events, the way we want to. Where do these events come from? How do they happen and Why? Do they have a purpose? What are the forces that make them happen?

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Angels Help Mirjam Coumans B.A.

'Healing Angels' by J. Ann Masiker.

Angels help; you just need to ask them

Angels will always help you; you’ve got to ask though BECAUSE THEY WON’T INFLUENCE YOUR FREE WILL. Angels help everyone, maybe not in the exact way they ask, but they know what is best for you. Sometimes you need to learn something first and they are not allowed to help you yet. Sometimes they need to interfere, for example catch somebody when she or he falls, because it was not supposed to go like that in that exact moment.

You should know there are people who (unconsciously) hurt others, like taking their energy away. If they are getting too much energy at once, the victim can become nauseous and maybe fall down the stairs. Those people can protect themselves in order to stay pure. The one causing the trouble does not know she/he is doing it and is perhaps ill or does not know how to get enough energy by asking the soul of a tree or eating healthy food.

So in general everyone can get protection when she/he starts not feeling well in a group of people or alone with somebody. It is also possible that somebody in for example America is stealing energy from a person in The Netherlands because they happen to be in the same group of souls. If that person suddenly has to think about the friend in America and starts to feel pain right away or gets a nasty rash, it is a case of robbing energy. These are some of the probable signs that the friend is robbing energy at that very same moment. The one who causes this is almost always known to the victim.

Sometimes the instigator is putting words in the mouth of the victim. You start writing or saying things that you would never say normally, but are characteristic for the troublemaker. Most of the times you cannot remember you said those things; however the one you said it to can, and thus you can check it out.

You can protect yourself by imagining roots growing out of your feet and Mother Earth holding for you in a loving way. Then you ask the angels or your guide to protect you with a purple dome. Next you ask a purification with the violet flame of Violinio (Saint) Germain. Finally you ask the angels to fulfil you with the Golden Light. It is a simple method, a kind of prayer, but it really works.

In de film Indigo with Neale Donald Walsch and James Twyman http://www.indigothemovie.com/index.html it is also said that some people are tapping off energy. That is why it is important to ask the angels to protect you before you go to sleep and if necessary again before you get up in the morning.


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Nadine Hans Brockhuis

The journey by train is long. Watching the outside terrain, I see the green landscape, the animals and water. I also see people moving, both walking and driving.

In the compartment diagonally across from me there is a young lady. I know for sure that I have never seen her before. But what is never? Is ‘never’ not also 'always,’ just like the word nada sometimes means 'nothing' but often also 'everything?’

The longer I think about this, it appears to me that indeed I have seen this lady before, experienced and spoken to. Somehow she 'feels' known. It's a kind of unity, a pervasiveness. But I can't get my grip on it. This familiarity seems to be of another order.

Then her cell phone rings. She answers it with a lively "With Nadine" and talks briefly with the other person on the other side of the line.

I close my eyes, and it feels as if it's me who is making this phone call. While the physical conversation is about other things, inside it's about expectations, hope, about what once was and once will be.

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The Nada Chronicles

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Angel's Echo Mariah Krista Walker

Crawling into bed one night, my legs were stifled in the sheets by the solid presence of cat. My fingers always know which beast it is by the texture of fur. Solstice’s is soft, but Angel’s Echo’s feels like velvet. I massaged her back, then stretched around her and settled into the pillows.

The mattress gave way slightly as her body moved, my eyes startling suddenly from a fine spray of cat spittle as she sneezed before cuddling up next to my head. It was a delicate sneeze, not a full-face wash. I giggled. She licked my nose several times, then bit it loving but firm enough to make my face tingle with that odd pleasure-pain sensation that dripped into my chin and faded after a minute or two.

I’d stayed up late, captivated and inspired by Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing.’ If he can be brave enough to write about the bizarre and magical and call it fiction, than I can be brave enough to write the non-fiction experiences I’ve had that are truly magical. I drifted into sleep forming the story I was finally ready to tell about Angel’s Echo. A story that has taken over three years to come to the page. I fell asleep with Angel’s Echo placing the idea “it’s time to tell the story” into my mind.

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Meditations and stories by Myriah Krista Walker

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Ego dualism Ans Corbée

Many lives have been a preparation to understand our own EGO. We needed more lives to understand this EGO EVOLUTION plan that started 50.000 years ago in Atlantis. We thought that this dualism was for outside us, that it was about light/dark, not knowing that all this was about our own inner self.

It is all about our own EGO and who we really are. An EGO has two sides Yin and Yang, and both sides have a positive and a negative side. It is very important that we understand the positive from both sides. Many people still have problems with the negative part. If we happen to have both sides of our EGO in balance, we will experience peace of mind and feeling healthy, in soul, spirit, and body.

If men and women understand this principle of the YIN & YANG sides, they can understand that they don’t have to change into another body to experience this. Male and female are on the inside exact the same, except that women bear children.

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Written with Love

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The Oak Maja Kluvers

It is Spring 2001. I'm at the beginning of my awakening and it's not an easy time. One morning I have the idea of not eating my breakfast in the room, but upstairs in my bedroom. While I am eating I suddenly see the big Oak tree that sits on community property, very near our house. It is a tree with a very special radiation. As through inner voice I start to talk to the tree, how magnificent beautiful I find him/her and how much I love nature, but due to busy work, I can't really seem to have enough time to enjoy any of it.

I tell my story, about my problems, the misunderstanding of others, my sadness and especially my loneliness, concerning my feelings, especially to the fact, I have to be somebody, I don't want to be. I can't live up to the expectations that other people have of me. Then a huge sobbing follows. But suddenly I have a warm feeling in my belly and it 'seems' I get an answer. This is too good to be true and I try to completely silence my thoughts, but in a way emotions block it. Yet I receive an answer, that can help me, that is, I can change my live myself, I can choose to be more together with nature and myself: to be in contact again with the one I really am.

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