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Why affirmations don't work

By Edith Hagenaar

O.k. I confess, I only used this title to arouse your curiosity. With which I just proved a point; language can do something within your body, and you almost responded impulsively. In this case probably out of inquisitiveness, stimulated by the unexpected pronouncement of someone who works a great deal with affirmations.

What would have been the accurate title? Here it is: “When affirmations don’t work”.
There are three possibilities of what is going on when affirmations do not seem to work for you.

1. You see it as a task, a chore.

When you consider saying affirmations to be a (nasty) chore, which you ‘have to’ do (although you told yourself to do it), then they loose a lot of power. This may feel strange, because you are thinking: “Is this not right, I just did say them”, but affirmations are more than words alone. When you compulsively repeat the texts within yourself they surely have effect, but not as profound as when you, out of free will, out of a deep necessity, out of a loving feeling, say your affirmations. And do not try to force it because what is – yet – not inside, you cannot push.

2. You just listen to them, but you don’t adapt your feeling.

If you hear the affirmations, write them down, think about them or say them, it is always important to adapt your feeling, your emotions, to the affirmations. Say you are depressed. Then you might use the affirmation: “I am happy and joyful”. By saying that a couple times you will indeed feel a little bit better. But did you know that YOU are the one who is master of your feelings? The moment you start to feel like you would feel when the affirmation would be true NOW, then you will strengthen the power of the affirmation tremendously. For example, you affirm that you want to ‘have’ a fantastic partner by using this affirmation: “My partner is loving, caring and very attractive”. Now you see to it that, while saying the affirmation, it feels AS IF that partner is already in your life. Create the feelings in your body that you would have if that partner would already be at your side. How would you feel? Just feel it.

3. You quit.
This is the very worst case scenario, to which I am sometimes guilty myself. The result fails to occur, or so it seems and by and by your affirming subsides. But you never know if the result would already have been just around the corner! Sometimes great changes in ourselves are needed before we can reach a certain goal or desire. We cannot see it, we only think: “Why don’t I get this job?”, which is, although out as a question, negative affirming. Giving up is never a good reason to stop something. Why not going on? Just because you do not have enough confidence? And when you beam it, and consequently secretly affirm: “I have no confidence that this is going to work”, what do you think is bound to happen?
Affirmations do work and are able to make big changes in your life. See to it that you cling to the following rules while affirming:

• Do it only when you are joyful and free to do the affirmations;
• Feel what you would feel if the affirmation would already be true;
• Carry on, have faith!

Also you have enough strength to heal your life by using affirmations. Good luck!

Love you,