Written with Love Written Special

Illustration by Karim

Big blue ball = Earth; inside the blue ball America and Europe are indicated.

Yellow = atmosphere; white lines indicate fractures in the atmosphere.

Blue balls = UFO's; Black balls = pollution inside and outside of the atmosphere.

Message from Sirius

transferred by Karim, 12 yrs old.

Veronica Boers, February 25th 2005


Just now Karim was taking a shower and started telling me about the spaceships from Sirius.

He said there are many ships from the planet Sirius stationed around the earth at the moment, because humanity needs help. He said his soul had been on one of those ships during the night.

We will notice they are helping because many electronic devices will start going berserk and mobile phones will explode. Especially Nokia’s are very sensitive to radiation.

The funny thing was, that when Karim had finished his shower, his Playstation did not work anymore. Just before taking the shower he had been playing on it. It seemed as if this was some kind of evidence for me.

He said they are going to radiate the earth to stop the communication between the secret government and the bad Anunnaky’s, so they are forced to stop their bad intentions.

They are going to check everything with the radiation they are now sending all over the earth, so they can find the communication spots the secret government and the bad Anunnaky’s have.

This is kind of a warning, but many won’t believe it. The world will only get better from the actions from Sirius. The secret government will have no more choices than to opt another way. When a new president is chosen in America, this event will lead us to the 4th dimension.

Many people consider the earth to be a large planet, but the people from Sirius are saying it is just a small beautiful planet. They have been on the earth a long time ago, when there were also Anunnaky in Ethiopia and Egypt.

The people from Sirius wanted to free the people from the Anunnaky. There has been a lot of war back then. They used a kind of nuclear bombs already too. The message is that you have to believe in yourself. The power is within you and you have to try to radiate that message to others. Be an example.

The people from Sirius have saved us from disasters very often already. Bush’ secret government was actually planning to throw a nuclear bomb on the Middle East. But that was stopped.

There are many ships outside the atmosphere that have been able to stop many things. Unfortunately that did not work for the tsunami.

There will be much more water and fire on the dark area’s, because that is necessary. The people need to wake up!

Veronica, Karim’s mother:

“I thought this was pretty hefty too and don’t know what to do with it very well. Karim is also writing a book about his life –long ago - as inhabitant of Sirius and about the war that was going on back then in the heaven and on earth. He says many memories are in his head about that life. He uses many earthly terms and names in his booklet though. He says he has to, because he can not remember many names.”