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Friend or Fear

© Myriah Krista Walker 2007

Iím sitting on a rock in the middle of a Colorado wilderness creek. Iíve hiked up a favorite trail to get here. The day is sunny and warm, with a hint of cool winds to come. Here and there a leaf has turned color. Autumnís blush has not taken full hold yet. Iím suddenly inspired with gratitude, and I feel my heart expand to My Heart. The energy of Love radiates outward, and my chest feels warm. I thank the water for its gift, imagining particles of Light sparkling within it as it flows onward.

Turning my head to the sun, I feel moved in gratitude for this Great Light sent to Earth. I sense the Masters at work projecting Divine Love as the power back of the Light, and send waves of gratitude from My Heart. I feel the essence of the Masters who work within the Earth, and send a pulse of gratitude there too.

Unexpectedly my eyes open and I see a small river otter rambling along the opposite bank. It maneuvers through water and stone as if each is equally navigable. Just a yard away, I am no threat. It has no fear. My Heart is still expanded with Love, and I feel the otterís playful and curious nature as it moves up the creek about twenty feet and begins scavenging along the bank. It finds remnants of a decaying fish under a large boulder and begins to feast. I watch for some time before it notices me. Becoming still, it gives me a long stare, then runs up the bank and out of sight.

Turning my back from the otter, I linger in the creek, walking on the rocks and inspecting small pools dappled with sunlight. Many colorful stones capture my attention. Turning around again, Iím surprised to see the otter has snuck back down the creek and is now within a few inches of me. It probably would have brushed against me had I not turned around! How lovely to be in nature, unafraid to meet new friends, and perhaps play a game of tag. I felt the otterís joy as it scampered back up stream. I had been a part of its playful game.

Iíve been up this creek dozens of times and never seen the otter here. And so then, which came first, the otter or the gratitude?

Two months ago I took a trip across country. Waiting in the long security line at Denver International Airport, all around me were the tense faces of people who believed the lie. The lie that says we canít trust each other. That evil is in our midst, and terrorists are hidden behind every corner. A monitor broadcast a repeating track of fearful messages. Silently moving through the long snake-shaped line towards security check, I remembered I Am a Child of Light. I broadcast Light all about me, letting it radiate to everyone in the lines. Some people were aware of it, and looked at me with sudden curiosity. My smile disarmed them as they smiled in return. Most seemed unaware of the silent blessing taking place in the atmosphere.

Finally herded into my check-in station, a disturbing thought came to mind while taking off my shoes and valuables and placing them in a bin for x-ray detection. I wondered if this is how the Jews felt while being rounded up to the concentration camps, and I could see myself there -- fearful messages blaring in the background while clutching our belongings and told where to move. An odd thought, for sure and for certain. I shook off the disturbing sensation.

On the plane I saw faces seeking to determine upon the glance of my face if my intentions were for good or evil. Rare were the smiles, the casual attitudes. There were those I could speak with and receive a smile or a quick reply, but to offer more was beyond their conscious measure. Silently I heard ďdonít speak to me; Iím supposed to be cautious, afraid, non-communicative.Ē ďYouíre a stranger, I shouldnít talk to you.Ē

Silence doesnít keep us safe. The willingness to be joyous in every circumstance is what dissolves fear. Besides, when you are born with a giggle and a grin like mine, itís meant to be shared. It is fear that is the foe. In airports people are hurried, rushing to make their connections, trying to catch a quick meal or seeking to patiently endure delays. Being cautious and aware does not mean I have to be fearful in my vigilance. Itís easier to sense truth or trouble when oneís heart is open.

The flight crew were harried and stressed. I silently sent Light to them, wondering what information they were having to process and diffuse. During the flight, had I kept silent and in fear, I wouldnít have learned of the role my seat mates were living. They were affiliated with a church and worked with inner city teenagers in Brooklyn, teaching them computer skills in hopes of creating a foundation and a pathway out of the gangs. In sharing their story, they expanded the Light. They were not feared into silence. They were awake and aware and filled with joy.

My destination was Maine, with a stop at New York. Inside JFK airport people were visibly tense and nervous. Everyone clutched their personal belongings as if the person nearby was about to steal them. I silently affirmed that Love and Light were the true power at work here, forcing myself to wear a smile and not give into the thick mesmerism seeking to cover me.

Finding a seat after purchasing a coffee drink, I tried to chat with an older couple sitting next to me. I received a patronizing look from the woman in return that said ďdonít you know you shouldnít talk to someone you donít know!Ē Then she disdainfully looked at the t-shirt I was wearing, shuffled in her seat and turned away. Later in the restroom I discovered Iíd spilled my drink down my shirt. How sad the woman could not have told me. I sent a silent blessing to her as I dug out a clean shirt from my bag. Who knows what she was processing on a human level? It wasn't worth it to me to hold onto any resentment.

There was a housekeeper in the restroom that was awake and aware. People were hurriedly rushing all about her, but she stood patiently waiting for the crowd to reduce so she could continue mopping. A smile spread on her face, her presence silently radiating joyfulness. She chose not to react to rudeness, but to be a kind example no matter what. In her radiance, the Light was serving many, doing its perfect work.

When I got on the small commuter plane traveling to my rural destination, here at last I found the faces of the fearless. Relaxed, reading books, working crossword puzzles, or doing embroidery and waiting patiently for the plane to take off. Even the stewardess was friendly and jovial, a grand departure from the previous flight crew.

As our departure was delayed and we realized we were going to be spending a lengthy time together, I got to know some of them. A grandmother embroidering pink baby feet on a patch of cloth for her sixth grand child told me of her rural life; a woman, exhausted and hungry, on the final leg of a cross-country return home whoíd been traveling all day; a retired couple returning home from visiting their kids. Food was passed around, and camaraderie overtook us.

The stewardess was unlike any flight attendant I had ever met. Bubbling and jovial, she laughed easily and bantered with the passengers. Here was someone else awake and aware who knew the truth. That harmony is the true power in any situation, and that Love and laughter dissolve all fear.

Whether Iím in an airport or the wilderness, I try to act the same. The clothes may be different, but a joyful and open Heart is my shield of choice. Iím alert and aware when hiking, watching for signs of other animals, trail hazards, changes in the weather. But Iím not fearful. Joy and harmony are my ever-present companions. I try to be conscious to send blessings wherever I go. The only difference is that in one place Iím allowed my handy dandy Swiss army knife.

The otter had not given into suggestions that all humans are fearful. Instead it listened to the truth within. It felt the essence of me, and chose joy over fear. The otter knows itís easier to sense truth or trouble when oneís Heart is open. Iím grateful I was open that day to acknowledge and receive it