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January 2004 ~ Freedome


Quotation of the month:

What you see with your eyes shut is that which counts.

Another world opens up when we close our eyes and calm our mind. Be still and know; be still and hear; be still and see; be still and feel. Inside every person is a still, small voice. Sometime it is necessary to close our eyes to shut down our perception in order to see. Try this occasionally; when you are talking to your child or spouse, close your eyes and listen to them. Listen to the tone of their voice; listen to their excitement; listen to their pain-listen.

Lame Deer, LAKOTA

Source: Elder's Meditation of the Day



Quotation of the Month Lame Deer
Preface Hans Brockhuis
Freedome Judith and Nada
Additions to the Website As per January 1st 2004



This month you will receive a short ‘Running Fox’ which is created primarily to get you acquainted with all that is new on the website. In particular I want to recommend the contribution of Claudia Philippo in particular. She receives messages of ‘The Guardians.’ Gladly I direct you to the pertaining link to introduce you to this phenomenon.

Because of a dreadful event that took place just recently in The Hague, I wanted to meditate over it and was given a communication about this by my deceased daughter Judith, in collaboration with the Lady Nada under the title: ‘Freedome.’

Nothing more to say than to remind you about the subject of next month ‘Papers’: Indigo Kids, alias new age kids or the children of Oz. For this I am still expecting your own contributions.

Hans Brockhuis



Last week a teacher was killed by one of his pupils in the canteen of Terra College (Earth High School) in The Hague. Obviously this invoked a considerable amount of consternation in our country. Yet this incident makes me realize there are parallels with what is going on in the world.

It is no coincidence this happened in a place called ‘Terra’; a mirror for the bigger context of what is happening on this Earth nowadays. Huge changes take place and for many it is hard to cope with, to go along with, or even to grope what is happening.

Love is winning and that makes it hard for the ‘other’ powers so – like a cat in a corner – there is jumping and clawing in all directions, and sometimes there are even lives of those that happen to be in the way, that end.

This way hopes are up for the ruling of fear and that there will be a return to old patterns apparently so stuck in all of us, that it will be really hard to cut them away.

Still it looks like it all is necessary to make it possible for Love, Light and Peace to manifest themselves. Here is what Judith and Nada have to say about this from the other world:

Love is what is most needed to understand that we all, on Earth and behind the veils, cannot do without a portion of fear to realize what it is to experience freedome. Freedome is an all- encompassing word in a new jacket, that I would like to introduce for expressing the same feeling that is hidden in the word ‘Espavo’. This word ‘Espavo’ stems from ancient times and has recently arisen anew. It is being used regularly currently, as a means of closing texts that are about freedome. Freedome is the feeling of being rid of Earthly restrictions, free of the old school of leaders that have served humanity during many centuries and that have organised the world like it is now, but who slowly start losing their purpose.

NOW The time has come to experience leadership yourself and practice it. Firstly, leadership toward yourself, so that it will be possible for you to BE your SELF, and with that, experiencing freedome as a complementary power that makes it possible for others to be free in their experience of existence and in so express what is dear to all of us.

Yesterday, whilst shopping in town, you made a short contact with a human being that radiated Freedome. It rained very hard, it was cold and there he was, this cheerful colored man under this small overhang that served as protection from the rain He was singing and leaping up and down, while trying to sell his merchandize: the newspaper about the homeless, of which profits he gets his share. You started talking with him, called him ‘my friend’ and at that moment an explosion of radiating light shone into the universe from that seemingly desperate place and at that moment the word freedome was born.

Of course it is true that the word freedome can be read and said in different ways. When you emphasise on the last syllable, it means a freestanding dome, which is architectonically impossible to achieve. However, know that elsewhere gravity free constructions are possible and then it is not difficult to grasp that you may behave using or not using gravity as you feel like, so long as others – human, animal, or plant – are not damaged. Of course I don’t plead for singing in the rain like the happy colored man. Just do it your own way, in your own manner, persistently if you want. It doesn’t matter. Just turn it into something beautiful.

To get back to the beginning of this text, Hans, I can say something about that as well. Your reference to the name of the school: ‘Terra’. By this incident, that included a mirror of ‘unfreedome’ and that caused many people a lot of grief, there still is the possibility for many to realise that it is not the right way to go walking all over something that happens to be in your way. I am not allowed to and do not make any judgements, but this has started something for a great many souls. In due time it will help many to turn toward the Light and it will make it possible for many souls to turn as well; to feel Freedome that way for themselves, for their family and their community. In general it will help understanding someone that was raised in a different manner than you were raised yourself.

Last night on Television you saw a broadcast about the way the Belgian prince Philippe and his wife princess Mathilde in their own way try to introduce the people who were raised in different cultures to each other in their own way and teach them understanding. To show that something you don’t know can be interesting or someone who’s language you don’t understand doesn’t necessarily have to be a pariah. Life is much more complicated, but the way these two people are trying to improve the cohesion of their countrymen, proves that Freedome really works.

So you see that these cosmic powers work at different levels. Also the way the Libyan leader Ghadaffy has turned around – maybe only to his own good and pocket, but still – expresses Freedome and made it possible to feel free again for his countrymen in a changing world. For all these things, each from their own perspective, we should be very grateful.

Espavo, Judith and Nada.