Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots

The Pool of Oneness

Diving into the depths of Self

Myriah Krista Walker


You are walking through a garden forest. The mossy-wet floor dampens your bare feet and the scent of your favorite trees fills the air. The spongy ground gives a spring to your step, and a lightness to your spirit.

You come upon the Pool of Oneness. There, in the clearing before you.

Its Gentle Presence cannot hide from you. The waters welcome you as you find yourself effortlessly gliding to the bank, and slipping your feet into the current as you sit upon the shore.

It is lush and green and alive here. Birds of many colors flit about, weaving their songs into the vibration of Harmony here.

Many lilies float upon the glassy surface. A tall tree beside you spreads its vast roots into the floor of the Pool and deep within the Beloved Mother Earth. You breathe easily and gently here. Breathe in the essence of Peace, and exhale the essence of Peace. All tensions simply dissolve and melt into the waters as you breathe beside the Pool and become relaxed.

The lilies capture your attention, and then you realize a hand lies beneath each lily. The lilies transform and shape shift and become candles in the hands of Gods and Goddesses, and you see Your Family within this Pool of Oneness, bathing and wading and BE-ing in the waters. You slip into the Pool and join Them.

There is much friendly greeting and connection of Hearts here. It matters not if you cannot visualize; simply feel the essence of Love given here at this time. Feel the Love that you give freely back. Let your imagination bring images forth, and don't worry if you feel like you are making things up.

Everyone in the Pool forms a circle, and each hand holds a candle cupped gently in Their palm, resting upon the surface of the water. This Union brings much Light, and it is Beautiful witnessing the many Lights around the Pool.

As you look at your own palms, you see that it is not a candle you hold, but a flame. A Holy Flame flickering in the palm of Your Hand, the Hand of Your Higher Self, just like everybuddy else. It is awesome to see Family here, in this way, weaving this Love and Light through Our Hands.

Your Heart begins to warm, and radiate, and Love bursts forth as a gentle bubble of Light illuminates the at-moss-sphere. One by One everybuddy's Heart Light opens and radiates around the Pool of Oneness.

The flow of Love is like a current. Love moves through You, IS You, BECOMES You. You receive Love from the One to the left, add Love to it, and give Love away to the One on the right. It is a natural give and take that has its own rhythm. Just breathe with Love and the idea of connecting with this Family of One.

Take a few moments to let Love circulate and flow through You. Focus on the breath, and see how even and deep breathing helps propel and circulate this current of Love. Say out loud, "I GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE EASILY," and see how the spoken Words amplify the current.

There are many Family members here. In the Pool of Oneness, there is no time. No separation. Nothing distorted from mortal mind. Only Truth. Only that which is everlasting and eternal. The Pool of Oneness holds the vibration of All That Is.

Any idea brought to the Pool of Oneness reveals itself and its own Divinity. That which is brought to the Pool of Oneness that is not of Your Divinity simply melts away and vanishes in the Light of Truth. This Pool is Powered by Our Higher Selves and that which makes us all One. Only Truth is everlasting.

As You stand here in the Pool of Oneness, the vibration of Divine Love fills every cell, ion, and particle of Your BE-ing. Your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual essences are cleaned, refreshed, and made One. All dimensions and planes where YOU exist are Harmonized. Your sense of well being is ever present. If there is any tension or idea of disHarmony within your body, simply breathe into it and let it melt into the Pool.

Take a few gentle moments to re-focus on the breath, and allow the Sense of Self to relax, and feel whole.

With Your left palm upward to receive, and Your right palm facing down to give, hold Hands with the Family members beside You in the Pool of Oneness. Feel the Absoluteness of this Love flow through Your Hands.

Feel how water is a conduit for spirit. Breathe Love into the top of Your crown and let it flow down through Your toes and into the soft mud floor like roots of a Tree.

Think of Yourself as a Tree as You work with this energy. How do you flow? What do your limbs look like? How "limber" are you? What is the texture of your bark? Feel the firmness of your roots and how strongly you hold yourself within the Earth.

Feel your roots effortlessly slipping deeper through the mud, touching rock and dirt, flowing into ancient chambers and pathways on a familiar course, moving deeper into the Core of the Beloved Mother Earth. The tips of your roots rest at the edges of Her Molten Core.

As you sense this Source within the Mother Earth, you are sensing the Mirror of the Source within You. This part of You that is eternal, everlasting, and infinite.

There is as sense of soul depth here. A familiarity. Become still and let Your Heartbeat resonate with this place. The Heartbeat of all the Trees pulses in tune with the beat of the Beloved Mother Earth. You feel the Power of Oneness here. You feel the Presence of Infinite Spirit.

As You gaze upon this Source of Creation, a Hand reaches up from the depths, and a key lays within its palm. The Presence of the Infinite Spirit has brought a gift. You reach a long branch outward and the key is placed upon your limb. Linger here at the edge of this deep body of molten splendor a few moments, and listen to the story this Source of Creation has to tell.

Think of Self now, and how this place of Creation Mirrors the Core of You. How are You likened to this place? What is the temperature of Your Fire? What are the banks of this molten flow like? Are there symbols upon the rocks? Are there walls here, or is it a deep chamber? Are there sacred
chambers and rooms to explore? Let Your imagination reveal this. Do not worry if you feel you are making things up. This is how Infinite Spirit communicates.

The energy here is the essence of Balance, Power, Ability. Within the Pool of Oneness You have found the Flame of Self. The Infinite Spirit. You have found a special key that only You have access to. It will open pathways to Majesty, Magic, Radiance, Beauty and that which is Yours by Divine Right. Your own unique path of Grace. Hold this key to Your Heart and give thanks for its gifts.

You find something within Your branches to leave as a gift in return. Your awareness then gently moves back up through the Earth, slowly and easily, until the Sense of Self rises above the waters of the Pool.

Many Trees stand magestically around the Pool, and a gentle breeze blows through all the leaves, making You One with the currents of Love. A shape comes upon the breeze, and a form begins to materialize before You.

The Wind stands before You. SHe shapes into a form You recognize. The wings of Many Angels seem to flutter beside Her. Her Voice is the sound of many chimes as SHE speaks. "The Air is the current which brings Heaven onto Earth. You have delved into the Earth, Water, and Fire. It is the
Air, and the spoken Words, which bring Divinity into manifestation here on Earth.

"Words are Sword spelled differently. Words are Power. Speak that which You ARE, and that which You shall BE. Bring Your Words into manifestation. The Sword of Truth is Your Words."

You find Words effortlessly flowing from Your lips. Out loud You say, "I AM that I AM," and many other "I AM" statements tumble forth. It is only possible to speak Words of Truth in Her Presence. You think in Higher Ways about Self, and what You have to offer to humanity. You Sense the
Divine Self. As You speak out loud, the energy of Your Words flows down Your BE-ing, and Your roots carry this Power into the Mother Earth.

Your Words ripple outward, touching the Pool of Oneness and All within it. Your Words resonate and vibrate, flowing deep within the Beloved Mother Earth. Your Words touch the Core of Self and the Infinite Spirit within. Out loud You give Voice to Words that emPower. "DIVINE ORDER IS
ESTABLISHED IN MY MIND, BODY, AND AFFAIRS. ALL THAT IS MINE BY DIVINE RIGHT COMES TO ME EASILY." The Truth of the spoken Words vibrate into All Your BE-ing. Say them several times out loud and let the energy penetrate into every cell, ion, molecule, particle, and flame that You ARE.

The Wind stands before You and smiles. In Her eyes You are a perfect Image and reflect-ion of God/Goddess. Her image is a Mirror for You. SHe bows, saluting the Divinity within You, and then disappears.

You find yourself sitting upon the bank of a Pool, merrily dangling your bare feet in the waters. It is a beautiful Pool within a gentle forest. All around the Pool are many Trees, and birds of many colors singing songs of Joy.

Welcome home, and thank You for sharing.