Written with Love Written Special


The Portal

By Karim's mother: Veronica Boers

Karim is 11 years of age.


Àll planets have to go through the portal. The earth is in the beginning of the portal now and thus it is in the fourth dimension for a small bit already. When all the planets are through the portal, I mean when they make it, the portal will close again very slowly. About in November the portal will close again very slowly. But almost nobody will really notice that yet; maybe next year. You have to look at it from this perspective: You want to go from Charlotte, North Carolina to Myrtle Beach. Then you have to drive through the suburbs for a while first. Before you arrive at Myrtle Beach you have to pass the whole lot first. Only when you have driven past everything on your way to Myrtle Beach, you are in Myrtle Beach. With the solar system it is about the same. It is moving and passing another sun.

The sun is master.

Now there is a second and a third dimension coming in this solar system; that will be when we are in the fourth dimension. The climate is changing because the earth has to adapt to a different kind of sun. We don't have to go through the destruction of the earth, because we are in the portal for a part already. But the third dimension probably has to.

It could be that the process will hesitate with America temporarily, because a lot needs to be refreshed there. Very soon there will be a big tornado there. (Some days later the tornado hit Florida. Veronica, his mother) But that storm must come, because it will reduce the negativity. It is not about the houses that are torn down, but about the inside, because ‘the storm and the rain are glad’. (Wind and rain cleanse the earth from negative energy, red. M.C.) We have to go to the Central sun. That is why these things happen to the climate. When we go into the fifth dimension, the weather will be about the same as in the fourth dimension.

Karim says he will be experiencing the fifth dimension. That will happen when he is about 60 years old. But it can be earlier as well, it depends on the people. But the fourth dimension will be experienced by everyone in this life. In the fifth dimension there are no more depressed people. Unfortunately grandmother was not allowed to come. God has not taken her for fun, because she was not old yet. But she had, in a way, no drivers' licence. You have to look at the earth as a kind of automobile, in the form of the solar system.

August 4th 2004

Mum, I am getting messages again.

More and more new children arrive on the earth now. Those are children of Land-Sirius. There is Fish-Sirius and Land-Sirius, two different planets. It used to be one planet until they got into a fight. They too were in a third dimension a very long time ago. They made the earth like she is now, with land and sea, because the earth did not used to be like she is now, with water and land.

That planet from the future is in the neighbourhood now, you know. At this moment their space ships are very close to the earth, but they put them in a hidden position. They are protecting the earth, because the earth has gotten into a delay with going to another dimension. That happened because of the people, but we are getting another chance. The asteroid has also been kept from hitting the earth by the people of Land-Sirius. Just as so many other things that are dangerous. This planet is close to the earth and is standing approximately North-West.

There are about 2000 space ships that are defending the earth against the asteroid as well now. Sometimes they let a small earthquake happen, because obviously they can't stop everything. They can keep a great lot from happening, but the earth also has to get rid of her tension once in a while. Then it is better to let it happen in such a way to prevent even worse stuff. They are rather allowing an earthquake than an explosion or an implosion.

That gas explosion in Belgium they could not prevent from happening. That was too unexpected and the humans have made too many mistakes.

People from Land-Sirius are good friends of the earth and of Fish-Sirius. They do not pray to God, but they know that every object contains God and they ask the objects if their life may develop well. And it happens then, because they KNOW. But there are also only a few who don't do that; they are still learning as well. We always have to learn.

These people from Land-Sirius are coming from the eighth dimension. The new
children who are coming now, have a different body on the inside. But on the outside you can't see that, because they have to live here of course and thus have to look like a human and act like a human also. But they are always in contact with the people from Land-Sirius. Most of the times this happens unconsciously, but more often it happens consciously, because for them it is also very hard to keep that contact going.

But most of the time it is no problem to keep the contact going. They can also transform, because sometimes there are just people from Land-Sirius walking around on earth. They are a kind of inspectors. But talking about those children, they are people who can do very much and whom are going to teach people. Some of them do not understand what they are doing at all, because they also can just let flowers open up. There are really not many on earth yet, just here and there a few, but there are meant to come very many of them.

But that is nothing compared to what else they can do, because they are also just playing, like normal children, you know. They have to do that and they sure want to do that. Because they are just in a human body, so they are doing what you have to do when you are in a human body.

I have contact with those beings for quite some time already; they are using my higher Self to transmit the messages.

Beings from Land-Sirius and from Fish-Sirius and another planet are gathered in a kind of meeting at the moment. They have very beautiful names (unfortunately I forgot those names. Veronica.). They are doing everything they possibly can to protect the earth. They are saying that the earth will be divided in two when it has arrived in the sixth dimension. Then one will be land and one will be sea.

Don't think that you do not have to learn when you are in the sixth dimension, because you are wrong. When you are in the sixth dimension you have to learn as well and after the twelfth dimension also, only in a different manner. The heart of God has to grow bigger and we are on our way to the heart of God, but that is still far away.

In the heart of God, God has a good overview, because the heart is the largest energy-source. The heart and the brains are the biggest sources of energy, but the heart is the biggest. When we are there, and that is certainly not after these twelve dimensions, because then you have to go through High school in a way. Then you go through twelve other dimensions and there all souls come together with love to be clicked together forming an even bigger being of love.