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Eva "Rainbow" Reinermann


When you can love without reward
And not lose Faith nor Hope,
When you can submit to Cosmic Law
And still are full of trust, and grope
For truth, though doubts may shake your heart;

When confidence expands your soul
And makes you love this life each day,
When you yourself can grow and others show their way
And in the end stand calm and true,
And feel a part of everything and all is part of you;

When your life is a way into the Light,
And there is no more doubt of wrong or right,

When you will be a beacon to the weak
And with your courage lead along the meek;

When you have walked in solitude
And there found peace and fortitude,
When you have given up your pride,
And trust in God to be your Guide;

When peace you forge, avoiding strife
And have renounced what mattered most to you,
When you have nothing more to lose
And have no wishes left and let Him choose,

When then your soul finds Freedom too –
You will have given meaning to your life.