Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots

Drawing by Lianne Klein.

Colouring outside the lines

Myriah Krista Walker.


Remember when you learned how to color? It seemed so important to stay within the lines.

Oh, at first it didn't matter at all. At first it was only important that you COULD hold onto the crayon, or the color.

Maybe it was only chalk, that first time you colored. Accidentally. It spread across the sidewalk and changed your world. You had power suddenly. You could MAKE the colors appear in this world too!

You could make your mark upon the world, and the walls, and the tables. That was power, for sure and for certain. It made your heart sing and sometimes grown ups mad, and THAT was power!

Then it became apparent to your parent that rules were necessary in order to make sure the walls and furniture and any other creature living within close range did not become colored as well.

"You must color within the lines," they said.

Pout. That was clearly not as much fun.

But perhaps you were yelled at or made fun of if you colored outside the lines. It seemed to be important, like a goal. Everyone wanted you to color inside the lines. Maybe it was not comfortable to be different. You conformed.

So you've spent your life doing your best to stay within the lines, conforming to that which is comfortable for all. Don't color outside the lines and make a scene! Don't be unique! (Even though secretly, when nobuddy watched, you still colored outside the lines.)

Over time this caution translated into "Don't share your uniqueness" "Don't speak out" "Don't create an emotional wave that may ripple outward and uplift humanity!" "Don't Live Your Joy!"

All because you weren't allowed to color outside the lines. And then later, because YOU didn't allow yourself to color outside the lines.

Then comes that fateful day when there are no more lines. Your world has become enLightened. You no longer read about Oneness, wondering what everybuddy means by it. You ARE Oneness.

Oh, everyone around you still sees the lines, and is coloring neatly within them. But for you, the lines have disappeared. You've become One with your Colors.

This is known as spiritual awakening, transcendence, ascension, enlightenment. You literally become One with your physical environment.

You still have a human form, but your vibration is higher and you slip into alternate realities easily. You can touch a blade of grass and hear volumes. Not heard like people talk through physical ears. Heard like inner music that touches the senses, melting you within, creating goose bumps or warm heat, and music. Maybe you see pictures or images via Imag-I-Nation, the communication of the Higher Self.

You instantly KNOW what it is to be an Ancient Blade of Grass that has re-cycled itself over and over and over upon this Earth for eons simply by placing your hand upon it.

You can become ONE with the blade of grass, and move through time. You can view the dinosaurs roaming about your back yard before humans were here. You may see other cultures walking about the area in other time lines.

There are many ways of coloring outside the lines. Perhaps the voice of your beloved sings love songs from the leaves in the neighbors lilac bush as you pass by, because in spirit, all are one and there are no boundaries.

Nature is a natural vehicle of Oneness for spirit. We are spirit, too. As our consciousness transcends, the Voices of Nature naturally become audible.

Your senses blend in with every living thing upon this Earth. Simply because You Love, and because You Can.

You can become One with paper, too. You can touch paper, and feel the tree that gave birth to itself into this new form. You can feel and see the forest that the tree once anchored its deep roots into, and smell a nearby creek that nourished it.

Still touching the paper, perhaps you see the people at the lumber mill, and smell the sawdust and sweat and grease from the machinery. Maybe you sense where all the sheets of paper created from this tree went to, and all the people that will write upon them.

Then maybe you can sense all the people that will read the words, and be affected by them.

That is Power. Big medicine.

Trees are sacred. They are the creators of the papers that become the carriage for letters woven into words that affect humanity.

Oh dear. You've done what you were not supposed to do. You've gone outside the lines again.

Through spiritual awakening, one BECOMES the green that splashes across the mountainside, clinging into forms of grasses, leaves, and branches of tall pines that hold the nests of many feathered friends. It is shape shifting at its finest.

Then one returns to tell others about it.

When You color outside the lines, You begin to understand the spaces between things. The life force going on outside what appears as this seemingly physical reality. That which is spirit ~ eternal and everlasting.

Outside the lines cannot always be seen, but it can be felt. It is the sensation of something greater than you are. It is a wave of unexpected Love washing over you with no one physically or "seemingly" around. It is a knowing or an understanding that surpasses linear knowledge.

It is the idea of Everywhere Love surrounding your form like a silken cocoon that cannot be peeled off. It is then the ALLOWING of this idea to BE real.

Breathe Love into the molecules of your skin on each in breath. Breathe Love into this physical Earth. Let Love run like a river through your blood, pulsing through the illusional Isness of bones and muscles.

Allow yourself to feel Your Divine Self within every particle of your body. Breathe in deeply this Presence of Love.

Allowing your Self to feel this unseen yet tangible Love is Coloring outside the lines.
Meditation brings you outside the lines, but so do many things.

Animals live outside the lines. They speak a telepathic language that is beyond space and time and linear dimensions. Telepathy, or think-talk, is outside the lines.

You can learn to speak to the animals, too. It's easy. The next time you hear a bird chirp, telepathically imitate the sound. Not out loud, but inside your mind in a silent way. What usually happens is that the bird will ANSWER you.

Or before you squash that unexpected spider that lurked into your atmosphere, next time try think-talking to it. "Hey! I told you to take it outside! None of that web-weaving in MY home buddy! Next time I see you, you're outta here!" Why not give consciousness a chance?

Feeling Tones move outside the lines too. Joy, Love, and Harmony are limitless and cannot be contained. Just like the spider felt your Anger and will adjust accordingly, all consciousness reacts to Feeling Tones.

Songs carry Feeling Tones, and one can communicate to loved ones through the veils through songs. Especially songs sung silently within Mind. Have you ever had a song "run through" your mind unexpectedly? Perhaps spirit is coloring outside the lines with you.

Our spirits naturally color outside the lines. This happens all the time, like when we think about someone and then they call. Or you feel someone walk into a room. Or you cook something for dinner and later find out someone in the family was craving just that. Or you wish for something and it comes into your life like magic. The colors of our souls blend, touch, teach, harmonize, and affect each other.

Coloring outside the lines means We say what We mean, and mean what We say. We Love with Honor, and Honor Love.

It means We Love the shadows and the lights of life; in ourselves, our neighbors, friends and family, the strangers down the street. We honor the imperfections and understand that everyone takes as long as it takes to learn to feel safe enough to color outside the lines, and to live a life of Harmlessness to Self and Others.

And how will You color Your world today, now that the lines are broken?

Welcome home, and thank You for sharing.