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When I was very young

Hans Brockhuis


When I was very young, my mother sometimes took me out at night, where we would watch the stars. In those times the Milky Way was still visible, and sometimes a star fell. Later I learned it was not a star but a meteorite. In those times we were musing about the (green?) people who would inhabit all these stars and it was kind of mystic for me to understand the possibility of people existing upon such small sparks of light. Furthermore we would listen to the radio play: ‘Monus the man of the moon,’ which gave us creepy shivers.

Somewhat later the church people told me something quite different. Humanity lived on planet earth and that was it. Out there only God existed and the angels and concepts like heaven and hell. They warned me to be good, otherwise my afterlife would not be pleasant at all and I would be expelled from the outlook to one day reside at the foot of the throne of God almighty.

In my schooldays they taught me the scientific part and I learned a lot about astronomy and thus was informed about the mechanics of the universe. Planets, Star systems, Meteors, Comets and on a larger scale Galaxies, Nebulae, Red dwarfs and Yellow Giants. It seemed that I got all the answers including the concept that we on earth were on our own and competition for mankind simply did/could not exist.

Somehow this initiated an awkward feeling. If God was so almighty and the universe so vast and complex, how would it be possible that God could not do better and create humanity only on one lousy planet? Oh no, I did not think so. During those times I was addicted to Science Fiction literature, and there quite a different story was told.

And then came Erich von Däniken, who needed a lot of books to inform the audience that we were not alone in the universe. He collected a lot of ‘scientific’ evidence and tried to prove by means of the many outlandish artefacts he had found all over the world, that ‘they’ visited us sometime during the past. The U.F.O. ‘craze’ came and went. Crop circles came into existence, but official and scientific sources invariably had it that all this was a hoax.

Was it a hoax? I do not think so. My feeling tells me otherwise and one day, six or seven years ago, in a communication with one of my informants ‘on the other side of the veil,’ I was told about a lifetime I spent on the planet Moira, belonging to the star system Amadis, known by the astronomists as Barnard’s Star. If you are interested to learn more about this, please e-mail me at: Later, on the internet, I found more and more information about beings, who sometimes look a lot like us, but in other occasion have quite different looks and attitudes.

One question out of my childhood was solved. For years I have had second thoughts about the almost exponential population increase on Mother Earth. Where did all those souls come from? The answer being that in view of the vastness of the universe, and the many souls who exist there, the population of Terra is but null and void…