Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots

The Garden

By Mother Earth and

Myriah Krista Walker


It was a series of bad dreams that led us to create this meditation. In times of trouble as a child, I reached to my mother. It was her arms that comforted me, her words that soothed my inner fright, her heart beat that smoothed away my fears.

When my mother passed, her and I became One. We began re-membering what it is like to be an aspect of the Mother Earth, for We are ALL One. I have always spoken to the Mother Earth since I was a child. She would appear to me visually in dreams, and later I began channeling Her Wisdom. Now my own Mother is but another reflection of the whole.

The Presence of the Mother is always available. We walk and live upon a round image and reflection of the Mother. Our biologies were created from Mother/Father God/Goddess, and so the Mother energy is woven into the fibers of our Beings. We are never without Mother Love.

Center and focus on your breathing. Allow ideas of the hands of the Mother to envelop you from the Earth around you. Let the images and visions of your day run through your mind, and then let them go.

Now let the images the Mother is sending you penetrate your thinking. The essence of the Mother is around you, cradling you like petals of a rose. Let Her Heart Fire begin to warm your own Heart. Allow Mother Love to fill your being.

The images and visions and thoughts you had earlier simply dissolve in the Light of Her Truth. Allow a vision or idea of the Mother to make Herself available to you. A warm golden presence enters your at-moss-sphere. Let whatever ideas or visuals come to mind where you can sit together, being One in Mother Love.

Your hands and the hands of the Mother are placed together. Place any idea of discord or trouble into Her hands. They are simply ideas and memories. What is real and lasting and permanent will not dissolve in the Light of Her Truth.

She brings to you a memory of a time when you were in conflict with another person. You see that their words and actions fell like seeds upon the Earth, and your response nurtured and watered and grew these seeds. Were they nurtured and grown and encouraged with Love or Fear?

She places a hand upon you and the person you were in conflict with. "Forgiveness," She says, filling you and the image of this other person with complete and total forgiveness. Does the image or idea of this person now change? Vanish? Become stronger? Do you now feel differently towards this person?

She places Her hands upon the ground. "You both walk the same dirt. Breathe the same air. Drink the same rain. Warm under the same sun."

She pats Her belly and then smiles. "You both eat when you are hungry." Waving Her arm before Her, She reveals two gardens. One is infested with disease and decay. The fruit is rotting from neglect, and the garden is filled with shadows. The other is fresh, lush, vibrant, almost glowing with health. "One garden is nurtured from Fear, and one garden is nurtured from Love. Both realities are valid."

She shows you an image or idea of you and this person again. You are shown the willingness of each of you to walk in your garden of choice. No matter what the other person chooses, you are free to choose which garden you will walk in. How you think, act, and feel has absolutely nothing to do with the choices the other person makes.

"But Mother. I see this person wants to walk beside me, but they are immersed in Fear and I do not wish to walk that way. They seem so angry. What shall I do?" you ask.

"Fear and Love cannot occupy the same garden. Conflict grows no fruit. Tend to your own garden first. Nurture the thoughts, ideas and actions in your daily life. There are many ways to nurture Love. Sing a song that increases the Love you feel within you. Read passages from an inspiring book. Play with a child or pet. Choose Love in all that you do. This other person will either be enhanced or repelled by Love. It is not your choice. Everyone must choose which garden to tend."

"But I want this person to feel the Love I do. Make them see my way of thinking. I know if they feel just part of what I feel they would change." Mother smiles. She takes a vine hiding in the shadows from the garden of Fear and places it into the garden of Love. The vine wiggles in discomfort and begins shrinking back from the sudden Light. After a few moments, She picks it up lovingly and returns it to the comfort of its familiar shadows.

"Fear and Anger are shields. They protect one from the vulnerable gentleness of Love. That vine was not ready for the full effects of Love, or sunlight. It was comfortable in the shadows. Being in the garden of Love was a shock and vastly different from it's personal experience. But now it will remember the touch of the sunlight, and remember the feeling of the garden Love."

"Now it knows there is another choice because, for a brief moment, it experienced something new. If I were to force that vine to stay somewhere it was not comfortable, it would spend too much time arguing and fighting and trying to get away. It would be too painful. In time, now, that vine just might reach again to the Light, just for another brief touch of Love. The next time it may be more comfortable."

"Then the vine will learn the difference of fruit grown from Fear or Love. But the vine would not have had this knowledge if I had forced it from its chosen path."

"And I learned as well," Mother continues. "I learned what it is like to be vulnerable, scared to change and grow in a new direction. I remembered what it felt like to be unloved. Now my thoughts and ideas towards that vine will be more loving. I will stand in my garden of Love when I think about it, and look forward to the day when it chooses of its own free will to grow in a manner that is more loving to self and others."

"I will speak kind of that vine, for to speak unkindly or judge or act aggressively would take away from the feeling tones in my own garden of Love. I will radiate the essence of Love so that all I come into contact with will wonder about my smiles and joy, and tangibly feel it, and maybe allow a spark of that Love to grow within their own garden."

She brings you another memory. An event of conflict going on upon the planet involving many Beings. Your spoken words help to nurture Fear or Love as this garden of experience grows. Everything you do about this situation, in your thought actions and deeds, enhances the feeling tones of this experience. Every person you talk to about this global event is affected. Everything you do nurtures the garden of Fear or Love.

She again pats the ground. "We all grow from the same dirt, and are watered with the same rain, and nurtured with the same Light. It is only our thoughts which make us think we are different. Love, Light and Freedom are but a thought away."

She reaches from beside Her and brings forth several small seeds. Handing them to you, She asks, "Would you plant these for me?" The Love beaming from Her eyes brings tears to your own.

You take these seeds into your hand, knowing everything you think act and do nurtures a garden of Fear or Love. Your spoken words manifest your intent. You place these seeds upon the ground…..

"Welcome home, and thank you for sharing," Mother Earth whispers.