0 Running Fox Papers January 2005

Volume 5, number 27 ~ January 2005 ~ Flowers love People.

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Quotation of the Month:

[…] The forest disappeared, replaced by an immeasurable sea of flowers that waved in a gentle breeze. Bigger and smaller animals, both carnivores and plant eaters, roamed peacefully alongside each other. Some were unfamiliar to me.

Many birds were flying about and sometimes settled upon foliage or solitary trees in between the colourful beauty of the various flowers. I just couldn’t stop looking at all this loveliness, all the stunning colours of which many I had never seen before. I felt more delighted all the time. My happiness increased and became exuberance, and I felt like revolving in the air in order to feel one with all the splendour. My body seemed to vibrate with a bliss I had never before experienced. […]

Clipping from: The Golden Gate, The Nada Chronicles, part 12.




What do flowers have to say to us ?

Hans Brockhuis

My own ultimate experiences with flowers are limited. I don’t have green fingers and when my garden is full everything that grows and blooms in the summer, that is mostly because of the quality of the things I buy.
Nevertheless I am convinced that flowers can tell us a lot. When I was looking for a subject for this newsletter I was given the story by Maja that you can find prominently on these pages and that I am pleased to announce.
Nada also has something to say about this subject and considering the happenings after the Tsunami this is very up-to-date information.

Nada about flowers.

Flowers are the embodiment of the resurrection of life and see to it that this life keeps its place on the planet whom tries to keep her life and that of all her co-travellers going.
The energy that flowers radiate – their scent – is like the essence of that what flowers stand for. This scent, these vibrations, these cycles, however experienced, pleasant or not, are really a radio station that is telling you what is happening. Not only about the well being of the flower, the plant itself, but through the roots that are anchored in earth, and also about what is going on with Gaia, Mother Earth.

It is clear that the well-being of Mother Earth is at stake. The recent happenings after the tsunami have made that more than clear. That something like that was going to happen was predicted. Not the size, but the possible tsunami. Ask the seismographs.
Mother Earth has tried to save as many souls as possible through the radio stations that are at her hand, the flowers. About what you call animal life, that worked for the full 100 %. Also some – what you call primitive tribes on the Islands of Nicobar – were warned and fled to higher grounds, which made it possible that they hardly suffered personally, except for the fact their villages are destroyed.

Furthermore one needs to realize that those who have not survived the disaster have been welcomed warmly in the worlds from which I speak to you now. This is not the place to give you details; somewhere else one wrote about this extensively. However, it is important that the souls we speak about have not suffered in most cases and were guided to the place they are now in a great way.
I embrace You; God is with You.

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New Dawn - or: how do I pamper my roses?

Maja Kluvers


For years already the rose New Dawn is standing in our garden. The name alone is a treat, but if the rose is blooming you experience a palette of flowers, scents and a beautiful pink color. You really would like to keep the flowers for a longer time, but in nature everything is going according to her own laws. Yet everywhere in garden centers and places like that, we hear that the flowers need to be cut off when they have finished blooming, so the plant will bloom again in the same year.

When the time has come to cut out the dead flowers, as I was doing every year like everybody else and I am standing next to the plant with my scissors, something is stopping me. An inner voice tells me that it is better to ask the plant herself. This feeling is overtaking me a little, but I decide to listen. I myself have seen close up what it is like to listen to you inner voice again after not doing so for years and years.

Then I put the scissors aside to calmly tune in to the consciousness of the plant. Here is the answer that came to me:

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Like an unfolding flower

Ellen Sombroek - translation: Anita Boom

Like a seed that blossoms in the darkness of the earth
And finds its way into the brightness of the sun,
As well as every human being at last will know and believe
That everyone’s light came forth from within the dark.

Inside that darkness of the earth every seed will experience solitude
Because that seed is unable to see the other flowers
Until the seed grows out of the earth and the sunlight is revealed to him
Only then that seed will see the other flowers that travelled the same road.

And step-by-step this seed will grow
Nurtured by the earth, by the sunlight and by its own inner strength.
It will form a bud and only as this blossom flowers,
The seed has accomplished his journey according to Divine Will.

When the membrane of the bud tears open
And the bud experiences its final feelings of ignorance and suffering,
Then the flower will start to spread its colours and fragrances
By not having anything to do and just being here in all its splendour.

Ellen Sombroek, April 8th - 2002

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The Rose I Am

Myriah Krista Walker.

What if...

Many Hands of support were already placed upon your own hands. Holding you up, blessing you, enCouraging you.

These Hands of Heaven touch you like invisible petals of Grace and Love.

The energy of these Hands from Heaven brings the vibration of Truth into your being. Every cell of your biology vibrates with Divine Love.

Imagine many Hands from Heaven holding you, like many petals of a Rose surrounding the precious center. This precious center is you. Your conscious Goddess/God Self.

Perhaps you feel strengthened from this touch. Or maybe tears overflow, moistening your petals like dew. Sometimes the touch of Divine Love makes you cry, makes you empty your holy grail within. Your tears help to cleanse the energy of the Whole. Let your tears fall down the stem of the Rose I Am.

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