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Three Trees

© Myriah Krista Walker 2006


January 1, 2000, the first day of a new century and a new millennium. I went for a walk up Norman Creek where low-hanging clouds completely hid King Mountain and the mountain peaks of the Flat Tops Wilderness from view. Yet my own little world was illuminated. For a several mile radius above, the sun shone through in an unusually large circular opening in the clouds, basking me in unexpected warmth. It was as though the clouds simply parted as I walked.

Rainbows shot through the air around me as though I was a prism slicing the ethers with crystalline energy. Then I witnessed something truly magical. The various sage, juniper and grasses lining the roadway shimmered and stirred as though from a breeze - yet there was no wind. They bent with grace several feet before me - yet there was no air current.

I felt they were reacting to the Presence I felt within, responding to the Love and energy emanating outward as I walked. The shrubbery seemed to nod. I felt like royalty, a Princess of Light walking amidst the sun, sage and snow.

Behind where I’d just strolled the bushes became still. They were also still for several yards ahead. Yet around me on the path, the sage waved gently as if in greeting.

Then an area to my right called to me: a large ravine scooped out by wind and rain, like a bowl. The layers of rocks that filled it seemed familiar, as if an ancient civilization had been here. Following the intuitive pull, I walked off the road and made my way up the hillside, soon finding I was walking upon a well-worn animal path. An electrical energy zinged through me as though coyote and elk had just wandered through here. There was a sense of aliveness on this path, and my feet effortlessly moved up the steep trail to the top of the hill.

Then I saw Them. Three ancient junipers clinging to the earth like Goddesses, raising Their arms upward to the sun.

Their Voices were uncloaked, full and vibrant; merely the sight of Their Presence was empowering. In Them, I saw myself, as though Me, Myself, and I had always been standing upon this hill. I have met myself in various timelines, witnessed alternative and “past” lives, and yet here I was in another form: a trinity of bark, wood and leaf enduring throughout time.

I approached the first Tree in awe, and wrapped my arms around Her as a child to a mother. I felt Her Comfort wash over me, and instantly tears began to fall down my face. She was the Tree of Remembrance.

As I held onto Her I became grounded, bathed and washed in the essence of Security and Comfort. No matter where I would journey, here was a part of me keeping me safe, whole, and secure.

I had been feeling vulnerable and scoured after an argument with a family member. Hurtful energy had been exchanged, and an impasse was now at hand. I had felt betrayed and abandoned.

But now the Tree of Remembrance beat Her Heartbeat in a rhythm that matched my own. She surrounded my human form with a cloak of Strength, and I felt something shift within me. I cried, spilling my sorrows into the folds of her bark.

Rooted upon a steep slope, over half of Her roots were exposed in midair; the ground falling away steeply beneath Her while the rest of the roots clung to the soil. How much I was like this Tree. Sometimes I felt too exposed, too radiant and expanded in my visionary state to walk upon this earth. Yet the Tree did not worry. She simply was there. Mother Earth had made a place and space for Her – and for me.

I hugged Her, and it was like hugging my Self. As I wrapped my arms around this grand Matron, the energy of Strength cloaking my form intensified.

After several minutes, I turned my head and rested my other cheek upon Her bark. It was then I beheld the second Tree, just several yards ahead. I began to feel Her pull and invitation to visit.

She was about 10 yards away, with many wild and thick branches swirling about Her trunk. As I approached, my steps quickened and my heart beat louder, and as my hands and arms touched Her, I felt Her essence move into the core of me. She held me tight for several long and silent moments. It was an embrace of purest Love.

Two large limbs had been cut from Her form, reminding me of the family argument I had partaken in. Two very big parts of Her had been removed, and yet She remained vibrant and alive, with many thick limbs twisting and spiraling around Her central core.

As I let my body be caressed and held by Her, I saw how Her trunk had twisted at the time the branches had been cut from Her. She had twisted the opposite direction and continued growing, as though forcefully turning Her attention away from the event that had caused such discord.

“I never die,” She said audibly, and every molecule of my body vibrated with Her words. My tears fell like rain as I let go more of my sorrows and hurts into the canyons and trails of wood and bark.

And I saw what it was that kept me from feeling so stoic and un-moved or affected by those that wished me harm. It was the energy of Forgiveness.

And then it was that I knew what the name of this One was. She was the Tree of Perseverance. Again I heard Her words, “I never die” resounding in my BE-ing. I felt the vastness of Her Spirit. It didn’t matter if She was understood, or whether Her words were ever heard. What mattered was that She Persevered no matter what.

She KNEW Her true essence was a golden form of spirit. Vast and limitless. This expression of life within wood and bark and leaf was simply an exercise in the Strength of Her soil, er um Soul.

With a clarity of absolute understanding, I realized that I needed to turn away from those that did not understand me, and allow them their own path. I remembered that my work was important, and that I had something to contribute. The mesmerism of human thinking that had held me sway was completely dissolved.

And I also knew then that it never mattered what others thought of me. From this day forward, it mattered that I remember that I never die, and Who I Really Am.

I left the Tree of Perseverance feeling an inner Strength. The core of Me was revealed. Though I seemed vulnerable and sensitive to outside attacks, my True Essence within could never be harmed or touched. Her words, “I never die,” would reverberate through me for days to come.

I had felt washed clean by the first two Trees. Inspected inside and out, yet not rejected. All the while I had beheld the first two Trees, I had felt the force from the third Tree. She had waited quietly; knowing Her time would come. She did not seek or pull me magnetically as the Others did, but touched me with a Smile of the Heart.

As soon as my fingers touched the third Tree, I recognized Her, and knew Her Name. And Her Name was Mother Grace.

And as I touched Her, everything vanished except for Her and I. There was no ground, no Earth, no Universe. No trees, sage, snow, footprints or animal trails. Just Mother Grace and I spinning into Creation, into the Void.

Any question I had simply escaped of their own accord, and the answers escaped from Her and filled me. I felt the power of the Mother. Goddess. Feminine. Mother Earth. Creation. And I felt this power move through me, making me empty.

This emptiness was welcoming. It is the same hollow-tube feeling a channeler gets when surrendering and allowing Spirit to move through and speak through them. Or the feeling of giving way to Your Higher Self. Letting the energy of Grace have Her way with me, I surrendered.

I felt the energy of Grace move through me. I felt the Presence of Mother Grace with me, and yet She was not separate from me, nor had She ever been. Any idea I brought to mind was colored and made clear by Her Wisdom.

I did not wrap my arms around Her as I had with the Others. I simply placed my hand upon Her wooden form, and was filled with Her Grace. There was no problem that could not be handled by the Divine Love of Mother Grace.

These Three Trees have limbs that reach through eternity. Perhaps you, too, have journeyed just now with these Beloved Friends. The Tree of Remembrance, the Tree of Perseverance, and Mother Grace. You have only to think of Them, and there You are.