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The Nada Chronicles, part 33

© Hans Brockhuis

Today I want to take you on a journey through the universe that I took not long ago. In the middle of that particular night I was awoken by an unfamiliar sound in the bedroom. It seemed as if something was scratching on the floor and although I usually sleep through all kinds of noises that are waking up my wife usually, it was me who woke up this time. I heard my wife peacefully breathe on the other side of our bed while she slept through this noise.

A lady who was dressed in a coverall drew my attention immediately when I switched on the light on the nightstand. She looked at me in a friendly way and asked me to come with her, without using words.

I felt immediately like doing that, because I knew who she was. Her name is Moira, and during my telepathic adventures and communications with other worlds than ours, I had met her several times before.

One of those communications went like I describe further in this document. At first it was about Magda, my guide, but soon there was only talk about Amadis.

“[…] Magda was, as you might know, your brother during an incarnation on the Morning star. This planet is not Venus, but Amadis, the third planet of the so-called Moira system. You and Magda incarnated there about 800 Earth years ago. Magda had another name there: Armodac; you were his only sister, Vodelm.”

“But Moira,” I interrupted, “then you have the same name as the star of your planet.”
“Yes,” was the answer, “what a coincidence huh?”
“Yes, but I know that coincidence does not exist”
“That’s right, I was called after that sun, like there are names on Earth like Selena that refer to your moon”.

I had to take that in first.
“Moira is also the Anglo-Saxon form of Mary, right?” Was my next question.
“You are completely right,” she said. “Mary, the mother of Jesus the Nazarener, was born in an earlier incarnation on Amadis. The theologists do not know any of that. You see? This way you get very different information than when you have to stay within the framework of your own planet.
“Thank you Moira. Of course it is no coincidence your name is Moira, right? Can you tell me something about that?”

“My name” the answer sounded , “is bound to the star Moira, because I went through many incarnations on Amadis. That is were you and I met. You were the sister of Magda/Armodac and I was your master at that time to teach you about travelling space. Together with others we visited Earth, amongst other planets, and on Earth we helped solving a number of political problems that were going on in what is now China. There were several wars going on and many lives were lost. That was before we could infiltrate the decision makers mentally and persuade them that it had to stop. You were still a student and you were only there to guard our vehicle. A certain Moterdimos, some others and I were doing the real mission.”

“Wow”, I thought to myself, “that is something else!” Let me check what that is about. Eight hundred years ago, that should be around 1200. I grabbed my ‘DTV Atlas zur Weltgeschichte’ and went on the look… And yes indeed there it was: 1205-1209: Subjection of the Hsia-Hsia realm, the base for attacking China.
1211-1215: Destroy of the Chinese realm. The Mongols spread their military force with two yearly attacks, for which they later took over techniques of Chinese engineers: artillery, signalling systems, the art of closing in an army, etc. I had to know more about that.

“Moira, the events you are aiming at, do they have anything to do with what I just read in this DTV Atlas zur Weltgeschichte?”
“That is right Hans. It is about the year 1212, the collapse of the Chinese realm.”
“The attacks by the Mongols.”
Of course it took years before there was something like peace again.”

I had to take that in first again before I could go on with this conversation…
“I need to recover a little from the shock. O.k., another question: The cloud formation that I saw with the déjà vu feeling of the great treeless plain that I had a few years ago; does it have anything to do with the planet Amadis?”
“Certainly Hans, and you know it in your heart. During a part of that life we lived and worked near a plain called the plain of honey. [See also The Plains of Honey H.B.] That is named like that because there are enormous amounts of bees. The honey is being used in all kinds of food. We love this honey and eat a lot of it. But the plains are so immense there is always enough honey. We made an agreement with the bees that creates a win-win situation for both the bees and for us.”

“OK, thank you. Now I would like to know something about the people of Amadis. Is Moira one of the Mohra-Triomne civilization; is Moira a transcription of that maybe?” [See also: The 24 Civilizations H.B.]
“No Hans, it is not transcribed, Moira is the name of the star and the Mohra-Triomne civilization is also living on other planets. We are part of 24 civilizations and we are distributing all over the universe with our transport ships for sub civilizations. That is what we are good at and we can serve the universe the best by transporting. Our mission of 1212 was a one-time event. The direct intervention on Earth has been taken over by the people of Hoova.”
“Could you tell me some more about Amadis, Moira?”
“All right; I will tell you the most important stuff in short. The star your scientists call Barnard’s star is named Moira... Moira has a series of planets, of which the morning star, Amadis, is the third planet.” Technically spoken that is not a good name, but you Morning star is also not a star, but a planet.
“Moira, life on Amadis must be coloured red, Moira/Barnard’s star is a red dwarf star, is that not right?”
“No, because the red light is being filtered by a layer of gas, somewhat like your ozone layer. It stops the cosmic- and other radiation. The main light on Earth is yellow/blue; with us it is green/red. Of course it puts everything in a different perspective, but there is absolutely no problem when we visit Terra. We named Earth Opdum by the way.”
“What does that mean?”
“What do you think Opdum means?
”Of course.”
“I take it you do not use the Latin writing?”
“We have different races who each have their own writing.”
“I would like to know, Moira, how you named the other planets and maybe get some technical information?”
“As you wish. Lets repeat some stuff. The central star is Moira. It is a red dwarf star as you said and from your angle it is part of the star sign Opiuchus/Snake bearer. You can almost only see Moira from the southern half of Earth. This star has no less than 10" 31' movement a year, which is caused by it’s guide. That way our year is not as long every year.”

“The distance to Earth is 5.97 light years and when you look at it from the earth it is the nearest star besides the a Centauri stars. Moira is an astrometic double star. It has a guide with a mass of about 1.5 times that of Jupiter.
The first planet is Aum. It is small an uninhabited, too warm for life, just like your Mercurius. Aum means something like Inferno. And so Hans, you learned the first words of our language!
The second planet is called Aino. It is twice as big as Earth and is infertile. It has no atmosphere and is uninhabited as well. Aino means bold and rough.
The third planet is Amadis, slightly bigger than Aino. It is a half water/landplanet, which means the continents are a lot bigger than those on Earth. On the northern continent, that has the size of your Great Ocean, the huge honey plain is situated.

Most people on Moira, about 800 billion, live on the northern continent, Bagion. On the southern continent, Welda, there are other races living, of which some are sentient. I will tell you about them later.”
“Moira, do the people on Moira look like the aliens as they are described in the book Whitney Strieber wrote, the Greys?
“No Hans, that is not the case. Those beings come from much further away, from Zeta Reticuli. We look more like you, although there are big differences and we are much taller. You will see us later. The fourth planet is a big gasplanet. Somewhat like Jupiter and we named it ‘Darn’. The fifth planet is Apich, which means great and far. Great is Ap and far is Ich.

Then there are some smaller gasplantes, Omidis, which means beautiful because it blinks and Moriom, which means backward. This planet travels differently around Amadis. Then there is Maliom (hereabouts), and Mihaniom, (thereabouts).”


This conversation took place a few days before and now Moira stopped by to take me for a look on Amadis. But that is another story…