Written with Love Written Special


Woodrow Haus

When I was two or three years old something happened to me that I will never forget. It was late in the evening. The stars had already come out and I was standing in my parent’s bedroom with their window open looking at all the stars and breathing in the cool fresh air.

At the time we were living in San Francisco's Mission district. It usually has one of the city's best all year long climates.

As I was looking up I saw what I thought were two little boys. They were clothed differently though. One was wearing all white, whereas the other was wearing all black. Their height was about the same as mine, except that their heads were larger and their eyes were larger and shaped like almonds or somewhat catlike in appearance.

They motioned for me to come up to where they were. I looked down to the yard and shook my head no, but just as I did I somehow floated out the window right up to them. Right on up to the roof. One of the beings was tying up the other being and somehow without a voice he asked me what I thought about what he was doing. With my actions I tried to make him stop. They seemed rather happy and sent me back down into the window and it seemed to me that they had said without words that I had made the right choice. Then they left.

I then ran to my Dad and tried to tell him what had happened, but he merely said that I had a dream. It's sort of strange, but now years later whenever I see pictures or sketches of large headed aliens, the memories of those two beings keep flooding back and I wonder whether I will ever see them before I leave this planet.