Running Fox Papers

February 2004 ~ Indigo

Quotation of the month:

See, my eye
The pure beams of the sun
Shining from the moulding world of the earth;

See, my heart,
The spiritual powers of the sun
Rising up from the surf of the water.

See, my soul,
The will, the world all penetrating the sun
Sparkling from the sparkling glow of the heavens;

See, my spirit,
The divine being of the sun
Flaming up from the loving glow
That flows from the fire.

Rudolf Steiner



Quotation of the Month Rudolf Steiner
Indigo Hans Brockhuis
Ana and the Bird Steve Rother
More Statements by Kari Veronica Boers
New Age children are star children... Ans Corbee


Hans Brockhuis

Mirjam and I have both been ill, so this newsletter reaches you a tat later than planned. To my great relief, the Running Fox website has moved to another place on the Internet. This was necessary, because all the commercials that the provider sent, started to irritate me and apparently many amongst you. That is why I invite you to visit once more to relive the journey with me through the mystical worlds of spirituality, growing awareness and personal growth...


Indigo; a short title for a long story. This is the story of the children who often are being called New age children and who are in the news regularly. In what is called the serious press, you read the stories – which are often negative - about children that are out of line and do things that are not ‘good’. In whatever manner.

On the other hand there is the ‘alternative press’ as sceptics like to call it. We as Lightworkers want to share the nice things we encounter when children from a higher level of vibration try to survive in a world that is sometimes hostile to them.

While preparing this newsletter, I contacted The Group of Steve Rother, because it always has lots to say about this subject. Although I was not asking for compliments, The Group did give them and because they appreciate all whom one way or the other occupy themselves with Lightwork in general, I want to give you the complete communication I had with them. It is needless to say that I am very grateful to The Group …

“With endless pleasure we speak today to the readers of ‘Running Fox Papers’. Several years ago you, Hans, have set the intention to share your thoughts with others and to contribute in this sympathetic way to the highest good for all souls on Earth, other places in universe and on our side of the veils. It is very important to acknowledge that similar initiatives are part of the process of spiritual growth and thus are part of the whole process with which the earth and her inhabitants are busy in such a dedicated way.”

“That is why we – in this newsletter – want to thank all those who are contributing to the good cause from the bottom of our souls for all they do. All these attempts also help to ground the children of crystal vibration, as God(dess) calls these beautiful souls, on the Earth. The birth of all these souls, who are necessary to guide humanity to a higher frequency of vibrations, is a milestone in the history of Earth. Never before during the long time the Game board Earth existed, such an incredible number of souls has gone to Earth to play their own game of upgrading the Game board.”

“In your mind, Hans, a questions pops up that could be translated as: ‘Which new information are we to receive concerning ‘New Age children?’ As an answer we would like to say that it is important to treat these children well in the first place; put them on the right track. But that will not be new to you. It is very important though to realize that in the end, the result for the well-being of your planet will also depend upon the way these children are able to cope with all the difficulties they are being confronted with. We, on this side of the veils, intend to upgrade mother Earth together with you – even more than is the case now – to the new vibrations which make it possible for all humans of the Earth to live in Peace and harmony.”

“Today the situation is as follows: while you are busy entering the fifth dimension very silently, the children who are being born now will be able to develop more and more understanding and sense. This will enable them to better understand everything that happens. We all have seen the problems that many children have in relation to the cultural en political issues that are having place on Earth for such a long time already. It is up to them, while they grow up, to account for ALL THAT IS. Gradually they take over responsibilities in such a way that one day it will be possible to conquer the difficulties that are so widely spread these days.”

“That is why it is so important to find ways to come in communio with young children in a non-confronting manner. To give them space to do things their way, but at the same time teach them to handle stuff in such ways as to not harm others. If that can be accomplished– and we know that in several countries there are experiments going on trying to teach children in an entirely different way than before – the goal we all are wanting to reach will have come closer again.”.

“We thus urge you to go on with these experiments. Learn from your children what will be the best way to do this and try to realize that the world – not all at once, but gradually and ineluctable- will change in a way that will make it possible for many souls to really experience the fifth dimension, to live it. To really experience the Crystal Vibrations that are vibrating through Earth and Cosmos already.”

“To be able to recognize all this, loved ones, is an urge to treat each other with the utmost respect and to teach your children this as well, to cherish each other in a loving way and to play together well, like you did often when you were children yourselves.”

Espavo, The Group.

Who am I to add anything to this? When this all resonates with you, I would like to ask you to read on in the articles that are being offered in this newsletter. Thus you can learn what others have to say about this subject.

It is very likely that – with regards to the amount of articles offered to me about this subject; it is apparently very alive – I will treat the same subject in the March newsletter.

I wish you lots of reading pleasure.

Hans Brockhuis.


To complete the above I give you four websites you might want to visit about this subject:

Children of the New Earth
Crystal Children

About the last website Steve and Barbara Rother write: The web site will be an open resource for children, teachers, parents and all those who wish to be a part of our future through raising children. This is the source for all children of every vibration, yet will be the definitive source for information on Crystal Children. If you have any submissions, articles or want to help in any way, please contact the editor and Webmaster Sue. The site is open now.


The Story of Ana and the Bird
Steve Rother

To clear up the vibrational shift that you are now experiencing we wish to tell you the story of Ana and the Bird. Get comfortable as you read this.

Just before dawn, the sobbing of a very unhappy soul could be heard in a certain room. Ana, a twelve-year-old Indigo child, was deeply troubled with her life on the Gameboard of Free Choice. She had few friends and had difficulty relating to others at school. Her teachers viewed her as a problem child. She felt like she had always been an outsider looking in. Ana had particular difficulty relating to her mother and they often fought. Even though Ana had an inner sense of knowing, she was despondent and had almost given up hope. At the age of twelve, Ana wanted to go home.

Feeling her confusion, Spirit spoke directly to her. “Ana, you may leave if you wish, but first you must go outside to the garden and hold out your finger.” Ana was startled that Spirit spoke to her in such a direct manner because this had never happened before. After thinking about what Spirit had told her, she could not see how
this could possibly help, but she decided to give it a try. Walking out of the kitchen door into the fresh morning air, the sun was just rising in the sky and there was a reddish blue hue hanging over everything. Looking about her to make sure no one was watching her, she closed her eyes and stuck out her finger as Spirit had instructed her to do. A few moments later, she felt a tickling feeling on her finger and opened her eyes again. There she saw that a small brown bird perched on her extended finger. “Hello my dear” said the bird. Almost forgotten feelings of home came back to Ana and her eyes shot full of tears.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she looked around to see if anyone was watching. Was she dreaming, or was this real? Had the bird really spoken? Just then, the bird spoke to her again. ”I am here to help you re-member everything Ana, for you are here with a certain purpose and if you leave now, your purpose will be unfulfilled.“ Again the tears of joy came, as Ana felt a glimpse of hope for the first time. Even the faint knowledge that she had a purpose, helped Ana. Magic charged the air in the garden as the bird began a dialog with Ana that lasted for over an hour. Most of the time Ana could do nothing but cry, as she had so much to release. Then Ana heard her mother rumbling in the kitchen. Ana feared that her time with the magical bird was at an end. “Fear not Ana, we will speak again. I will be here for you always. You have only to come to this garden, extend your finger and I will respond.”

That day at school, her teachers could not figure out why she was constantly crying. They thought something was wrong, but Ana knew that everything was all right. There were times when she doubted that it even happened. Was she making it up? Then she realized that even if the bird were a product of her imagination, it made no difference. The feelings of home the bird gave her, made her feel complete and she was not willing to give that up.

From that day on, Ana woke up every morning before the sun had risen, went to the garden and spoke with the bird. They talked about many things and the bird gave Ana the lessons of life she needed to become whole. Ana carried out these lessons joyfully, even though some of them meant that she had to change difficult things about herself. The bird constantly re-minded her that she held the power to change her reality through the making of choices. This small brown bird breathed magic into the life of the young girl Ana.

One day followed after the other, and soon Ana's life was starting to change. At school, Ana had friends now, who were looking up to her and respected her. Her teachers had changed magically and helped her now. She could even get along with her mother for the first time and they could talk to each other. Ana's life had become meaningful.

One morning, Ana began looking back on her life and she started to realize how far she had gotten in such a short time. In just a few months, Ana had made more progress toward happiness than she had in all of the previous twelve years. With that realization she thanked the bird for the gift of magic he had given her. The bird responded: “My dear one, I cannot give you that which you already possess. My job was to be the mirror for you to see your true self and re-member your power. Please never lose sight of the fact that the power to change is within you and not outside of you. You have chosen to exercise this power and therefore you have changed your own reality.”.

The highlights of Ana’s life were spending that short time with the bird every morning; to re-member that she had true power. The love she felt for this beautiful, uncomplicated creature was overwhelming. Rain or shine, Ana spent every morning in the garden; setting the tone of her day with the teacher she had grown to love so dearly. Ana was leading a good life at last.

One morning Ana awoke earlier than she was accustomed to. She felt a shift in the energy; she was not sure what had happened. She re-membered that the bird had told her about energy-shifts and how this is the way humans evolve. She re-membered that the bird had told her that CHANGE was a necessary part of spiritual advancement, without CHANGE all things eventually die. ”It is actually CHANGE that creates the magic we seek.” These thoughts kept going through her mind and she carefully thought out the questions she would want to pose to the bird later in their magical time together this morning. When that time arrived, Ana expectantly walked into the garden and stuck out her finger. This morning the bird did not come though.

With the help of the bird, Ana had learned to trust her inner feelings instead of her thoughts. This was a perfect time to use this skill, and somehow deep in her heart she knew that her dearest companion was all right. In her heart she also knew that she was all right herself and nothing bad had happened. Still, she missed her friend the bird and the special time they had spent together. Ana thought back on all the things the bird had told her and how she had used them in her life. She was a bit puzzled, because one of the first things the bird told her, was that he would never leave her. Still, here she stood all by herself this morning, in the garden as the sun rose. Ana even tried talking to the bird, pretending that he was still there. She could even feel the familiar tickling as if the bird perched on her finger. The special thing for Ana was that every question she could think of to ask her imaginary friend, was answered in her head; she already knew the answer.

Every morning, Ana would perform her ritual of going into the garden and sticking out her finger. For the first time in a long while Ana shed tears, because she was feeling so sad. For weeks, Ana went to the garden each morning, and thought of her friend. Ana's finger never supported the bird again.

As time went on, Ana played a pivotal role in her school. The teachers finally understood that Ana was not a problem child but that she, and others like her, were far beyond what the school was teaching. Ana helped them to adjust the way they approached teaching. She helped the staff to adjust their thinking to accommodate the new children that are coming. The day Ana graduated, was a special day indeed. There was a time when she could not have envisioned this and wanted to leave. Now, she knew she had played a very important part. In her small way, she had contributed to the well-being of all of humanity and helped to change the energy for all that are to come.

Ana grew in years and in wisdom. She became a great healer, helping thousands of others to take their own power and change their reality. Ana used what was in her heart to guide them. As she stepped into her power, Ana found that the answers were given to her the moment she asked the questions. This was different, as the guidance seemed to be coming from within her, rather than from an external source. She never forgot what the bird had taught her. She thought of her dearest friend often and surrounded herself with birds of all kinds. She built a bird sanctuary on her land and visited it often. The bird had become Ana's personal symbol and bird representations adorned every room of her abode. She had so many such birds, that her friends called her ‘the bird lady’. Ana took that title with great pride. Ana had been touched and she never forgot it. She chose to carry the gift of the bird's wisdom with her in everything she did. Ana was walking with Spirit.

Years later, Ana found herself looking after her grandson. This child was very special to Ana and they had a connection that reached far beyond this lifetime. She knew from the day he was born that they had a contract. She was just waiting to see where it led. Billy was a seven-year-old with bright eyes, who looked fearlessly into the very depth of Ana's soul. He reminded her of the important role she had played in redefining the school system. He would now step into the school system she had started. On such a moment, Ana was very grateful that she had stayed. One day, this special young man was visiting his grandmother. Curiously he was examining the many bird statues Ana had on the mantle in her home. His attention was drawn to this one small brown bird statue. Ana saw her grandson looking intently at the small statue. She knew in her heart that something wonderful was about to happen. In anticipation she held her breath as her seven-year-old grandson turned and spoke to her. ”You know, Grandma, this looks just like the bird that is always sitting on your shoulder“.

The words of her grandson swept her off of her feet. Suddenly all her questions were answered as the pieces all fell into place for Ana. She thought back to the day when the bird did not come and she now realized that she had progressed to a high enough vibration for the bird to land on her shoulder instead of her finger. Ana had been so accustomed to looking for the bird on her finger that she did not know that the bird was now even closer, and whispering directly into her ear. At that moment, Ana's contract with her grandson was put into action. For the first time in her life, that which she knew in her head and what she knew in her heart, matched, and Ana's life was complete.

The tears of joy returned, as the long uncertainty was broken after all these years. The small brown bird of Ana's childhood spoke to her: ”Yes, dearest Ana, I told you that I would never leave you and I have not. I am so very proud of you, for the day I landed on your shoulder instead of your finger you had a choice. You could have kept watching your finger; waiting for the guidance you were accustomed to receiving from the outside. But you decided to advance with the knowledge you had and carried on by yourself. This is the integration of Spirit and the opening to your higher self. You are not separate from Spirit, as your human eyes would have you believe. You are not separate from me, for we are one. Live your daily life with Spirit on your shoulder and dare to create the magic you seek. You, dear Ana, have done well. You have completed your higher purpose in learning to walk with Spirit”. While hearing that, Ana was completely happy.

And so it is. . .


The following statements by Karim, who is eleven now (remark from the editor), where written down by his mother. At a very young age already he amazed her by the statements he uttered.

More statements by Karim
Veronica Boers

The following I wrote after a conversation I had with a friend. She asked if Karim, then 9 years old, knew anything about Kryon. And he said: “Yes, that is like a brother of Orion. It is a planet of a light brown color. People live there. Those people all have very blue eyes, red lips and small nostrils. They have kind of a tuft, which is not made of hair; it is part of their skull. It works like an antenna, with which they can read your mind. They are in connection with God. They can receive a thought faster than you can speak; they already know what you want to say… something like that. This is what Karim literally said.

This one is my favourite:
Karim says that people talk about the fifth dimension as if you have finished learning when you get there. That is not right. When you are there in the fifth dimension, you still have to learn a lot. Even when you get to the thirteenth dimension, when you are enlightened, you are still not ready, because then you start all over again. Then you go to the first dimension of another state of Being. And in the fifth dimension you still have to watch out when you cross the street. “O” I said. Is that still possible there? There are cars there? He said “maybe not, but there will be other vehicles. You can still get hurt you know. Everything there, vehicles, things, and the beds are five-dimensional. So you don’t think about that and get hurt… And you have to learn a lot….” “Yes” I said “, but there will be more love and no war.” “Yes” he said “ that’s true. But now people think that when they are in the fifth dimension they are there already…Not.”.

Karim says that the people who live in the earth know a lot more than we do. For a child it is difficult to find words that others can understand. What he also says: “If someone is unconscious, his spirit goes to the inner earth temporarily and when you wake up, you are here again. Because there, in the inner earth, they want to help the people. When they arrive there unconsciously, they use a kind of medicine or something Karim can not explain and when everything is all right again, that human can go back to the surface and regains consciousness. But it can well be that they cannot fix it and it is time for that human to die; then you fly past the earth to the sky.

But if you have been in the inner earth because you were unconscious, your memory will be emptied before you go back to the earth in your body. Well, that was it, now I’m going to play outside again.” he said.

Karim also told me that the people in the inner earth use the heat of the core of the earth (for them it is kind of sunlight). They only eat fruit and vegetables and become veeeeeeeery old. They live in a sort of water houses, because you can look through them. From the inside. You cannot look inward from the outside.

That child is surprising me so often, it is incredible. The things he sometimes says! With such a wisdom. At moments he looks very wise and grown-up. His eyes are radiating differently at such moments and he talks with his whole body. For him this is quite normal, and I act very normal when he is behaving like that, I hope. Even though he keeps surprising me, I do not let him perceive my surprise. Yesterday, when he spoke about the inhabitants of the inner earth, you do not want to know the way I was looking. He speaks about it in a very wise manner, but then very casually as well.

Last week, on Wednesday, he saw an angel; he told me it was very tall and white and alight. He had a weapon in his hand, which sent out many rays. The angel was looking angry. But he did not give Karim an angry look.

Karim also sees many things on the computer. He gets messages through the computer (that is why my computer acts so strangely all the time).

The messages are not from this world. He says this happens every time he is either playing a game or looking up information on the Internet. Then suddenly some messages come through (it even happens on his Game boy). He says they are messages with letters and numbers that he cannot describe. Sometimes with a blue background. The last message he received was today, on the Game boy. It was: “3 D FX-4 D FX. This message he received many times before. He only knows it means that we are going from 3 to 4 D, but what the FX means he does not know either. He also says that they sometimes contain all kinds of mixed letters. Strange letters as well and he does not know what they mean. He has been telling me this for some time and I do not know what I can do with it. He asks me what they mean and I do not know either.

I saw the letters and numbers as well, but not on computer screens. I just saw them on the wall in my bedroom. In gold and white. A kind of Hebrew, but not quite. The numbers were all in gold. That was some years ago already. It keeps popping up in my mind and I still do not know what it means. I hear voices, just like he does, not inside my head, but real, as if someone is standing next to me and talks to me. Sometimes there are warnings by a male voice. It sounds like he is talking through a telephone, but somewhat clearer. Sometimes I do not hear the voices for months.

You know what he told me yesterday as well? He said: “Mum, I would like to see through normal eyes to see what things look like when you have normal eyes.” I said: “but you have normal eyes.” “No” he said “I see everything with colors and colored dots and balls and kind of smokey.”. Of course I knew for a long time already that he was seeing like that, but I thought it had lessened. Karim said it had worsened.

He also sees that my five-month-old grandson is an old soul and that he was born in our family because he had a lot to learn from Karim and Karim from him. He literally said: “well that is logical, because who else but me would understand him?”.

When he was eight years old, he said that all people really are one. Because we all are parts of God. And the arms cannot do without the hands. God is also not as old as people think. He sometimes make time stand still. That is also what happened when they built the pyramids. Or when they had just finished them. Then the time was also standing still. The pyramids form a sort of clock. The reason we are on earth is that God does not want to sit on his couch for millions of years and do nothing. That would become very boring…

Everything is NOW, so time does not really exist (for Karim this is very logical, for me it is not always logical). Because we live in every part of the body of God. When you look from outside the earth at the universe, you will see many black holes and tunnels. You can go through the black holes and tunnels and end up in one of your former lives or in a life you will live later. When you are an Indian in this life, you will be one again when you come out of that black hole or tunnel. If you make it… All memories of all your lives are in the body of God. So now you live in God’s belly, but your other life may just as well be in his arm, at this moment…

He also healed me today and the great thing is, he does all of this spontaneously. He forms a channel with his hands through which he lets the energy flow down. He puts his hands on my belly like a tube and I literally feel the warmth flow between them. He did this before to heal my ear when it was infected and after the healing the pain had gone. The pain in my belly is less now, but Karim said it will be completely healed tonight or tomorrow. (The pain was gone the same night. The editors.)


New age children are star children or Indigo-people or Crystal children
Ans Corbee -

These are all different ways of naming spiritual New Age children and they have come here on Earth with goals or a Mission. These New Age children are opening up easier to their Twin-soul, to their higher self, but also to Angels, Guides and ascended Masters. They are very spiritual and during their personal growth they will open up more and more to Higher guidance.

New Age children were born 'without karma', unlike normal human children. They are born with a much higher awareness and only have to understand their personality from their youth on, because these teachings are meant especially for getting experiences, so they can help and support others who also have certain problems. They came especially ‘back’ here on Earth to help humanity to be more aware about higher believes. They have already climbed the stairs and came ‘back’ here on Earth especially for this Mission.

All New Age children are born with a higher consciousness than a ‘normal’ child. They have certain spiritual gifts and know very much, but cannot re-member this ‘knowing’ yet. The memories will gradually come back to them as soon as they are ready for them.

Young Crystal-children already have an awareness of the fourth dimension since they are born. At school they will encounter difficulties, because they are highly gifted and need other guidance. They can also be very good in a certain subject at school. They don’t like to be in a group; others notice that they are different. There already are specialized schools for these highly talented young people.

The Indigo children formed the first large group of New Age children on Earth, they came in the fifties, sixties and even in the seventies. They were the Baby Boomers, growing up in the Flower Power time. They have changed our whole way of thinking in that time, and they are very good on the Internet. Indigo people have much trouble with their emotions. It is hard for them to control and express those emotions in a healthy way. Some of them are still often misunderstood and over-sensitive. They cannot handle their very strong emotional feelings that mean that they are confused about these feelings and want to talk about them until they themselves will start to understand these feelings. This means they don't feel anger, rage, guilt, or ashamed as others do.

Indigo people are here on Earth as adults now to help other people with the spiritual. They spread spiritual wisdom. Often they have trouble being different than others.
On top of that they cannot work under a boss very well, because they have their own ideas. Do not judge these children or adults, but let their being different be an advantage, they are very wise. We can communicate with New Age children very easily, just like with adults, because they understand everything even better than we even think.

All New Age children have the same qualities. It’s just that the Star-children live easier than the Indigo’s. Look at these beautiful humans as the messengers for our future. Often New Age children are being born with parents who are New Age children themselves as well. It is not that both parents have to be spiritually gifted to have such a child though. Often only the mother or only the father is gifted.

New Age children often are hard on themselves, because they take over emotions from other people and then get emotional themselves as well. Speak with these children as if they were adults and take them seriously.

They have to shield themselves for other people. Tell them: “Protect yourself from other people and their emotions. Visualize a transparent shield around you, so that you cannot take over anything from someone else. Search for more information on the Internet.

Please stand in your own strength and stand up for yourself.”