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The Tall Whites

by Sanni Ceto

From the July 2005 Star Beacon

The Tall Whites are descended from the ancient Polarians that came to Earth shortly before the big Ice Age that forced them to live underground in the Antarctic Circle of your planet. The Polarians originated from several planets in the Pleiades as well as the system of Polaris, which is a large trinary star system.

The Tall Whites can easily pass as humans except they are very tall and slender and albino in appearance. These people live mostly in the Desert Southwest, as they prefer the hot, dry climate that is similar to their home worlds, which are approximately 1,250 light-years distant from your solar system.

Men and women are ship pilots and both wear weaponry upon them in the form of laser-like pistols as they don’t fully trust the human scientists they work. While on Earth, they live mostly on underground bases in Nevada and Arizona, where their work is to develop advanced technology to be used for peaceful purposes only. These people are a part of the Pleiadian alliance of evolved worlds as their race ended all war-like ways eons ago. A typical male stands about 6 to 8 feet tall and they wear their platinum hair to the collars of their two-piece or one-piece white flight suits. Females are about 6 feet and wear their hair slightly beyond their collars. Both sexes are three-fingered and three-toed and their life spans are about 980 years for men and about 990 years for women.

The children are taught at communal schools in sciences and art and are assigned to posts as captains and pilots when they reach about 20 years in your time measurement.

These Tall Whites are physical flesh-and-blood people and not etheric or spirit entities. Many live among humans for brief periods of time, when not living in underground bases. Their eyes are a crystal blue and are much larger than in a human, plus like other Pleiadians, the ear lobes are set lower upon the head than in humans. After the Arcturian councils allowed it, the Tall Whites were used as ambassadors to open the trade routes linking the Reticuli councils to the Pleiadian federation and establishing trade routes along transport of goods from planets to other systems. Tall Whites were assigned roles as peacekeepers and negotiators to less evolved worlds that were striving to advance but had to be helped by outside, more evolved species. The Polarians fled Polaris 6 after a natural disaster of volcanics and seismics destroyed their planets, and Earth was selected as a suitable world to colonize. When they arrived here, the Meropian and Lyran Pleiadians were bioengineering different plant and animal species as well as early hominids, which would result in modern Homo sapiens.

Tall Whites were in charge of many hybrid projects on Earth, and when Venus was an inhabited world, they assisted there, too, before the great nuclear wars that stripped Mieue (Mars) and Va-haito-tah (which is Venus) of their life and atmospheres. There is a small colony upon Mieue (Mars) who live in subterranean cities, assisting the Zetis and Pleiadians there.

The Tall Whites were moderators in the wars between the blue people from Altares and the Reptoids, who tried to overthrow their empires, and their combined forces with the Pleiadians and Andromedans were able to repel the Reptoids and their fleets of their planets and bring peace to the blue-skinned Agioni species, who are cousins to the Tall Whites.

The first treaty with the USA was in the mid-1960s, when their scientists helped Earth people develop the technology for the Apollo programs, sending humans to your satellite, the Moon, as well as developing satellite technologies used to monitor your planet and to observe nations on Earth.

Later treaties were established to help advance medicine and nano-technologies, to create a super computer system, and create things such as artificial wombs and artificial blood, among other things. The most recent treaty with your nations was to create a type of cold laser/cold fusion, which the Tall Whites used to generate a small wormhole linking Earth to Polaris 6 as well as to the Pleiades systems. The first treaty ended in the mid-1980s as Tall Whites discovered the technology was being used for warfare instead of peaceful usages. The other treaties ended in the mid-1990s, but there’s a small amount of their scientists still here conducting work.

Most of the Tall Whites are from scattered planets in the Pleiades — Electra and Lyra and a few are from Meropia. There is a sector that colonized the Andromeda galaxy before the war between the Atlanteans and Mieuesians of Mars, which was after the Pleiadian biogenetics programs.