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Volume 9, issue number 59 ~ January 2009

Broadened awareness

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veer Quotation of the Month:

"The first fortune of a child is the awareness to be lovedö

~Don Bosco Italian priest 1815-1888

A wealth of wisdoms


veer Broadened awareness

As we all have noticed, these days changes happen in an ever increasing pace. It may be clear that we got into the rapids that eventually is bound to pour into that which will happen when we arrive in December 2012.

The consequence is that the broadened consciousness which we picked up during this process, helps us to join forces at these changes and to add to that ourselves. But also to learn to handle these higher insights, applying them to the empowerment of yourself and to the people around you, ánd of Mother Earth.

With that broadened consciousness we will be able, without floating away, to get beyond the timeline, where we might learn how it will be to stand on the verge of a new life. But also to heal old wounds, not to get stuck in old patterns, to create true changes.

With that, Running Fox wishes you, at the beginning of the new year, very well.

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tijdgrensBeyond the timeline ~ Hilda Spruit

It has been 5 years since my wife looked at me one early morning and asked full of pity and concern: “Will you be all right, Ben?” Her loving face melting my pain  away and actually I did not want to bother her.

‘I have been sleeping well and I feel a lot better’, I assured her. ‘Please go, I will be fine.’ Lingering she cleaned away the breakfast things and put on her coat. ‘Are you sure?’, it sounded a little bit suspicious from the hallway. ‘Yep, I’m certain, now go and say hello to the grandchildren.’ I went to the hallway, placed a kiss on her over-anxious cheek and waved good bye. She was going to babysit the grandchildren today, about a two hour drive from where we live.

As soon as I saw her drive out of the street, the magic broke and the well-known pain, that had been part of me so slyly during the last few days, came back into my body. I went inside, poured myself a cup of tea and carefully I sat at my pc to finish the last chapter.

femke The cosmic dance ~ Jill Kramer Bryant

I can hear the Abbey bells ringing, calling the faithful to prayers, the sound resonates in my ears, oh how I remember it well. I think of my dear sister who sought comfort to release her guilt and remorse many years ago.

As I walk through the forest towards the lakeside, the colours are so strong. The trees lower their branches to me as if to welcome me back, the ground feels warm beneath my feet and the birds are singing in heavenly chorus. You have come home, my lady they sing.

As I approach the shore the water is completely still, like mirrored glass, not a ripple or a movement. The boatman is waiting for me and as I step into the boat, he bows before me. The boat glides gently away and I stand at the bow. The mists swirl around me like veils of silk. I must be strong, I know I can still do it and I pledge my allegiance to the Divine Mother and as I raise my arms into the air, the mists begin to dissolve and I can see my beautiful Island of Avalon once more.

advent candles The Christmas card ~ Elisabeth Clark

Happy birthday dearest Jesus
Here is my self-made Christmas card
With the present that You asked for
It’s my warm and humble heart.

Christmas is a time of giving
Not of presents but of love
Christmas is to love each other
And our SAVIOUR from above.

empowermentYear of Empowerment ~ John Cali

Ancient One sat in the shade of his tree in front of his cave. Red People came to him and he said to Red People, "Tell me your vision."

And Red People answered, "The elders have told us to pray in this manner, and that manner, and it is important that only we pray as we have been taught for this has been handed down to us by the elders."

"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Then Black People came to him and he said to Black People, "Tell me your vision."
And Black People answered, "Our mothers have said to go to this building and that building and pray in this manner and that manner. And our fathers have said to bow in this manner and that manner when we pray. And it is important that we do only this when we pray."

"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

majadijk One heart, one mind ~ Maja Kluvers

Do you also recognize that feeling from your youth, when you spoiled someone with a bunch of self picked flowers from nature?

In most cases they were meant for my mother, but yet... I cannot give them to her in this reality anymore! Last year she left this EARTH, just at the moment that we had come together once more, better than ever. At last we had found this place of oneness and love within ourselves..., our inner SOURCE! The energy was flowing so nicely.

How bitter it was to say farewell....