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Volume 9, issue number 60 ~ February 2009

Life beyond the veils


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veer Quotation of the Month:

For Spirit death is of no importance, has no content, no form, it is the separation through which he has to go, and he only will decide, whether this veil will be heavy or leaden.

-- Peter Rudl, novelist from Bavaria

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Quotation of the month

Peter Rudl

Introduction Hans Brockhuis
Life beyond the veils

Hans Brockhuis

Snowballs Ben Brockhuis
A white appearance Hans Brockhuis
Communication through the veils Myriah Krista Walker
Words from there Judith Leigh Bailey
Beyond the veils; life's other side John Cali
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feather In his book ‘Eindeloos bewustzijn’ (Endless awareness; soon an English version will be available) cardiologist, and former sceptic, Pim van Lommel presents his scientific views about NDE (Near-Death-Experiences). At the end of the book he states: “Only when the power of love becomes stronger than our love for power, the world will change. And that demands another consciousness. That will be the insight which one may obtain by really opening oneself and by really listening to people who want to share their NDE with us. […] One does not need his own NDE for new insights in life and death. There are good reasons to believe that our consciousness does not always coincide with the functioning of our brain; it can be experienced independently from our body as well.”
In this newsletter I am going one step further. I will not try to prove my arguments scientifically. Originating from intuition I am talking life beyond the veils and what is (perhaps) happening over there. Hence I try to state that there really is more, a ‘more’ that cannot be captured in scholarly terms.
 Please reflect on the assumption that life is indeed endless; each life knows its continuance….

MorgenlandLife beyond the veils ~ Hans Brockhuis

Five and a half years ago I had a choice to make: “Are you coming home or do you stay where you are in order to finish what you started?” The temptation to release was great. The love spoken from these words was so intense that I was truly prepared to let go of this earthly body, with all its faults and illnesses, and to reunite with the three women who passed away earlier and of whom I knew they would be there to welcome me; my grandmother, my mother and my daughter.

But then I realized that I have my responsibilities here on earth as well. My wife, children, grandchildren. Also the Running Fox work was not yet completed and thus it came that the following operation,  despite the poor odds, was performed successfully and I was, after a recovery period of several months once again capable to walk the earthly roads again.

As a matter of course I have been part of the life beyond the veils earlier. Many times I have been incarnated, on earth and on other planets, in this and other dimensions, as a sentient being or otherwise and each time there has been this period – in between – in which I was, bodiless, part of the life that we call here ‘the other side, the hereafter, the better life, or whatever you want to call it.

ben brockhuisSnowballs ~ Ben Brockhuis

Greetings everybody. It is a great honor for me to introduce myself of my son’s splendid newsletter. From time to time during his whole life I kind of followed him and I cannot say otherwise than that I am proud of him. Probably you’ll find me a little bit prejudiced, and yes I have to grant you that. However, I am sure I can speak with some authority because close to me many souls are gathered who are prepared to help me in order to be able to present a message as profound as possible.

Well then. This month’s newsletter is about life beyond the veils, as my son has worded it. What he wrote about this subject in his article, contains much truth, but then I have to tell you that it is not just working, examining and studying what happens here. Hans wrote about the ‘difficult’ questions. As a contrast and if you allow me, I will occupy myself with the more light-hearted sides of the story.

veiled lady A white appearance ~ Hans Brockhuis

I can hear the Abbey bells ringing, calling the faithful to prayers, the sound resonates in my ears, oh how I remember it well. I think of my dear sister who sought comfort to release her guilt and remorse many years ago.

As I walk through the forest towards the lakeside, the colours are so strong. The trees lower their branches to me as if to welcome me back, the ground feels warm beneath my feet and the birds are singing in heavenly chorus. You have come home, my lady they sing.

As I approach the shore the water is completely still, like mirrored glass, not a ripple or a movement. The boatman is waiting for me and as I step into the boat, he bows before me. The boat glides gently away and I stand at the bow. The mists swirl around me like veils of silk. I must be strong, I know I can still do it and I pledge my allegiance to the Divine Mother and as I raise my arms into the air, the mists begin to dissolve and I can see my beautiful Island of Avalon once more.

anderson Communicating through the veils ~ Myriah Krista Walker ~ www.grassesroots.com

Take several deep centering breaths. Imagine every breath filling your BE-ing like a Tree of Light. Allow the breath to ground this Light into the Mother Earth like gentle loving roots. Breathe slowly until You are filled completely with this Light.

All around the globe are Others, like You, awakening, breathing Love and Light into their BE-ings with Intent. All around the globe are parts of You, like many leafs upon a Tree.

You are filled with Light, shimmering and filled with the power of I Am. You are strong and solid. You stand there in Your Splendor, letting the Winds of Time play with Your many colored leaves.

What if You were in judgment of some of Your leaves? What if, as You stand there glowing and shimmering as this beautiful Tree of Light, You had not forgiven some of the very leaves upon Your own Tree? They are a part of You, born and created from the very life force flowing through Your BE-ing.

separate selfWords from there ~ Judith Leigh Bailey

We gather
if only our own separate selfs.
each one reaches for same resonance,
moving on with the flow
until like kind beckons.

Few linger, for
resonance exchanged creates
new wavelets,
new harmony of selfs,
still One.

nevelen Beyond the veils; life's other side ~ John Cali


One cold winter’s night ten years ago, I was working late in my office in the foothills of California’s Los Padres National Forest. The phone startled me out of my soft, quiet mood. An ominous sign, a phone call this late, I thought.

I barely recognized my brother’s strained voice on the other end. "Johnny," he said, "Phil’s dead." I couldn’t believe his words. So I asked, "Paul, what did you say?" He repeated, "Phil’s dead."

My mind and emotions whirled in a dizzy, crazy fog. How could this be? I’d just talked to Phil a couple nights earlier. He’d sounded really good that night, happy and healthy. Although, I must admit, that was not typical for him.