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The Eaglet ~ a parable

by Liane Badjou

Translation: Helen Maijenburg

Once upon a time there was an eaglet that picked his way out of his egg. He looked around himself; saw the nest, the egg shell and his parents.

The eaglet grew and learned, but felt very lonely in the nest; he missed something. There were a little brother and sister, though they didn’t make the feeling of loneliness go away. He kept on missing something. He discovered there was more outside the nest and went out to explore. He learned to spread his wings and by trial and error the eaglet learned to fly. Next he got to know other birds and sensed a feeling of loneliness with them too and a search for something….

Gradually the world got bigger and more extensive around him. He learned much on his way and discovered a power within himself that made him fly higher and higher and made it possible for him to see ever more and more. Slowly he learned that all he went through, both falling and standing up were part of life itself. Above all he learned that it was good as it was. Every fall, all the pain, a broken wing, it was meant to serve a purpose and every time he found anew an inner power to fly higher and higher.

The confidence that it was as good as it was brought him further and further and higher on his path so that he could overlook everything even more. He smoothed his many beautiful feathers for meanwhile he had grown magnificent feathers. To him every feather was a symbol for any obstacle he had encountered and conquered on his path. It made him feel good. He was happy to be who he was and no longer felt any discontent or lack.

In the meantime he shared his experiences with other birds that were still searching and he took them with him to greater heights - heights they hadn’t dared to take because their inner power hadn’t been able to do it

He realised he approached his goal more and more and that the feeling of loneliness had been a lack of inner power. More and more he felt that his inner power grew stronger and presently the feeling of loneliness faded away.

Increasingly he felt oneness and harmony with all around him and he saw how everything was connected and that everyone was searching for the same thing. That everyone was learning. Only now he knew that one doesn’t have to look far. That power and light are within you. You only have to BE it and to share that experience with others. The eagle loved flying and the magnificent views. He enjoyed sharing his experiences with others and the BE’ing. He knew for sure: it is good as it is and then there’s only room for harmony in Oneness.