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Craft of the Tall Whites

by Sanni Ceto
From the Star Beacon July 2005

The Tall Whites utilize several types of crafts but prefer their cruisers, which are a type of combined saucer merged with a delta-wing configuration. Most crafts operate using a type of ion drive or anti-matter reactors. A huge government consisting of Pleiadian councils and Andromedan ambassadors to assist in decision making and upholding universal space laws rules tall Whites. Each elder serves about 200 of your years as an ambassador to a planet, which their council selects them to serve upon. Earth is considered under Sector 4 Command, under their council of rules, meaning it’s a monitored planet — monitored by Pleiadian and Tall Whites’ fleets for surveillance purposes.

The Tall Whites were known as the ancient ones or the guardians who also lived inside subterranean cities inside a hollow holographic Earth that Admiral Byrd entered into by accident in the ’40s.

The cruiser type A class are medium to small sized crafts powered by a type of ion drive reactor. Both are rounded in front, showing their saucer heritage, while the aft section is delta in appearance. Both have a large window panel or viewing screen in the front portion of the crafts. Both have tripod style landing gears with pads. There are three landing feet, two in the rear section and one in front. The entrance is via a doorway that extends from the underside, leading into the flight deck and crew compartments.

A medium-sized craft can hold nine crewmembers and their commanders for a total of 12 passengers. As Tall Whites are humans, they have a waste management system that automatically incinerates all their wastes into a dry powder that is stored in a cylinder-type unit. In most cases these units are removed when their ships return to their spaceports.

Foods are synthesized aboard craft using advanced technology that replicates plants and to create food. All water is recycled over and over and freshened in the same way. Outside air is brought into a craft by a series of intake valves and cleaned and cleaned again, as Tall Whites are a very hygienic people and don’t like pollutants. In crews’ cabins the sleeping units fit down into the floor and into the wall, being brought up by touching a panel on the wall that is a soft amber glowing strip of material.

These crafts can obtain a speed of 8 Gs or warp 8 at maximum power, and the slowest is warp 2 at minimum power. The ion drive units have a life span or service span of about 70 of your days, and then have to be recharged in special units while new units are put in place to take over until recharging is completed. To recharge the ion drive units takes two of your days.

The hull of these crafts is a twin hull. The outer hull is a type of living metal that can repair itself if damaged while the inner hull is pure metal, lacking these abilities.

Type B class ships are intermediate to larger than a cruiser class in size. Prop units are about six in number and are arranged as a crystal rotor arrangement as on Pleiadians’ crafts and Zetis’, but the crystal rotors are much smaller than in Pleiadian crafts, being about 2 feet tall and having a central gold conductor unit inside the cores of the crystals that are linked to the reactors.

Class Bs are more saucer in appearance than a Class A type craft. They are 30-50 feet in diameter and have three hulls. The two most internal hulls are metal while the outer is a bio-metal, which can repair itself if damaged. The pilot interfacing with the on-board computer systems and propulsion units operates class Bs. Type B class crafts, like other Class As, are armed with laser weaponry, which are small cannons mounted around outer upper and lower rims of the ship.

Weapons are forbidden to be used while a craft is operating in a planet’s atmosphere, especially in planets that are colonized by Pleiadians and their relatives, as they are members of a council who have treaties against intergalactic war. Weapons are only allowed to be used outside a planet’s atmosphere and only permitted to keep open a portal or time hole in which crafts enter and exit while going from one solar system to another. Rarely is weaponry used in self-defence and only if a craft is attacked and no exit is possible for escape.

Cabins are much like in Class A craft, with bunks that come up from the floor and side of a wall. Crew capacity is 24 in the intermediate sized crafts to 45 in large crafts. Tripod-style landing gear is used. There are four in both sizes of Class B crafts, two in the aft section and two in the bridge section.

Amid ships is a large grounding tube used when a craft makes a landing upon solid ground to discharge plasma ions and excess electricity to prevent shocks from occurring to the crew. It’s like a huge lightning rod as a craft’s hull stores electricity as it flies through your atmosphere.