Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots








Your Beloved Others

By Myriah and the Voice of Many, the Voice of ONE


We are beginning to realize how connected we are to one another energetically. We are all beginning to feel the Oneness that beats in our soul Hearts.

We are all but mirrors to the other. Somewhere on the other side of the bottoms of your feet, down through the Earth, is a Being of Love. In another country, another climate, another culture. Between the bottoms of your feet and the bottoms of theirs, is this world in-between. We shall call this person your Beloved Other.

Think about this connection you have with another Being on the other side of the world. Send Love through your Being, out your toes, into the Earth to the other side of the globe.

You may be sending Love to a child. Or you may be sending Love to a father or mother busily taking care of their family who needed this burst of Love at just this moment.

You may be connecting to someone who had been feeling quite alone, or someone who had been feeling tense and stressed.

The Love you send will be felt at least on a soul level, and perhaps consciously. How wonderful to receive an anonymous wave of Love! You may or may not receive mental images of your Beloved Other. Whether you receive visual images or not, the Love is felt.

As you continue thinking about this Love connection through the Earth, the Love energy builds and grows in your own Being. You become a conduit for Divine Love. The more Love you channel through the Earth to your Beloved Other, the more Love you receive to give.

You may be sending Love to someone who was praying for Love just at this moment, and you became the conduit for that Loving energy.

And the Earth in between sparkles with your shared love.

The Love you send wafts about the atmosphere of your Beloved Otherís surroundings. The trees, plants, rivers all feel the essence of Love you weave. Nature will take this Love and weave it as She sees fit.

Love will manifest in its own form. Perhaps you are the angel cloud that uplifts and changes anotherís day. Or the sudden splash of a rainbow, or an unexpected bird singing with delight. Your Love will find its own beautiful expression.

The Love received will affect the people your Beloved Other comes in contact with. All that your Beloved Other touches will be touched with Love.

Love is the greatest gift we can give. It has no strings, does not seek to interfere, manipulate or control. Love simply Loves.

How many times have you received an unexpected wave of Love? How often has the Presence of Love made itself known to you and uplifted your thoughts, changing your day?

Perhaps at this moment, someone on the other side of the globe is sending YOU Love! Imagine receiving that Love through your feet and into your Being. Everything you touch, every person you come in contact with, everything you create from the foods you cook to the projects you manifest, will be touched by Love.

Imagine holding hands with other Beings of Love around the planet, letting this Loving energy flow into your Heart. Let this energy fill and charge your Being. When you are filled up full, send this powerful Love gently through your feet to your Beloved Other.

You can ask for assistance in building this Love energy. You may feel angels, guides, and friends around helping you to amplify this energy of Love.

As you walk upon the Earth now, you will know you are never alone. On the other side of the globe is a Beloved Other feeling your Love and being filled with Grace and Gratitude and Wonder. You have only to think of sending Love, and it will be so.

Welcome Home, and thank You for sharing.