Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots

The tree of ONE

By the Magician and Myriah


Centre and relax, focusing on your breath. Breathe in the atmosphere around you. Breathe deeply the essence of All That Is surrounding you, and let it permeate into your BE-ing.

You are standing beside a tall pine. Sitting actually, with your tiny claws making impressions upon the soft dirt. What color is your fur?

You stretch your body, reaching your paws up and leaving marks upon the tree. You begin to wander down the forest path. Many friends of like fur and claw are travelling with you.

You feel the Earth Mother beneath your paws in almost an electrical way. The energy pulses through your body as you scamper along. Your heartbeat quickens as you recognize this Mother Earth energy, and you allow this God/Goddess Source to flow through your body. The world becomes a little more golden now as you continue on.

You and your friends come upon a very large pool in the woods. Take a moment to look at your reflections in the water. You begin to joke and banter about whose whiskers are longer, rubbing shoulders and jostling each other for the best view of your reflections.

Suddenly the pool becomes alive with Light. There are many Gods and Goddesses standing in this Pool of Oneness. The Light spreads outward and the trees become tall beacons of Light. The grasses and plants around the pool take on a shimmering rainbow hue as the Mother Earth energy begins to outline everything with electrical colors.

Rainbow colors pop and flash all around, but you are not alarmed. This is normal for you. You feel Joy and Aliveness. The color of pink wafts around you as your body fills with divine Love. Your friends have this pink energy around them too. You are all excited, because it's almost time.

Just a short distance from the Pool of Oneness, a large opening into the Mother Earth reveals itself. This is what you have been waiting for! You and your friends run over and begin scampering down the many moss covered steps leading deep into the Earth.

Droplets of rainbow dew drip from your bodies as you continue on. The atmosphere becomes more lush and rich with emerald green foliage. You can smell the dampness in your nose. Ah, that scent. Yes, that scent you had forgotten until just now wafts by your nose. You hurry on, laughing at the sight of your friends furry bodies wiggling down the steps before you.

You reach the bottom, and then you spy Her. She is smiling, waiting. She knew you were coming. You hesitate only a moment before spying the nuts She is holding out in Her hand for you. That was the scent that had encouraged you. Mother Earth always has a treat for you whenever you have come for a visit.

You take the nut She offers you and allow yourself to sit within Her hands. There is so much golden light coming off of Her that at first it is hard for you to make out Her features. She is pure Love, and you find yourself quite content just to sit in her hands and eat your treat.

"Hello Little One," She says softly, rubbing your fur in a most delightful way. Just by touching you She knows where you have been walking and what sights have visited upon your Mind. She reads the stories your feet have picked up in their travels. Your feet are like little mirrors to Her, telling Her what the mood and tone of the people and creatures you pass by in your travels are in.

"Refresh yourself here, Little One," She offers when you are done with your treat. You snuggle for a moment in Her hands, lingering. Then you leap off and dash about the grounds. It is Paradise here, and you had been gone just long enough to forget it.

There are crystalline temples and BE-ings of Light walking about. Many Masters are walking with each other, some sitting in temples, some lounging on the grounds. Everyone smiles and nods at you in your passing, making you feel quite special.

By now the Cryst-Al Jewels within your body are charged. All your chakras are awakened and refreshed, and the rainbow flows through your BE-ing. You feel as if you have jewels upon your feet.

You follow the noise of laughing people to a beach. Many wondrously finned creatures are splashing about in the waters. You stretch out in the sand, letting your form return to it's human shape.

After a moment or so You realize Your Beloved Other lays stretched out in the sand next to You. The look in Your eyes is Purest Love.

"It has always been this way," Your Other says, smiling at the questions in Your eyes. You dig Your legs in the sand, letting the grains cover Your feet and calves. The warmth is so real, and the glitter remaining on Your skin undeniable.

"Am I the Form, or Your Shadow?" You ask.

"I was about to ask You the same thing," Your Other smiles. "WE are simply One." You hold each Other's Hand, and know the Truth of that. Love flows through Your bodies, heating up Your Heart, watering Your Eyes.

"WE are Image and Reflection. God and Goddess. Light and Shadow. WE are complete." Your Hearts open up to the Other, and You each drink deeply of this divine Love. Filling each Other to the brim.

Your toes are now touching as Your Other says, "WE come from the same roots, You and I. One Tree. The Tree of Life. There is simply Male and Female, God and Goddess, and WE are but the compliment of the Other. I begin where You end," Your Other giggles, "but then, You must re-member, there is no beginning and no end." A flash of Light sparkles brightly in Your Other's Eye.

You look at Your legs now, entwined, and watch in amazement as they twist and turn and become roots, going deep into the Earth. Your Bodies rise in unison as You embrace in purest Love, and Your shape grows into ONE shape. The shape of a beautiful Tree. The leaves become crystal jewels chiming in the wind.

You find Yourself sitting in this magnificent Tree, Your Beloved Other in Your arms. "You are never alone," Your Other says, brushing the hair from Your eyes. You are no longer within the Paradise Earth, but above ground, near the Pool of Oneness.

"As above, so below," Your Other says. "One mirrors another, just as You Mirror I. You have only to think it so, and so it is. Our roots run very deep."

"When can I come back?" You ask. Your Other smiles. "If You are back, then I Am front. I Am Your Other. Wherever You imagine I Am, there I Am. One world mirrors the other. I would ask only one thing of You. That You BE Love, BE Joy, and I will do the same. And here, in this Tree, WE can meet whenever You imagine."

And so then, You linger as long as You desire within this Tree of Life. Feel the grains and bark upon Your hands, how it has been polished with Time. A beautiful creation of the Oneness I Am. When You are ready, simply climb down from the Tree and jump into the chair you are sitting in now.

Take a moment to hug yourself…Your Self….and All That You Are.

Welcome home, and thank you for sharing.