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The 24 Civilizations

The so-called 24 Civilizations consist of 12 closely interwoven pairs.

1 ALTEA Atlantis Forever. Mentally advanced technology.
  *** ALTIMA   ?
2 HOOVA Israël Hoovidians - Yeshua, the one from 'Nazareth'.
  *** SPECTRA   Will come to bring Love/visible glow.


  *** MU Fenicians Renaissance.
4 MOHRA/TRIOMNE Moira Distribution and transportation.
  *** MYREX   Logistics.
5 ZEENEL   Interaction, Light, regulation,joy..
  *** ZEEMUD   idem; color energy.
6 ZENTHORP Zen? Advanced computer.
  *** ELARTHIN   Becoming One/Energies to and fro the earth.
7 VOMDAMOR Egypt Hawkcivilization; in the past - colonizing the earth.
  *** CONO   Gravity; worldwide energy supply..
8 ARMAQ   Modern science; influencing skeptics; guardians of the media.
  *** NOMIORIOM Onesiphora Communication/Contact in between the civilizations/Allied to Altea.
9 AMM Andes Colonisation and listening station.
  ***ARAGON Iberia Health of humanity on all worlds.
10 ENCORE   Knowledge & wisdom. Relief of pain; development.
  *** RAMTHA Pleiades Nomos. “Bringers of Dawn” - Interpreters of the civilizations.
11 OMOOVING   Transport for all civilizations through the universe.
  *** AMDOUM   Prosperity of civilizations?
12 MAMORCAM   Custodians of Godly truth.
  *** DRACH  

Fulfilling; life in extasy.

Not long ago, I occupied myself intensively with the creation of a list in which the so-called 24 Civilizations, fulfilling an exemplary role for all life in the different universes, to be shown in a clear way. I am fully aware that localization and nominating these civilizations does not have a real need. Furthermore the list is not complete and is liable to alteration and addition.

Nothwithstanding that I am convinced that it would be useful to bring this into the public before the long awaited 'first contact' will be established. In my view it would be worth while if a little more would be know then about these grans Be-ings.

Please send me your reaction and together we will be able to create a list that will be as thorough as possible.

Hans Brockhuis; April 14th 2005